Shoe Review: Maxxed Flight 101 Running Shoes

Maxxed Flight 101 Running Shoes


Neutral Trainer:

  • Recommended for about any type of runner who needs medial support and a responsive ride
  • Good second shoe for long-slow distance runs, fast-paced training and short to mid-distance racing
  • Geared towards heel strikers that offers propulsion from heel transition to toe-off
  • Weight: 12.5 oz.

Adidas Springblade Ignite

The Maxxed Flight 101 is a radically different running shoe from any other shoe you may have worn because of its heel blades. Well, it’s basically similar to the Adidas Springblade Ignite running shoes that runs from the heel up to the midfoot (The Adidas Springblade Drive 2 stretches up to the forefoot) which claims to give runners a spring- like feel when running.


The upper is made up of mostly synthetic plastic overlays, a stretchable and breathable mesh located on its tongue with soft cushioning underneath that hugs the top of the foot comfortably. The foam stretches from the midfoot to the heel part for protection from chaffing and bumps.

The midsole which is mostly concentrated on the forefoot is made of phylon which gives an elastic but firm cushioning. The Flight 101 has a unique insole as underneath it is a molded, cell-chamber which traps air pressure and enhances cushioning.

The heel blades, numbering to 9 pieces comes with rubber pads protecting each hard plastic blade that directly contacts the ground.

View of the sides

The insoles of the Flight 101

The cell-like chambers of the insole which gives its cushioning properties


This is probably the shoes’ strongest point, its secured fit and comfortable feel. It packs enough cushioning on the heel part to where the blades are located although there’s not much around the forefoot area.

There’s just one slight annoying characteristic to it—that is the “squeaking” sound it produces whenever you start walking or slow down to a jog that runners beside you will immediately notice! Comments like “sounds like a baby shoe” or “you should attach blinking lights to it” are always a constant. I hope this “quack” sound dissipates as the shoe accumulates more mileage.

A closer look of the heel blades

Out of the box


Surprisingly, the shoe was responsive enough for fast-paced running! It had a plush ride although the cushioning dissipates when you shift from the mid-foot to toe-off just like racing flats. I’ve used this on three occasions logging a total of about 45 kms.

On those occasions, the heel and midfoot fit are quite snug but the forefoot opens up a bit to the stretchable upper layer of the shoe. However, all the cushiony-feel when toeing-off as mentioned  disappears as you could feel the surface of the road when running which may be a good thing for faster runners or a bad one for those looking for an all-out cushioned running shoe.

There’s very little about the energy rebound that this shoe purportedly does but the slight spring-like propulsion gives a tinge of a quick toe-off but is marginal when you’re at high speeds.

Well-cushioned inner pads

Heel Blades


If you have been hesitant about wearing this type of shoe because of its unorthodox outsole style, you’ll be on surprisingly solid ground with the Flight 101. It is ideal for short to mid-distance runs as well as fast-paced running for just about any level or type of runner.

Areas For Improvement:

Just two things that don’t sit well with me about this shoe is firstly, the squeaking sound it produces while walking or running slowly and second, the hefty price tag which is presently pegged at P6,999.00. Maxxed should reconsider its pricing so it can be made more affordable for the running enthusiasts.