POGS Run: A Race Recap

I finally ran a road race yesterday after several week-end races on trails. Not that i miss running on roads which i do most weekdays anyway, but for the chance to give my trail shoes some respite after being battered, its outsole partly sliced-off from the midsole.

I took the shoe to my suking shoe repairman a few days ago and he said it would only need a strong adhesive to connect the outsole to the base of the shoe and it would be as good as new. He explained that if the midsole was the part that was detached from the upper, then no amount of strong adhesive would sustain it as long as it would endure the same battering on the trails and rivers.

Makes sense as i’ve had some shoes that got detached again and again after the midsoles have been glued to death!

Anyways, back to my road race this morning. I was able to join the Philippine Obstetrics and Gynecological Society (POGS) 16k run. Put together by the team behind the Run Doctor Run 10k and the Run For Hope (that’s Eric Pasion and his Run For Change team), the race at the tree-lined Camp Aguinaldo grounds was well-attended, enthusiastically supported by people of the medical profession, had more than enough hydration stations and an atmosphere even pregnant women would be relaxed to watch!

I arrived at Camp Aguinaldo early just in time to catch up with Blas (Titanium Runner) who was getting my race packet from the race officials for me. The weather was just right, cloudy skies and not too hot, just perfect for an easy, relaxed pace. This was a small race, one of many bigger races being held simultaneously in Metro Manila. I got in with the other 16k runners, less than a hundred in total and was running in pace with Blas and Doc Topher who was running his first race after several months of hiatus.

At the starting line, just before gun start

Camp Aguinaldo is mostly flat, except for the slightly rolling hills at the rear of the camp which by no means affected our pace. There were nice hydration booths set-up by medical groups, some even wearing Hawaiian Hula skirts with the Gangnam Style music blaring from their mini radio. Water and even bananas were adequately provided.

I was running in tandem with Blas for most of the way, at times stopping at water stations and walking a full minute before resuming to run. While Doc Topher had to slow down a bit, Blas and I caught up with Au Cruz who was doing the Galloway running method so the three of us were weaving in and out, sometimes ahead and behind each other.

The Titanium Runner

It was two loops for the 16k and although there wasn’t any kilometer marker on site, it was easy to determine what km you were in, forgoing that i had my Soleus GPS watch with me. The only hitch that this race had was the absence of marshals at the last 300 meters when runners didn’t know which road to turn on the way to the grandstand finish line. Some went straight but when i saw a glimpse of Blas turning left to the field, i just followed suit.

Taking time-out with Au Cruz who i ran along with for most part of the race

Finished the 16k race relaxed in 1:46 which would probably be my last long run before this Sunday’s Run United Philippine Marathon. Got a loot bag which contained probably six month’s supply of shampoo.

Congratulations to all who finished the race, the sponsors and organizers for a job well done. Hope to run this race again next year!

Sultry host, Giselle Sanchez who “stole” the emceeing chores

Having some espresso with Dave and B

With Dave, Beep and B

POGS Run At Camp Aguinaldo: October 21, 2012

The Philippine Obstetrical & Gynecological Society (Foundation) Inc. will be holding its 3rd Annual POGS Run 2012 on October 21, 2012 at the CAMP AGUINALDO Grounds in Quezon City.

The advocacy of this run is to advance the mother-child health care awareness in the country by reducing the deaths of new born babies and their mothers. By achieving these, the POGS Foundation will help provide training to health workers (midwives, nurses, etc.) in maternal and child care and also increase family and community awareness on the availability of better health care.

Let’s support this run to reduce infant mortality in the Philippines. Here are the race details:

The race will include 3K, 5K, 10K and 16K distances.


Period: September 15 – October 20, 2012

3K, 5K – Php 500
10K, 16K – Php 600

POGS Building
#56 Malakas Street, Diliman, Quezon City
Tel No. 921-7557
Mobile: 0917-560-9649

Recreational Outdoor Xchange (ROX)
B1, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

POGS Race Director Eric Passion during the POGS race launch

Run for Change Hotlines:

The race proponents, Doctors of the Philippine Obstetrical & Gynecological Society (Foundation) Inc.

Blogger and Race Coordinator, the Titanium (Blas) Runner introducing the guests during the launch. At foreground: Dianne and Cherryl

With Mars and Jham (Photo by Jham)