What’s The Best Marathon Advice You’ve Ever Received?

I’ve received quite a lot of them, some really helpful and the others–the usual training tips that we generally try to incorporate into our races. There is much to be learned from these wealth of advice which are usually taken for granted but they offer valuable lessons that can be used and applied in every level of running.


Best advice? Here’s my top three given to me from the 80s:

  • Sleep well on the second to the last night before the marathon even if you can’t sleep the night before  (i can’t on the eve of every race). The two nights before your race is the most restful. Works well for me.
  • If you’re in a bind on what shoes to wear on marathon race day, use the shoes you’re presently training in! You’ve already used and tested them and they’ll give you the added stability and cushioning you may need to run the long distance race than when you wear your racing shoes. Don’t sacrifice stability and comfort for lightness. If your racing shoe has worked for you well enough and don’t give you any blisters on your long runs, then go for these shoes. If not, your usual training shoes will suffice.
  • Remember to have FUN!