2014 Filinvest Endurance 12 Hour Trail Run/MTB Week-end

If there was a true “City Trail” in urban Metro Manila in the strictest sense of the word, this should be it! The hard-packed, single, double track trails of the “Filinvest City Complex” located in Alabang, Muntinlupa City is a mountain bike haven now used as a regular trail running destination of trail enthusiasts. Filinvest City’s lush greenery and full grown trees provide plenty of shade and scenic views for those using their soft trails, from grass covered surfaces, hills and mud tracks, if wet! (See trail pictures below).

And same with last year, this will be the venue of a 12-hour, 6-hour, 3-hour Endurance Trail Run and a 12-hour and 6-hour Mountain Bike race!

This year’s Filinvest City Endurance Weekend 2014 will be held on November 8 (for the MTB race) and the following day, November 9 for the Trail Run with both races having the regular 12 hour races plus additional categories of a 6-hour and 3-hour trail run and another 6-hour category for the MTB ride.

An endurance trail race for both beginners and veterans alike, this is about completing the whole time allocated whether it be the 12 hours, 6 hours or 3 hours you chose to compete in, rather than any specific distance for both the trail run and the mountain bike competition.

More of the details here:


 TRAIL RUN DETAILS (12 Hr/ 6 Hr/ 3 Hr):


Race route for both MTB and Trail Run

Here are parts of the race route:

Registration Fees for both MTB and Trail Runs

Registration Centers for both MTB and Trail Runs

Registration Centers for both MTB and Trail Runs




When weekend bikers turn into competitive cyclists, and casual joggers evolve into avid runners, they want to keep the momentum alive by constantly going for races that will push them to the next level. Whether elite, intermediate or relative beginner, a new twist or challenge in a race gives additional motivation and excitement for every biker or runner.

This is exactly what Filinvest City offers as it hosts the second Filinvest City Endurance Weekend 2014: Ride, Rock and Run, a race that will test their limits—whether they’re hard-core cyclists and runners, or just racing enthusiasts who want to see how far they can go.

Based on the overwhelming positive response from the first Endurance Weekend held in 2013, Filinvest City has redesigned this year’s event, opening it up to more participants. Aside from the 12-hour races originally offered last year for both mountain bike and trail runs, there will be additional categories for 2014: the 6-hour MTB race on the first day and 6 and 3-hour Trail Runs on the second day, open to both male and female competitors.

The races are set to take place on November 8 and 9, 2014 at the picturesque nature trails within this garden city. Lined with stately palms, shady trees and filled with beautiful landscapes and lush greenery, these popular trails make it that much more enjoyable for competitors to race and attempt to beat their Personal Records.

“While there will be prizes and medals for all the winners in the different categories, “ says Filinvest City Project Head, Don-Don Mari Ubaldo, “for most of the participants, it is reward enough to know that they can take on a race this tough and come out of it a better cyclist or runner”.

Adding to the festive atmosphere of the entire weekend are the rockin’ side activities that will provide entertainment for the spectators and give that much-needed energy boosts for the racers.

“This Endurance Weekend captures the vibrant spirit and the sense of community in Filinvest City,” says Ubaldo. “It opens doors for more people to experience the fun outdoors and the active adventures they could have in a true garden city.” (Press Release)

Urban Trails: The Filinvest Transformation

Filinvest in Alabang is presently undergoing a modern transformation from the business hub that it still is today to expanding in other venues to support different lifestyle choices. Formerly called the Filinvest Corporate City which catered to attract corporate businesses as its main thrust a few years ago, it is now simply called Filinvest City, opening its doors as a new urban center.

I’ve lived in the area for about 3 years, living with my two kids and former wife at Katarungan Village, one of the peripheral villages along Daang Hari, a 10-minute drive away and saw Filinvest grow steadily, where we shopped and did our marketing at the Festival Mall on an almost daily basis, where the Alabang Town center was the weekly hang-out place for my kids.

It’s a great place but sort of an out-of -the-loop area when you work in Makati or Quezon City. But everything now has changed.

Aside from being a prime central business district, Filinvest City is now gearing to be a livable Garden City where trees and flowers now abound, promenades, trails and walkways are to be expanded to allow residents to walk, exercise and play through a park grade separate from cars and other pollutants.

It also will boost itself into being a Modern Metropolis where more amenities for leisure and entertainment, shopping and dining, culture and the arts, and health and wellness will allow its residents and visitors to enjoy a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The running bloggers who tested the Filinvest City trails yesterday

Lastly, Filinvest City will serve as a Convergence hub where people coming from the north of Manila and the Calabarzon region in the south can easily access its urban center via the newly expanded Skyway in the north to the ever improving South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

Yesterday, i had another chance to return to the area as me and other running bloggers were invited to try out their new established pathways, trails and open spaces as part of their vision in making Filinvest City a haven for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

I was mesmerized by the lush landscapes, the tree-lined trails which would cater to both mountain bikers and runners. There is a thriving biking community using these trails and they must have been ruffled by our presence as we runners tried to invade their periphery and crowd many of the single track trails.

Our presence also coincided with their project called “Carless Sundays”, where vehicles are prohibited to use the City Loop, from Commerce Ave, Corporate Avenue to Parkway Avenue to give way for residents to play uninhibited within the area.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the trails look like. Warning: There are no mountains, river crossings, waterfalls nor steep uphill climbs to conquer here! 🙂

The trails near the promenade looked like a mini-slalom trail, perfect for bike rides

The open area trails snaked beneath the shadows of high-rise buildings

Near Commerce Avenue

Along one of the many shaded area of the course

Most of the trails here are smooth, perfect for speed-work and intervals

Along a single-track trail

Reminds me of the many partly shaded trails of Nuvali

Nice thing about these trails is that it’s never crowded, except when you’re sharing the trails with bikers

Right straight into a wooded area

A most unusual part of the trail. A tree was almost uprooted during one past typhoon and cut off the trail. However instead of cutting the tree off, park workers dug the trail deeper under the tree so bikers and runners could pass under it.

Another single track as we trudged through it under the heat of the sun

A trail just beside a small creek

That’s KB Runner trying to catch up at the back

Another of the switchbacks along the route

One of the few uphills

Again, you have to share the trails with bikers

Another switch-back

Speeding it up on the downhill

A secret passage to a very nice trail

…It goes upwards along a fenced property

…and into a wooden part then you see this…

A wooded trail

You wouldn’t think you were in a city

Looks like the fallen leaves have stayed on the ground forever!

Here comes more of the bikers

Seems Mr. Goatee is avoiding the advances of KB!

A walking break near where buses are parked

Towards to where we started

I think this is bounded by Ayala Alabang on the other side

Bee and KB with actor-triathlete Matteo Guidicelli

At the Palms Country Club for the Filinvest City presentation and breakfast

Takbo.ph Alabang Nightfest Run

I had one exciting run at the Takbo.ph Nightfest race this weekend and it had one of the nicest race route i’ve encountered in a while. I think it’s a route the Alabang-Adidas Adination of Runners group frequently visit in their weekly night runs and the long undulating hills posed a challenge to those unfamiliar with the terrain, including myself.

Being unfamiliar with the route in Filinvest, i just went on with the flow of runners when the starting gun fired-off at 6:00pm and ran on a leisurely pace with my digicam in tow. The run took us to quaint under-developed residential neighborhoods with trees that seemed to line-up the whole route. The temporary floodlights seem to do its job in providing the needed illumination to guide the runners, otherwise it was pitch dark for most of the route.

I ran the 10k so it was two loops of the course. The hydration was adequate specially the Pocari hydration stations, wherein the middle tables were surrounded by wooden planks to serve as a “processing” area by the water attendants in pouring Pocari into empty cups. After the cups are filled up, attendants transfer them into the open tables for runners to pick up. The wooden planks were apparently constructed to prevent the runners from picking up cups from there while the attendants are still pouring the drinks to it. A Leadpack innovation? Nice one.:-)

I maintained an easy 7:00/km pace and my 10k time of over an hour was similar to that of the GOOD Day Race, the Sunday before. Checking the official results, my name read as the”Unknown Runner!” 🙂

It was an enjoyable run in spite of those rolling hills, capped with a hearty dinner at the Festival Mall with my youngest daughter who lives nearby.

Thanks to Jinoe, Doc Lyndon, Ian and the Leadpack team for a wonderful run! Here are some pictures of the event:


The start and finish


Lovebirds? Yikitii!

MC DJ Chloe

Speed and beauty (both accredited to kikayrunner )

Hotlegs Runner? No, that's kikayrunner showing off her new Mizuno shoes!

With Ms. Nora, the golden girl

Took this pic while running the early part of the course

At the 3 and 6km loop mark

Darkness sets in

Near the finish (Photo by Amanda)

After the finish, with Team Boring


KB Runner (R) with Team Boring

After the race, had dinner with my bunso (who i patiently waited, as always) at Festival Mall