Preview: Philippine Marine Corps Marathon On November 15, 2015

The Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in the United States, first staged nearly four decades ago is currently the 3rd biggest marathon in the U.S., with about 35,000+ runners joining last year (2014) and is the 9th largest in the world. The MCM has spread it wings to other American bases in Europe and the Middle East with military facilities organizing their own races in honor of their marines.

And now, our own Philippine Marine Corps will be launching its first Philippine Marine Corps Marathon (PMCM) with the theme “KATUNGKULAN: Takbo Para sa mga Kawal”. The 42.2 km race, which will have side events in the 5km, 10km, and the special 25km “Kaybiang Challenge”, is scheduled for Sunday, 15 November 2015 at the Marine Barracks, Gregorio Lim, Ternate, Cavite.

But while the mission of the MCM is  to promote physical fitness, generate community goodwill and showcase the organizational skills of the United States Marine Corps, the Phil. Marine Corps Marathon is for the benefit of troops deployed in the disputed Kalayaan Islands and for the Marines’ Wounded Warriors Program.

Not known to many, the Marines have been deployed in harsh and problematic areas, including the coral triangle, not only to neutralize threats that can destabilize the country but also to protect the area where the best maritime environments of the world thrive. The Marine Corps has gone beyond its traditional mission and has dedicated part of its service to the preservation of a sustainable ecosystem. Senior Marine Corps generations claim that the once abundant aquatic resources between these islands are sadly and slowly dwindling.

Let us now dedicate this run to our unsung heroes and invite other runners to this first-time event which is earmarked for projects and programs that will raise morale of troops in the Kalayaan Island Groups who continue to answer the call of duty. It is in this spirit that we invite all to get involved and do their part!


5k: Php 650 – Gun Start: 6:00 A.M. (Inclusive of Race bib, Singlet, Finisher’s Certificate)
10k: Php 850 – Gun Start 5:30 A.M. (Inclusive of race bib, Singlet, Finisher’s Certificate)
25k Kaybiang Tunnel Challenge: Php 1,100 – Gun Start: 4:30 A.M.
(Inclusive of Race Bib, Singlet, Finisher’s Dog Tag, Finisher’s Shirt)
42k: Php 1,300 – Gun Start: 4:00 A.M. Cutoff: 4 hours @ 21k / 8 hours @ Finish Line
(Inclusive of Race Bib, Singlet, Finisher’s Dog Tag, Finisher’s Shirt)

Registration venues:
Registration period: September 15 to October 30​, 2015
BHS, Taguig CityRUNNR
TRINOMA, Quezon CityTOBY’s Store and RUNNR
SM Mall of Asia100 MILES CAFE
2F Fort Pointe Bldg., BGC, TaguigCamp Aguinaldo Badminton Court
Quezon CityMCSSO in front of JURADO HALL,
Bonifacio Naval Station, Taguig City

Kaybiang Tunnel

For registration thru bank deposit:
1. Pay race fees on/before October 30, 2015 via China Bank Savings Account
Name: Philippine Marine Corps Spouses Association, Inc.
Account No.: CA #3510-0119-13

2. Write your name, distance category and contact number on deposit slip.

3. Email a copy of your deposit slip together with filled up and signed registration
form to (with the Subject: PMC Marathon) before the registration deadline.

4. Wait for confirmation that your email was received.


R​ace Kit Claiming Period:
November 9 to 12, 2015 at registration venues.Facebook event page:

All registrants are entitled to the following:

*Post-race boodle fight at 12:00 Noon
*Free entry to Boracay de Cavite Beach Resort
*Goodies from event sponsors
*Free shuttle from Philippine Marines Headquarters to the venue and back.
*For those coming from the south, pick up point will be at Ternate Municipal Hall.

Route profile:
Elevation Profile

Total Ascent: 1730 m
Uphill: 18.18 km (42.8%)
Downhill: 17.82 km (42.0%)
Flat: 6.45 km (15.2%)

Steepest Uphill: +53.3% (at 30.84 km)
Longest Uphill: 0.99 km (at 30.00 km)

Steepest Downhill: -53.3% (at 11.55 km)
Longest Downhill: 1.26 km (at 18.72 km)


Marine Base Gregorio Lim, Ternate, Cavite



Marine Base Gregorio Lim, Ternate, Cavite

November 15, 2015

The first Philippine Marine Corps Marathon (PMCM) was officially announced this afternoon at the Marine Headquarters in Taguig. Since news first spread on social media earlier this month, the upcoming race has sparked the interest and excitement of the public.

Registration has been robust for the inaugural race. And expectations are high that the PMCM will rival if not surpass its American race counterpart in scope in the future.

“We are encouraged by the support and solidarity,” said Col. Temoteo Ferdinand Blasco, assistant chief of staff for civil military operations as he addressed the Marines, runners and the media during the press conference. “Hirap ang mga kawal sa Kalayaan Islands at ito ay para sa kanila. Ang pondo mula sa marathon ay makakatulong sa mga tropa doon.

(“Life is hard for our soldiers in the Kalayaan Group of Islands and the funds that we raise from the marathon will certainly help them.”)

The race is for the benefit of troops deployed in the disputed Kalayaan Islands and for the Marines’ Wounded Warriors Program. Cavite was the unanimous choice for the race venue. As the “Historical Capital of the Philippines”, the cradle of the Philippine Revolution and the site of the signing of the Philippine Declaration of Independence Cavite would inspire and rally support for the marines protecting and fighting for Philippine sovereignty.

The PMCM is a pioneering partnership between the Philippine Marine Corps and frontRUNNER, a leader and prominent race organizer behind the formidable but internationally-acclaimed King of the Mountain (KOTM) race series and successful Valley Trail Challenge.

“Just like the Marines, frontRUNNER is hardcore. And since the Marines are always first to fight, why not partner with thefrontRUNNERs?” Col. Blasco said.

“All these years, our vision has always been to honor the Filipino runner by organizing world-class race events. It is our privilege to honor the Filipino soldier by setting up the first-ever Philippine Marine Corps Marathon,” Race Director and frontRUNNER magazine Editor-in-Chief Jonel Mendoza said. “Isa itong pagpugay at pagsuporta sa ating mga tropa na sinisiguro na pagbangon natin sa umaga ay Pilipinas pa rin ang ating Bayang kagigisnan.

The race is open to all runner types who can choose from the 5km, 10km, 25km and 42.2km events. According to PMCM organizers you can expect a unique race experience whether you are a novice or a seasoned runner. “The marine base is normally closed to the public but on this rare occasion you will be able to see how our marines live and train,” Mendoza added.

Runners will be transported from the marine headquarters in Taguig to the Start Line on M35 military trucks; a shot from a 105 Howitzer will signal the start of the race; during the race, sweepers will ensure that everyone will finish and when they reach the End each one will receive a finisher’s dog tag and a free pass to the “boodle fight” – Philippine Military Academy slang for “eating combat” or “attack the food” that’s usually laid out on banana leaves or newspapers- on the beach of Boracay de Cavite located inside the Gregorio Lim Marine Barracks.

The special 25km “Kaybiang Challenge” in particular will take runners through the Kaybiang Tunnel, the country’s longest underground highway tunnel, where they will emerge to a breathtaking view of the blue beaches of Nasugbu with Corregidor and Carballo Islands on the horizon.

Gasgas na ang MOA, Buendia, Roxas Blvd., etc. From a course director’s standpoint, Cavite is an ideal venue for a road race,” RD Mendoza said. “The course spans both the hilly and coastal areas of Cavite which are scenic, sparsely populated and unpolluted. There is a fair amount of ascents/descents which are offset by the cool sea breeze. It will be rigorous yet rewarding.”

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