Biggest Loser Contest / Party

Firstly, congratulations to all contestants of the recently concluded 1st Biggest (Weight) Loser Challenge last Friday. Frankly, i was really in awe and at the same time envious when these participants showed their new body figures. Most were very lean and bubbly while some looked gaunt, like drug addicts trying to break from the habit:-).

However, this contest did inspire everyone–that no matter the sacrifice and self control these runners had to endure and with very little time given to lose those excess weight, all came out winners, each a victor who would reverse our doubts that nothing in this world is impossible. Most importantly, these gallant warriors have reminded us of that simple saying, “if there’s a will, there’s a way!”

I hope everyone who made the effort to lose those excess poundage will persevere to maintain (or lose more) on those new-found figures. Special mention goes to Marga who i had rooted for since the very start. Seeing her weight before, you couldn’t imagine that she’d be able to shrink a vein even if she was running regularly. But now, the transformation has been palpable. More than 18 lbs has dissolved in a matter of 41 days and with continuous healthy dieting and exercise, she could become the new sex-bomb! I said, “could!” Go girl!

Congratulations to Brian, our eventual winner who lost a whooping 34 lbs! Ditto to Allan who came in a very close second only losing to Brian by 1 percentage point!

Here’s hoping too that the 2nd BLC will be launched soon. Also, i wish the organizers would reduce (pun intended) the joining fee of P1,000.00 which i find too hefty, to maybe, P300-400 per entrant so more will be encouraged to join. I would have wanted to join this contest myself as i have ballooned to 180 lbs as of now, but like a newly bought pair of jeans, my physique has already plateaued and “pre-shrunked” so not much will be lost if ever i diet and continue with my running.

By the way, the Christmas party was a sizzler, probably the biggest get together yet for the runners. Decent food, raffle prizes, (i won 2 gift certificates from Starbucks, thanks to Dyule), rousing fun games and the Milo give-away singlets, none of which fit my size, for crying out loud!

Here’s to a blessed Christmas season and continuous good health for the New Year ahead!

Happy running and reading to all!

(Thanks to Pio & Leandro for some of the pics!)

Group pic last night. Biggest gathering of members i had attended so far!

Brian, last Oct.30, 2009 at 200 lbs.

After a month and 11 days, Brian (L) last night at 166lbs. At right is second place biggest loser, Allan

Posing before dinner

With the good guys

Trying out my high tech, top of the line "SLR"

The cast!

Girl Power!

With Tim's group

Lining up for dinner

Rushing to pose

Thanks for the Milo caps