Sneak Peek of the Soleus Cross Country Challenge 2018

While many of our local trail runners are busy preparing for their respective trail races in the coming weeks and months, most of them can be seen during weekends, gutting out around the mountain trails of Parawagan, Ayaas, Pintong Bukawe, Inigan, and Malasya among many others, all located in the mountains of Rodriguez, particularly in Wawa, Rizal.

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These groups of trail runners are somewhat eclectic, some are elite/hardcore, others, members of running groups and the rest, newbies who tough it out with the veterans, pushing their bodies on those uphill climbs and be rewarded with amazing views and moments of ecstasy whenever they reach the top.

Wawa has become a hotbed for trail runners. While there have been spectacular races held in Wawa and in the vicinity of Pintong Bukawe, one local yearly favorite is the Soleus Cross Country Challenge (SCCC2018) now on its 3rd year.

If your idea of a trail run includes crossing rivers, a hanging bridge and standing on top of a popular mountain peak that gives the best views of Mt. Binakayan and Mt. Pamintuan, then The Soleus Cross Country Challenge is for you. This race begins at at the Iconic Ten Commandments Tablet above Mt. Sinai, in Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal and quickly descends down the trails and dirt roads leading to parts of the Marikina River. Running on the edges of the river, the route quickly gets brutal, forcing runners to climb more than 3,000 feet to the summit of Elmer’s Peak, Mt. Pamanatan and descending to another brutal 500 steps down to the river of Inigan.

That isn’t the entire race though, that’s just the halfway point, particularly for the 21k runners. With lots of single track trails, precarious bamboo bridges, rugged and insanely picturesque terrain along the river, The Soleus Cross Country Challenge will push you and reward you. This race should not be missed.

Here are some details of the upcoming race:

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Ready to take another challenge with FUN on the trail run? The 3rd installment of the sought after Soleus Cross Country Challenge trail run is happening on July 01, 2018!

With brand new challenges, surprise obstacles and fun run river crossing! Hint: Bring out your best costume! Yes, you’ve read it right. A fun-filled costume trail run is waiting for you.


Early Bird Promo (April 20- May 15):
8K – P900
12K – P1000
21K – P1,200

Regular (May 16-June 15):
8K – P1,000
12K – P1,100
21K – P1,350

– Race Bib and timing chip (except 8K)
– Event shirt
– Finisher medal
– Finisher snacks

Registration thru Bank Deposit:
Banco De Oro (BDO)
Account Name: Roel Ano
Account Number : 007040062221

If payment has been made, please send the scanned copy of the deposit slip with your complete name, age, gender, contact number and shirt size to

In-Store Registration:

L-TimeStudio SM Mall of Asia, Ground Floor
L-TimeStudio SM Megamall, 3rd Floor
L-TimeStudio Market!Market!, 2nd Floor
L-TimeStudio Trinoma, 2nd Floor (Near Foodcourt)

Assembly: 4:00AM
Gun start:
21K – 5:30AM
12K – 6:00AM
8K – 6:30AM

More details to follow….

…And by the way, no disposable CUPS.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own preferred hydration bottle.

Last weekend, we were able to test run parts of the route giving us a glimpse of how enjoyable yet tough the course is. Here are some of the pictures. Enjoy:


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Bamboo bridges crossing the river

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500 stairs coming down from Elmer’s Peak

We did the reverse by climbing the stairs up to Elmer’s Peak

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Old growth forest

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Vast Banana plantation

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Over-looking the plantation

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Views of the mountain peaks from the top

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Pintong Bukawe

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Elmer’s Peak

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Photo ops above Elmer’s Peak

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View of Inigan below

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Preview: A Sneak Peek of the Rizal Mountain Run

Like all the best trail-mountain races held recently near Metro Manila, (think Mt. Marami, Mt. Batolusong, Mt. Sembrano, among the few), the Rizal Mountain Run (RMR50) promises to be another trail race destination for your 2016 bucket list, something not to be missed! This trail run, which features a beginner’s 15k, a 30k and an ultra distance of 50k will be held on FEBRUARY 28, 2016.

Starting from the Basekamp Resort in Sapinit Road, Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal, the route traverses into a short concrete road before it dives straight into the heart of some of the most rugged trails, scenic mountain ranges and endless river crossings of the Rizal provincial landscape.

I was fortunate enough to be invited with fellow trail runner-bloggers for a sneak peak of the RMR50 route, a short 12k run that forms part of all the distances to be traversed by the runners. The trails are not exactly new to me having ran them for both training and races in the past except for a fire road called the New Casile Road. The route is a visceral landscape, with the river snaking over a long vast track of valleys, with the Sierra Madre mountains always lording over our heads.

We started from the top of the new Casile Road and the route follows wide dirt roads, rolling hills and into Pintong Bukawe’s interior which will expose runners to a variety of terrain, including long downhills, single-track trails, lung-busting uphills and views of the Marikina-Casile River. For the 50k and 30k runners, the trails cuts into river crossings that would slow down runners, specially on parts where the river currents are strong, deep and slippery.

15k Finisher’s Shirt

The trails will be hot and dry late in the morning, shoes will be all wet every-time runners cross the river, taking with you small pebbles wriggling beneath your feet so it’s best to wear them trail gaiters if you have one. But the route takes in also subtle terrain, with trees giving shades on some parts specially the trails in Puro, Malasya and in Pintong Bukawe.

After the race, packed breakfast will be served while other nourishment and snacks will be sold at the cafeteria inside BaseKamp.

Many thanks to Atty. Aldean Lim, Ronald Declarador, Jael Wenceslao, Majo Liao, Gene Olvis and to the rest of the organizing committee for the invitation and for making this recon run a successful one!

Our test-run group

Rizal Mountain Run

February 28, 2016
Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal

Event Distances:
15K / 30K/ 50K

Registration Fees:
15K – P1,000
30K – P1,500
50K – P2,000 (Limited to 150 Slots only).

50K Cut-Off Details:

Assembly Time: 1:00AM
Pre-race Briefing: 2:00AM
Start Time: 3:00AM
Intermediate Cut-off Time: AS4 – Sitio Wawa (KM 34) – 12:00PM local time (9 hours)
Cut-off Time: 4:00PM
Time Barrier: 13 hours

Registration is via online only at their website:

Deadline of Registration and Payment is on February 20

Follow them at:

For more information:

Leaving you with pictures of the route! Registration is still open!

The new Casile Road

A huge boulder that would be visible to all runners

Our run was supported by 4×4 vehicles which brought us our supplies during this test run

Some rock formation along the route

Dirt roads that goes downhill

Part of an uphill route with scenic views of the Sierra Madre mountains

A group picture with the mountains as backdrop

Perfect spot for a selfie.

Jun Santiago leaving his dust behind him! 🙂

Great views of the mountains at every turn

View of the Marikina-Casile River below

Our support vehicles waiting at every turn

Part of the route

Congregating at another scenic view

More on the Casile River below

Emerging at the 6k mark

At the single track trails

One of our river crossings with Majo, Iris and Adrian

Trails towards a valley

Lunch at the Basekamp Resort, start/finish line of the Rizal Mountain Run

With the ladies and the photobombers! 🙂

Hope to see you at the race!

Trail Chronicles #9: Pintong Bukawe

We first discovered these wooded trails way back in 2009 when me and running buddy June Santiago were first enthused into trail running. Tucked behind the sprawling Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal, it stretches far north-west to Wawa in Rodriguez and Calawis in Antipolo on the east side.

Last week-end, June and i re-visited the place as we retraced the route of last year’s Merrell Trail run, only– we did the reverse of the route and ran other outlying trails that were not used in the original course. The endless kilometers of trails and rough roads leads you with a beautiful stretch of untouched surroundings and will find you gasping from an overdose of the place’s delightful scenery.

The richly forested trail has an elevation gain of about 446 meters. We started off near Camp Sinai and worked our way to a gentle descent down the main river. It’s a moderate trail, not too hilly at most and crosses the river several times.

These are not well-trodden trails but any beginner in trail running should enjoy some of the most beautiful and untouched landscape San Mateo has to offer. Regular trail runners are constant visitors to this place and it’s easy to do a regular 10k up to 50k if you’re among enthusiasts of ultra trail running.

I’m leaving you with our pictures from this trail run adventure. Enjoy!

At the entrance trail to Mt. Sinai

One of the few eateries at Mt. Sinai

A cow blocks our path

This is what we call the albino tree trail

Overlooking the Sierra Madre mountain range

Finally, a glimpse of the river

Cassava plants adorn this river

These 4 year old kids just cross the river instinctively, no hesitations, balancing acts–done in a few seconds! Took us a minute to figure out where to make those steps! 🙂

The kids were now way ahead of us

These delicious-looking grape fruits were all over the place

Selfie and sun block galore!

Running in Pintong Bukawe would not be complete w/o eating at “Giant”. But the “paluto” here has now become over-priced! 😦

Race Report: Merrell Adventure Run 2013

The local folk song, “Planting Rice Is Never Fun” has never been so apt in describing the farmers’ hardships and sacrifice while toiling their lands to plant rice and other crops for our staple food and that of their sustenance. The lyrics…

Planting rice is never fun,
Bending over ’til the set of sun.
Cannot sit, cannot stand,
Plant the seedlings all by hand.

I’m sure many runners at yesterday’s MERRELL Adventure Trail Run got a glimpse of this experience, although just fleetingly and without even bending to plant anything.

I was giddy and apprehensive at first when we approached this tiny rice field after a race marshal informed us that we had about 5kms to go on our 21k run. No inkling whatsoever that another major obstacle was just a few meters ahead. Seeing the runners wade through this slimiest of mud, clenching their shoes on one hand and using the other for balance, we got the drift that if you wore them on, the shoes would get stuck under it and would be hard to retrieve them.

So while wading on just about 20 meters of this paddy that’s knee deep, felt like a quick-sand and very muddy, me and the others got to experience a very yucky feeling while stepping on some bulge on the soft ground that’s very slippery and slimy…you get to trash underneath on Carabao’s poop that lies together with the mounds of mud under it!

When we emerged from this “obstacle”, the stench on all of us was very revolting as we all smelled like “carabao shit”, from head to toe! No water was immediately made available when we landed on dry ground so we just used the grass to wipe-off the mud clinging to our toes, calves, hands and knees. This may well be Merrell’s version of the X-Terra Race, “Putik Pare” (Mud Run) and what better term could you call this but the “Pooh-Pooh, Pare”!

This was actually the second of two muddy obstacles, the first which came after the 8th km mark when we had to crawl for about 15 meters beneath a chicken wire and sharp bamboo twigs dangling in our heads  where the crowd got backed-up to wait for their turn.

To sum up the race, here’s  some observations/notes which i took during the race:

  • The 21k race route was awesome… great scenery, trails galore, river crossings, mountain ranges
  • Though views were beautiful, the course itself was very difficult! Lots of uphills (so lots of walking), some of the downhill parts were very steep and slippery as i saw a lot of runners slide down, tumble and roll from side to side with some injuries
  • Though not frequent, water supplies were adequate and they served really ice-cold water with cubes of ice that you can place in your hydration back pack.
  • Race Marshals were adequate and were in crucial junctions to guide the runners
  • Mud-pit crawl area should have been placed on a wider road. The area was too narrow, only 3 rows of runners could be accommodated so there was a huge back up at the entrance
  • It was so nerve-wracking that the last kilometer was all uphill and we had to stop-and-go several times before hitting the finish line. A marvelous moment though when you reach the top!
  • Race Director Thumbie Remigio was hands-on, observing the conduct of the race at many points along the course, even taking pictures while at it. Good job, Thumbie!
  • Thanks to lady Runner #97 for the push at the back to get me over the rice paddy.
  • At the turn-around point at the end of the river crossings, there was a woman half submerged in water singing religious songs on the top of her lungs which the race marshals fondly described as a “Shokoy” (half-human, half mammal)! LOL!
  • The bamboo barricade obstacles was absolutely ——! A nuisance rather than an obstacle. 🙂
  • Showers with soap were adequately provided near the finish area but had to spend another hour or so at our bathroom at home to scrub and scrape out all residual slime in my body
  • Bread, eggs, bananas and water bottles were also given to all runners

This is probably one of the best trail runs ever organized and obviously, a lot of preparation had gone into it. After those grueling uphills and downhills, stumblings and tumblings, continuous river crossings, mud crawls, the pooh-pooh walk and the last insane crawl to the finish, i finally made it to the finish in about 4 1/2 hours!

A very satisfying event and a great memory to bring home! Congrats to the Merrell people and to RD Thumbie Remigio!

I’m leaving you with some of the pictures i took from the race. Other photos courtesy of Thumbie Remigio!

See you all at the PIMCO Run2Run Adventure Trail Run in Tanay, Rizal next Sunday, May 5! (

For more updates on trail runs, follow me on TWITTER @

RACE RESULTS are now out! Here is the link:

The views around us before the start

With friends and our clean apparels before the run

On an uphill double-track trail

The trek to the first river crossing begins

Threading in slowly as the rocks under the river are unstable and slippery

A river trail, literally with cassava plants watching the proceedings

The views can’t get any better to take pictures during rush hour

The first mud-pit obstacle (photo by Thumbie)

Long lines waiting

This is another river crossing

Slippery rocks really slowed the runners down

The heat was just overwhelming so it was on shades like this that we had time to rest

Friend June, enjoying the scenery

A long and winding dirt road

The rice paddy

Mud looks like soft cement

Pooh-pooh pare!


Getting out of the water was another obstacle

I lost my water bottle here

Good job leaving your Poo-pooh, Mr. C!

Bamboo barricades

An instant Vibram Five-Fingers minimalist shoes

Single-track trail descending to another river

Another shaded path

This lady (L) literally pushed my butt so i could emerge up from the rice paddy. Thanks, Mam! 🙂

The last 2kms was a grueling uphill climb. This is the last 500 meters

Over-took this lady who was struggling to ascent like all of us did.

Dang uphill!

Last 350 meters and counting. the “Moses tablets” is in the foreground

So near, yet so far!

No, that’s not a calf compression i’m wearing. It’s the sticking mud we all got from threading the rice paddy (photo by Manghusi Photoshop)

My Ultrasipre Surge Hydration pack, camera, shorts, all soaked in mud!

My previously immaculate white Adidas socks now soaked in dirt and grime. RIP!

Update: Merrell Trail Run 2013 at Camp Sinai, San Mateo, Rizal

Four days to go before we hop and skid, jump and splash along the trails and rivers of Pintong Bukawe in San Mateo! But hey, don’t let the excitement cause you to forget important things to prepare before this race and the organizers have given these reminders for Saturday’s trail run:

If you don’t have these special equipments above, an empty water bottle will do or any container that you can re-fill water into and grip easily with your hands while running.

Please be reminded to come to the race venue on time, late comers will only be allowed to run if they arrive 10 minutes after the gun-start of their respective categories.

Please take note of the gun start time

I’m seeing many inquiries on the Merrell FB page regarding where the venue is and where they could take a ride going to the site. If you were not able to avail of their special transport services from Trinoma or BGC, Merrell’s FB page have stated that there will be Jeepneys plying the SM-Masinag to Pintong Bukawe route starting at 3:30am early morning of Saturday.

Here is Merrell’s advisory:

For commuters, there will be provision of jeepneys AT SM MASINAG as early as 3:30 am until 4:00 am only. This service will bring you straight to the venue for a fee of Php 50.00, and will be on a first-come, first served basis. We strongly advice you to take this ride since there will be no public vehicles during this time. 

For non-commuters, going to Mt. Sinai will be via Marcos Hi-way, pass Masinag Market Junction to Brgy Cabading. Please take note that there is no passable route (that will reach Pintong Bukawe) from Batasan and San Mateo.

Shuttle Service

So there!

I am posting the map going to the venue itself and i hope others may find this useful.

Wishing everyone good luck and happy trail running!

Camp Sinai, Pintong Bukawe Trails: The Merrell 2013 Trail Route

This may well be one of the most beautiful and varied 21k trail course outside of Tanay and it was good to have run these rarely used trails for the very first time. Camp Sinai in Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal was near a former dump site where trash were as high as the mountains surrounding it that made the area a no-no visit or even pass through it.

Things change however, when the land-fill was closed a few years ago and this time, a burgeoning resort-like ambiance grew on its outskirts where outdoor activities have again flourished like mountain biking, trekking and now trail running.

With rolling hills, many technical terrain and about 1,200 ft of elevation gain, it’s not an easy course but the winding switchbacks to and from the river rewards you with stunning views of rural vistas, broad valleys where many sections offers sweeping views of the vast Sierra Madre Mountains.

As with previous Merrell Adventure Trail Race editions, this year’s route was selected by trail race expert and Race Director Thumbie Remigio who has again devised a route to challenge adventure seekers. Me and a group of runners from the Merrell and Saucony groups including some bloggers were given a glimpse of what to expect.

We ran just 11 kms of the 21km route and i was very surprised at the amount of variety, from gnarly rocky paths to broad rough roads and the various river trekking one has to pass with plenty of vegetation on the sides. Warning: the last part of the race will be all uphills and i advice runners who plan to participate in this race to train on hills. Arduous as it is, the organizers will even set up mud pits to give it more a rather dirty look for trail runners!

For those who plan to join the trail run, here are some details to guide you through in registration: http://registration/merrell-adventure-run-2013-at-pintong-bucawe-san-mateo-rizal/

I’m leaving you some pictures for a sneak peek of the Merrell 2013 race route and trails. Enjoy!

The welcome sign, 300 meters upwards

The views atop Camp Sinai where the starting line will be

Cottages at Camp Sinai

Briefing from Race Director Thumbie Remigio

The start of our run

It will be all downhill for the first 3.5 kms.

A small river that will greet runners on the way down. No crossings here

Views on the downhills were excellent

Trails passes at the side for a better view of the mountains

A bump during the downhill portion

All the trails you want

Seldom used trails here

With the group taking a break

There will be a long section of these on the trails

Stopping at a cross-road while Thumbie giving some instructions

At the 3km mark during this point

Single track trails leading to sterling views of the Sierras

Atop a portion of the mountain

This trail leads down to the river

One of the best views of the run!

Picture doesn’t give justice to the feeling while you view this. A wow scenario!

The group waiting at the edge of the river

Root crops at the river’s edge

Trekking towards the river’s edges

Wish we could just lie down and enjoy more of the views

About to cross the river

They didn’t want to get their shoes wet?

In the middle of it all

View from the other side

This will be part of the route

Threading some trails before we cross to the other side

Approaching a fenced property

Only the 21k runners will pass through here

An elevated path

It’s back to the river

Thumbie and Nonoy

Deep portion of the river. The bamboos are so old and brittle that it was crackling while crossing it.

Back to the boondocks

Posing with 2 local farmers and their dog

Up to the green mountains

Jojo Pauly

At the second half of our run

Lots of banana trees here

Rough roads will also be part of the route

This is a very long uphill trek

…with good views while walking the steepest part

Kids running towards us

The view behind us

Exiting the Sitio Watershed P7, Pintong Bokaue

A large boulder at the edge of the trail

A sprint on the downhill part

Going up back to Camp Sinai

The 10k and 5k runners will be scaling up this steep climb to the finish

Me on my way up…

Resting at a side mountain cafe at Camp Sinai

Moses’ tablets (Samsung?) You just don’t know the enormity of this until………….

…you actually come close to it!

150 meters before the run ends. Back to where we started.

Took our lunch here

And despite the 2 hour++ gruelling, uphill, downhill, river trekking run–we find this sign posted at a sanctuary…

Merrell Adventure Run 2013 At Pintong Bucawe, San Mateo, Rizal

Merrell could not have selected a better venue to stage its next trail/adventure run as Pintong Bukawe has been a haven for trail runners and bikers for quite some time now.

Baranggay Pintong Bukawe in San Mateo, Rizal is just about 3.7 kilometers away from the Timberland Heights trails and close to 10kms away from Wawa Dam in Montalban, Rizal. The roads and trails between these places are just georgeous…panoramas of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, the trails are lush and green, challenging hills and some river crossings.

"Christmas trees" on the sides

Mini pine trees at Pintong Bukawe

Merrell’s next Adventure Race will be held this coming April 27, 2013 and will feature a 5k, 10k and its showcase, the half-marathon distance. Registration has started yesterday so register early as slots are very limited.

Shuttle buses are available for those who want to avail them!

Here are the details of the race:


Date: April 27, 2013 (Saturday)

Venue: Mt. Sinai, Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal

Race Distances: 5km (Men’s & Women’s), 10km (Men’s & Women’s), 21km (Men’s & Women’s)


Race kits and singlets can be claimed starting April 1, 2013 to April 21, 2013 ONLY in respective registration areas. Singlet sizes will be subject to availability and will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


Distance: Gunstart:

21km 6:00am

10km 6:10am

5km 6:20am

*cut-off time of 5 hours for the whole race will be implemented


•Timing Chip, Race Bib No., Singlet, safety pins

•Rules and regulations

•Directions to venue

•Shuttle option (optional for participants, with extra charge)


Submit filled-out registration form with your fee from February 15, 2013 to April 7, 2013 at the MERRELL CONCEPT SHOPS listed below.

Here’s a link to the downloadable Registration Form:


G/F Space 23-24 Phase 8, Gaisano Market Market                  

Taguig City 

Tel. no. (02) 836-1560


Space 2128 M2, Quezon City

 Tel. No. (02) 915-0197        


Level 3, The Annex, EDSA, North Avenue 

Quezon City

 Tel. no. (02) 352-2737


 2/F Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

 Tel. no. (02) 659-3284 


Nepo Ave. Angeles City, Pampanga 

Tel. no (045) 304-0654


Ground Floor, Olongapo-Gapan Road

San Fernando, Pampanga


2nd Floor, Rizal Highway 

Olongapo City

 Tel. no.(02) 542-2235


Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Wing, Governor’s Drive

 Dasmariñas City, Cavite

*Singlet sizes will be subject to availability and will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


Hydration stations will be provided at the finish line and along the race route.

This is an eco-friendly event; each participant is required to bring his/her own hydration pack/bottle. Organizers will only provide refilling stations along the race course; there will be no cups to avoid littering.

Medical aid will be available at certain points along the way and at the finish line.


1. In the event of heavy rain, lightning, haze, fog and other inclement weather or adverse weather condition, the event may be delayed or cancelled.

2. Should bad weather persist beyond 7:00AM or the condition deemed unsuitable, the event will be cancelled.

3. If rain occurs after the race has started, you may continue unless otherwise advised by the designated race official or marshall.

*All Top 3 finishers for each race category for both Male and Female categories each get the cash prize along with a gift bag from our sponsors.

FINISHERS MEDAL All 21km finishers will receive a finisher’s medal. Medals will also be given to the first50 finishers for 5km and 10km categories respectively.

CERTIFICATES will be sent through email within two weeks after the race date to those who finish the course in their specific categories.


Trail running shoes, hydration pack/bottle belt, cap, running gaiters and energy bar or gel, head lamp especially for the 21K runners.

Views inside Pintong Bukawe:

June is way out front

Road towards Timberland Heights

The view on our right

Views from Pintong Bukawe

Entering the trail

Some of the trails inside PB

Wet and windy

Cemented trails inside PB

Going inside the trail

Typical trail inside


General Rules

1. All participants below 18 years old must have their registration forms signed by either a parent or a guardian.

2. Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.

3. Multiple category registration for one person is prohibited for safety purposes and as this may affect or disrupt race results.

4. Participants who choose not to take part in the event after having registered can decide to withdraw. However, please note that there will not be any registration fee refund. Race slots are also strictly non-transferable.

5. Race bib numbers and electronic timing chips must be worn at all times during the race. Official time will be based on the disposable timing chip provided in the race kit. No chip, no time. Without the timing chip, participants are not entitled to win any of the top prizes.

6. Organizers maintain the right to remove any participants from the race. Injuries and medical emergencies are the utmost priority.

7. No late runners will be allowed to run 15 minutes after the gun start of their respective races.

8. All runners are required to have the proper loop band when they cross the finish line; no loop band means disqualification from the race.

9. A cut off time of 5 hours for the whole race will be implemented. Runners on the course after the cut off time will be pulled out by the Race Marshalls.

10. Time penalties and disqualification may be imposed by the race organizers on runners who do not follow race rules.

11. All protests related to the results must be made in writing and submitted to the Race Director within 30 minutes after the official announcement of winners.

12. The organizers reserve the right to make changes at its discretion without prior notice. The organizers’ decision is final.


In the event that a participant will not be able to personally register and sign the liability waiver form at the designated registration areas; their representatives must bring the following: (1) downloaded form with signature of participant, (2) authorization letter, and (3) valid ID of the participant and representative.


Place & Time

Market!Market!, BGC 3:00 am

TriNoma, North Edsa 3:30 am

Php300 round trip, first come-first served basis (payment to be settled only at Merrell Concept Shops)