Rionovation Registration

Yesterday, i finally got to register on RUNRIO’s new, “rionovative”, paperless I-Pad registration system for the Rexona 2010 Half-Marathon, August 01, 2010. Registration details (here).

The new registration system using an I-Pad

It took a good 15 minutes to register both myself and a friend and it went smoothly without a hitch. The great thing about this is that all runners’ information are fed into their system and becomes permanent on their database. A Runrio Identification Card is then issued to you which is all you need when you want to join any of Coach Rio’s forthcoming events. There is no need to register again.

Rexona singlet, D-Tag, Runrio ID and my race no.

Also with the race packet is the orange D-Tag, another type of disposable timing chip which is now frequently used at races in the U.S. Though it comes with an instructional flier, i’m a bit concerned on how to attached it using the adhesive tape embedded at the back of the tag. You can’t practice tying it on your shoelace unlike the usual “championchip” where you can adjust and re-adjust the chip as you want to properly secure it in the laces as the D-tag has only one positioning and binds permanently once you have attached it.

The singlets are great too and comes in two main colors, green/black and gold/black. Unless you want to look like a human roll-on deodorant, you may want to choose the green/black color combination which is more cool, in my opinion.

Thanks to Rolly and staff for their courteous assistance at the registration table at ROX.


The Race of the Groin vs. the Armpits!

It was only a matter of time!

Hold your breath now, but after Lactacyd (a product line for feminine wash) launched its Women Team Run Relay and All Women 5k Open which caused an uproar amongst our male macho runners because it was an exclusive race for, you guessed it, women, Rexona-Men Deodorant (Unilever) has now launched its own Rexona Run which will be held on August 01, 2010 at the Mall Of Asia grounds. Thing is, the Rexona Run has the marketing savvy to open the race for both sexes!

So, is this going to be a war of the loins versus the armpits?

The Lactacyd Team Women Relay details of which i had blogged recently (lactacyd) will be held this Sunday, June 27, 2010. It’s an all-woman team relay for females ages 18 to 45 and venue will be  at the Venice Pizza Mall, McKinley Hill. Each team will run a combined distance of 21K. The first runner will run a distance of 10K, the second runner will run 5K, the third runner will run 3K, and the fourth (or first) runner will run another 3K. There will also be a 5K individual run category. 

Not to be outdone, Coach Rio, organizer of the Rexona Run will introduce “firsts” on this race i call “Rionovations”: 


1.  The use of an I-PAD for Registration: Once you register in their authorized registration centers, you will now enter all your details in an i-pad, instead of writing it in a registration form. All paper-less, it’s now just typing your name, address, age, singlet size and other info into the i-pad with registration personnel assisting you if you happen not to be computer savvy. All details will be stored in a data-base so once you enter another Runrio race, there’s no need to re-register again. 

The new paperless registration system using an I-Pad

  2.  Times will be recorded in a D-Tag (not championchips anymore) another RFID timing system which is not incorporated into a race bib but is attached to your shoe. It’s the latest of timing devices used in several major marathons in the United States and elsewhere.

The new D-Tag timing device and how it should be folded

 3.  Soft plastic water bottle. Shaped like a grenade, you can just punch a hole on top of the lid and drink from it.  After taking a few sips, you can use it again by hurling it like a grenade if someone cuts you off at the water station!:-)

Water grenades! (Pics from blog of the running fat boy--thanks)

 4.  Runrio Fans Club cum Membership Card: Just Rio’s way of thanking the runners for their support of his races. The card in return can be used for discounts from a few selected establishments and earn points for every Runrio race you join.

Rio's fans: Que, Vener and Jet

By the way, the Lactacyd and the Rexona Runs are both organized by Coach Rio. Well, depending on whose bushy hair you’re inclined to support, both runs are expected to be well-organized. Since i can’t join the Lactacyd Womens Run and can’t apply Lactacyd in my armpits either (the lotion would have made a fine lather), i’ll be at the Rexona Run doing the half-marathon. Male runners, you can all breathe now!

See you all!