Takbo.ph Alabang Nightfest Run

I had one exciting run at the Takbo.ph Nightfest race this weekend and it had one of the nicest race route i’ve encountered in a while. I think it’s a route the Alabang-Adidas Adination of Runners group frequently visit in their weekly night runs and the long undulating hills posed a challenge to those unfamiliar with the terrain, including myself.

Being unfamiliar with the route in Filinvest, i just went on with the flow of runners when the starting gun fired-off at 6:00pm and ran on a leisurely pace with my digicam in tow. The run took us to quaint under-developed residential neighborhoods with trees that seemed to line-up the whole route. The temporary floodlights seem to do its job in providing the needed illumination to guide the runners, otherwise it was pitch dark for most of the route.

I ran the 10k so it was two loops of the course. The hydration was adequate specially the Pocari hydration stations, wherein the middle tables were surrounded by wooden planks to serve as a “processing” area by the water attendants in pouring Pocari into empty cups. After the cups are filled up, attendants transfer them into the open tables for runners to pick up. The wooden planks were apparently constructed to prevent the runners from picking up cups from there while the attendants are still pouring the drinks to it. A Leadpack innovation? Nice one.:-)

I maintained an easy 7:00/km pace and my 10k time of over an hour was similar to that of the GOOD Day Race, the Sunday before. Checking the official results, my name read as the”Unknown Runner!” 🙂

It was an enjoyable run in spite of those rolling hills, capped with a hearty dinner at the Festival Mall with my youngest daughter who lives nearby.

Thanks to Jinoe, Doc Lyndon, Ian and the Leadpack team for a wonderful run! Here are some pictures of the event:


The start and finish


Lovebirds? Yikitii!

MC DJ Chloe

Speed and beauty (both accredited to kikayrunner )

Hotlegs Runner? No, that's kikayrunner showing off her new Mizuno shoes!

With Ms. Nora, the golden girl

Took this pic while running the early part of the course

At the 3 and 6km loop mark

Darkness sets in

Near the finish (Photo by Amanda)

After the finish, with Team Boring


KB Runner (R) with Team Boring

After the race, had dinner with my bunso (who i patiently waited, as always) at Festival Mall