QCIM Half-Marathon Night Run: November 29, 2014

The First Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM) was held in December 2009 born out of a running club’s dream (RUNNEX) of  creating an international running event in Quezon City.

This year though, instead of a full marathon, a Half-Marathon will be in the offing on November 29, 2014 and will be held at night. They decided not to pursue a full marathon this year “because we want to encourage people to experience the event, have fun and celebrate the 75th anniversary of Quezon City”, race officials said during the launching of this race yesterday at Annabel’s in Quezon City.

This run shall cover 3 other categories, the 3k, 5k and 10k with cash prizes totalling about P372,000.00 for the top 3 finishers in each category. There will be two award divisions, one exclusively for Quezon City residents and those residing outside of the city. Start and finish will be at the Quezon Memorial Circle with Pro Active Events as the race organizers. This race is open to all local and foreign entries.

Here are the details:

QCIM Night Run 2014


Basic Information

Date: November 29, 2014 (Saturday)
Venue: Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC)

Race Categories, Fees & Gun Start

Race Category Registration Fee Gun Start
21K P950 8:30PM
10K P850 9:00PM
5K P750 9:10PM
3K P650 9:20PM

Assembly Time 7:30PM

Race Kit Inclusion:

  • QCIM 2014 Singlet
  • Race Bib
  • Finisher shirt (For 21K finishers only)
  • Medal (For ALL categories)
  • Ecobag *For Finishers Kit


How to Register:

  • Credit Card (Starting Sept. 16, Tuesday)
    • Visit the Official QCIM website: www.qcimrun.com
    • Click on REGISTER
    • Fill up the online registration form
    • Fill up your credit card details
    • Wait for your confirmation email
  • Prepaid Card (Starting Sept 25, Thursday)
    • Purchase Prepaid cards at the selected stores:
      • Runnr Bonifacio High Street
      • Runnr Trinoma
      • Runnr Alabang Town Center
      • Toby’s Mall of Asia
      • Toby’s SM North EDSA
      • Toby’s Megamall
      • Toby’s Glorietta
    • Visit the Official QCIM website: www.qcimrun.com
    • Click on REGISTER
    • Choose Prepaid card as payment option and enter the code found on your prepaid card.
    • Fill up the online registration form
    • Wait for your confirmation email
  • SM Tickets
    • Purchase SM Tickets at any SM Cinema NATIONWIDE.
    • Visit the Official QCIM website: www.qcimrun.com
    • Click on REGISTER
    • Choose SM Tickets as payment option and enter the code.
    • Fill up the online registration form
    • Wait for your confirmation email

Race Kit Claiming

Date: Tentative – November 20, 21, 22, 23 (Thursday – Sunday)
Venue: TBA
Schedule: TBA

How to claim your kit:

  • Bring your confirmation email (print out) and one (1) valid ID.
  • If you are claiming for someone else, bring their confirmation email, one (1) valid ID of registrant and authorization letter (found on website).





At the race launching yesterday at Annabels Restaurant, Timog Avenue, Quezon City

Cash Prize


Race Category Top 3 Finisher Cash Prize
21K 1st (male & female)
2nd (male & female)
3rd (male & female)
22,000 Php
15,000 Php
8,000 Php
10K 1st (male & female)
2nd (male & female)
3rd (male & female)
15,000 Php
10,000 Php
5,000 Php
5K 1st (male & female)
2nd (male & female)
3rd (male & female)
10,000 Php
5,000 Php
3,000 Php


Race Category Top 3 Finisher Cash Prize
21K 1st (male & female)
2nd (male & female)
3rd (male & female)
22,000 Php
15,000 Php
8,000 Php
10K 1st (male & female)
2nd (male & female)
3rd (male & female)
15,000 Php
10,000 Php
5,000 Php
5K 1st (male & female)
2nd (male & female)
3rd (male & female)
10,000 Php
5,000 Php
3,000 Php

4th Quezon City International Marathon: Race Recap

Done, finished, complete! The wee hours outside near home felt perfectly fine, people were up and about as if you were just strolling within your neighborhood.

Our neighborhood, the Quezon Memorial Circle

Da hu? What is this neighborly thing i’m talking about? The Quezon City International Marathon!

It’s the marathon that when you step back along Commonwealth Avenue on your way back to the finish, you see gigantic traffic at a standstill, hot-headed cursing drivers and heat that’s guaranteed to melt you away.

Well, not this time, at least not as bad as it was the previous years’ editions. Traffic was more manageable, there were less of those irate drivers, water was *still* available during the last stretches but the weather didn’t change–it was warm and humid. QCIM-4, the race i didn’t almost want to run.

Yes, i didn’t feel like running this one as many things transpired days leading up to it. The torturous Tanay 21-k trail run the Sunday before really left me all-beaten up with muscle soreness that lasted for several days. Ice and Ibuprofen were my solace during those dreadful days. The feeling carried on until the Fundracing Run last Friday where i was supposed to do the 16k distance.

Still, besides being late, i was in no mood nor vigor to do the distance so i down-graded to just running the 8k that morning. The result was rather pitiful. I couldn’t run continuously and had to stop and walk most of the time. It was a botched attempt of psyching myself  to be ready 2 days before the marathon and felt completely at a stand-still.

The day before the marathon, i was just dilly dallying whether to just do a long run of about 30-32k along the route, drop out somewhere if things won’t turn-out to be good. Even shared this feeling on FB where some good meaning friends offered encouragements.

Atty. Jon Lacanlale, an esteemed ultra-runner seemed to sum up what everybody was saying, “Just toe the line and don’t make any plan. Let your body dictate the pace and all.” I took that in mind…seriously!

Race Day:

Met up with running buddy June Santiago and arrived at the Quezon City Hall at about 2:25am, still early for the 3:00am start. Saw Teammates Betty and Tonette who i was supposed to pace with for that long slow attempt of  getting the run done and if all thing got well, even finishing the marathon, all 42kms of it.

But almost as soon as we were headed to Quezon Avenue at the 2 km mark, i felt raring to go and shifted my thoughts of entirely finishing the race. My apologies to Betty and Tonette, specially to Tonette whom i promised to run with throughout the route, but the urge to run my pace at a more tolerable (upbeat) pace was calling and dictating at that time. Had i succumb to her pace, i knew i would not be able to finish the race. Sorry na. Hope you ladies know me well to understand.

With Betty and Tonette

The run inside the University of the Philippines was slow and dark with marshals straining their flashlights on humps and potholes for runners to see. Exiting back to Commonwealth Avenue towards Fairview, the lead 21k runners were fast catching up on us. The wide Commonwealth Avenue was a familiar sight and by all accounts, i was able to glide on satisfactorily until our entrance to La Mesa Dam.

Had a great time inside the reservoir; trees, shades, the views were appealing, hydration was constantly present but i have to say that doubts were still lingering if i could make it out of the reservoir and onwards to the last 8 kms strongly for the finish. Coming out of La Mesa Dam, the traffic was there as expected but had to concentrate on moving on myself while the traffic enforcers try to sort out everything else.

By the time we were approaching the long uphill stretch to Litex, mother mercy seem to have abandoned us temporarily and here, i had to struggle and walk, walk with many others who had probably thought of conserving some energy. For me, my batteries were already draining out. The legs and heart were still fine but for some reason i was gasping for air, trying to find that second wind.

The last 6k was in a word, agonizing. Whatever strength there was left, i tried to put it all into my head overcoming the layer of pain that had engulfed the rest of my body. A few more kilometers and i would see the Iglesia Ni Cristo Tower and that would be the Nirvana i was looking for because that signaled the last 2.5k. But at this point, nothing of the INC tower yet.

Adjusting my cap which had ice cubes in it during the last 2.5 kms

The aim was now to run-walk from one water station to the next. Although i had my own hydration bottle, i would seek some ice cubes in every station and put some inside my cap and it helped cool me down during the last stretches. Finally, the sight of the INC Tower excited me and i knew it was only a matter of 2 kms plus before i could get a glimpse of the finish.

I was running with this guy from the Fairview Running Club and we paced each other and overtook some runners still as a result.

And all of a sudden…this sight! Oh, the most beautiful sight of all!

Home and home sweet home it was! Made it through everything. Was ecstatic upon stepping on the finish mat but was so exhausted that i nearly dropped to my knees and couldn’t hold myself up. I poured all the water that was left in my bottle over my head to the amusement of passers-by who clapped and cheered on.

Just a few more meters before the finish line

My time was nothing to cheer about at 5:47, a far cry from my time last year on this same event but better than my Run United Phil Marathon time a month ago. All things considered, i’m just so happy to finish this one without any injury, praise God!

With friends who also finished the marathon

I empathize with all other runners who came later because i heard that some of them who finished past 6:30 hours (including Tonette and Betty) where already at the mercy of water station personnel who had begun to pack-up, dismantle their tables and left those 6-hour plus runners to mend for themselves at the last 5 kms. I had hoped that this problem would be addressed in this year’s edition as this has also occurred during the previous stagings of the race.

The organization is far from perfect but is a big improvement from any of the previous QCIM stagings. With a little more preparation and communications with those manning the water stations, this marathon could still be vastly improved. I’m aware that the organizers were only given the go signal to prepare everything 3 weeks prior to the race and this should have affected their over-all readiness.

I would like to thank all the PACERS for both the 21k and the 42k for doing a job well done! Thanks guys!

Here is the unofficial results of the race:


Till next year!

(Thanks to Tsinelas Runner, Photojojo, QCIM, Running Castles and others for the pictures)

QCIM3: Getting One Before The Year End!

I’m sitting here tired and exhausted, trying not to over-indulge on yesterday’s marathon effort at the QCIM3. Because running this distance is never easy and doing it under-trained can pose a lot of problems. But somehow, i got through it all with perseverance, determination and with two very sore heels and a king-size blister!

With some friends before the race (thanks to Vans for the photo)

As i listen to some Andrew Hill music with friend June, celebrating my finish between sips of Fundador (ok, it’s Emperador lights, actually) i’m feeling the knots in my muscle and the gratification that i finished another big one, my first marathon for 2011, after months of injury… not sure if i can ever run one again.

I was supposed to be running this marathon as a long, training run, a prelude to what i had been aiming for, the Condura Marathon in early February. I wasn’t following any training schedule really, and treated Sunday races as my long runs with the Run United3 32k being my longest which was done about 4 weeks prior. After that, it was like tapering all the way with no other significant long runs after that. Well, the Nathan Ridge 21k run was a long walk-run affair so that doesn’t count.

The QCIM race went well, felt strong during the first 24k until cramps hit me on the 25th kilometer and had to run-walk until i got my rhythm back at 28k. I finished the race in 5:27:11 (chip time).

Crossing the finish line (Thanks to Les for the photo)

I’m already looking forward to the next one, maybe Cebu or Subic, can’t say if i’m doing the full or maybe just the half-marathon but we’ll see.

To those who ran QCIM3, congratulations to you all! You can view the results here: http://www.strider.ph.

How To Claim Your Free QCIM Race Packets

If you won or were awarded a free QCIM3 race packet from one of the esteemed bloggers, please be guided of the following:

  • Redemption of the packets will be this Saturday, December 3, 2011 from 9:00am to 6:00pm at the 3/f, Bahay ng Alumni Bldg., University of the Philippines Campus, Diliman, Quezon City.
  • For those claimants whose last names starts from A to N, redemption should be made from 9:00Am to 1:00PM while those with names starting from O to Z can claim their free race kits from 1:00PM to 6:00PM. This will avoid over-crowding and confusion at the claim areas. Priority will be given to those who follow this schedule.
  • The organizers have guaranteed your preferred distance categories specially the 5k, 10k and the 21k distances. However, slots for the 42k distance have ran-out but are trying their best to include all 42k runners whose names were submitted before Saturday’s deadline. A race packet for 21k will be given for those who will not be able to get their 42k packets.


The SMDC-QCIM free race packet promo is now CLOSED! Much as i want to accommodate all those who sent their answers, i could only accept the first 102 entries as i have already exceeded my limit of 75 race packets.

Those names listed in the comments below will be entitled to the free race packet. It turned out the the 42k race kits had already ran-out before noon today that we had to cancel late entries to this distance. We ask for your understanding if ever your 42k race kits have been downgraded to 21k.

  1. Sam The RunningNinja
  2. Edwin V Siojo
  3. Angustia Lintao
  4. Jay Orbeso
  5. dbron
  7. Benjamin Pacheco
  8. Rosemarie Beltran
  9. Rene P. Abacan
  10. joebert dela rosa
  11. Joshua Nieva
  12. Carlo Molod
  13. Russel T. Hernandez
  14. Arnel Distor
  15. Randy Cabañero
  16. Allen Ryan Sevilla
  17. Rikki Suarez
  18. Erwin B. Ordonez
  19. Daniel Malangis
  20. Angela Mae T. Abad
  21. Ryan S. Castro
  22. Aileen Manat
  23. Angela Mae T. Abad
  24. Odie Cacho
  25. Michelle Luciano-Nibalvos
  26. Roy Nibalvos
  27. Cris C. dela Cruz
  28. Hamza Eshmael
  29. Aldrin S. Palacio
  30. Reginald Santos
  31. Jennybave B. dela Cruz
  32. Belle Unson
  33. Dennis S. Cruz
  34. Jinky SD. Cruz
  35. Luzel Maria G. Franco
  36. Jay Samson
  37. Abelardo C. Perez
  38. Mark Anthony Tibo-oc
  39. Marielle Ringais
  40. Elsa Lagumen
  41. joemar paras
  42. Daryll Eshan Ong
  43. Arianne D. Ramos
  44. Maureen Ivy B. Cosca
  45. Rommer Ryan D. Torres
  46. Jackie Gutierrez
  47. Joseph sibal
  48. Grace Jacosalem
  49. Mykel Gunay
  50. BabyRuth Vista
  51. Roderic Ortiz
  52. Wilford Lawrence Yu
  53. Pedro t. ratilla
  54. Harold Esteban
  55. Jayson Escobar
  56. StanleyNavarro
  57. Paul John Telan
  58. Vilmar Pacana
  59. Gerda Summerian L. Cuestas
  60. Rommel Caguioa
  61. emil rebaño
  62. Maurice Rafael G. Niñofranco
  63. Mary Gold dela Cruz
  64. Benedict de Jesus
  66. Gerald A. Urbayan
  67. Jairuz Agang-ang
  68. Jonard Aries Gamboa
  69. Kristine Joy Cerame
  70. John P. Cuestas
  71. Jelieca Anne Gamboa
  72. Jay francis Estallo
  73. Takumi Reyes
  74. genisses tan
  75. Gerwin Dioneda
  76. Ruel C. Capuso
  77. Jeffrey Garcia
  78. Rudel Constantino Capuso
  79. Isabel anne villa mendoZa
  80. Marco Pelicano
  81. Kyvin Nucom
  83. Jeffrey Garcia
  84. Raymund Joren A. Abacan
  85. nandy noble
  86. Francis Velarga TheOriginalFVV
  87. Maria Verzo
  88. Marilou De Guzman
  89. Philip Martinez
  90. Miguel De Guzman
  91. Joanne Uy
  92. Marilou Fortuna-De Guzman
  93. Oliver De Guzman
  94. Kaiser Jared Dela Cruz
  95. Rhozallino Ramones
  96. Erickson Martin
  97. Nancy Martin
  98. Jayson Forfieda
  99. elmo Antonio
  100. Gerald kristopher Ebina
  101. Gregorio Ebina


All will get their QCIM3 commemorative T-shirts but sizes are limited.

Claiming will be on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at the 3/F of Bahay Ng Alumni Bldg, UP Campus, Diliman, Q.C from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Thank you so much and see you on Sunday for the 3rd SMDC-QCIM!


The Jazzrunner is giving away FREE Race Packets for the 3rd SMDC-QCIM3 in the distance of your choice (5K, 10k, 21K and 42K).

To join, simply answer  following question:

“In 3 sentences or less, please tell me where your favorite running route is and why it is so.”

Readers should submit their names, address, contact no., e-mail address, distance to run and shirt size.

I will be giving away 75 race kits.

Entries should be received not later than 3:00PM, Friday, December 2, 2011.

Claiming of race packets will be on Saturday, December 3, 2011, 9am to 5pm at the 3/f, Bahay Ng Alumni Bldg, UP Diliman Campus, Quezon City.

Thank you!

Meet The Pacers of the SMDC-QCIM3

This year’s QCIM3 Pacers were selected from local running groups who are very active in the local running scene. The running groups represented are Frontrunner Team, Team Boring, Powerpuff Boys, Team Dilaw, adination of Runners-UP and the Rundezvous Team.

They’ll be pacing the 21k and the 42k runners who will be holding a short 2 feet handled flag which is color-coded and the finish times indicated on each banner which corresponds to their target times. Each time slot will have 2 or more pacers allocated, the “LEAD” pacer/s at the front of the pack and the “SWEEPER” pacer/s at the rear. The Lead Pacers will be setting the pace and the Sweeper Pacer will be on hand to offer support and encouragement to any runner who may be dropping off the pace.

The 42k runners will be fired-off first at 4:00 am so all those running the full marathon should be at the starting line at about 3:30am to seek out their pace leaders. The 21k runners will be sent off 30 minutes later at 4:30am.

Below is the QCIM3 pacers:

42k Pacers

4:00 Hours:   Eric Socrates/ Alfred delos Reyes

4:30 Hours:   Keisha Fule/ Rain Ordonez/ Russel Pata/ Ronnel Go

4:45 Hours:   Chris Ng/ Mel Severino/Chito Carreon/Leo Hernandez/ Sylvia Hernandez

5:00 Hours:   Jonel Mendoza/ Rey Jimenez/ Cristina Cunanan/ Prince Baltazar

5:15 Hours:   Rod Apolinario/ Frederick Gabriel/ Mar Marilag/ Abet Henson/ Isko Lapira

5:30 Hours:   George Dolores/ Bookie Ocampo/ Betty Rosario

5:45 Hours:   Junar Layug/ Allen Gaspar/

21k Pacers

1:45 Hours:   Mark Maulder/ Joey Odhuno

2:00 Hours:   Jixee Lagunda/ Angelo Lagumbay

2:15 Hours:   Elaine Araneta/ Mark Terrado

2:30 Hours:   Abet Ocampo/ Alexis Estinor/ Jerome Lagumbay/ Alex Araneta

Last day of registration for the 3rd QCIM will be on December 1, 2011 at the Runnex Office 3/F, Bahay ng Alumni Bldg, U.P. Campus, Quezon City, Tel no. 435-5292.

Pacers For 21K QCIM3 Still Needed

The publicity and support group of the SMDC-Quezon City International Marathon3 (QCIM) are looking for additional volunteers to pace runners for the 21k distance this coming December 4, 2011. Only 21k pacers are needed as the 42k pacer slots have all been filled up.

The pacers will lead pace groups for the following finish times of 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45 and 3:00 hours. Each time slot will have 2 or more pacers allocated. The “LEAD” pacer/s at the front of the pack and the “SWEEPER” pacer/s at the rear. The Lead Pacers will be setting the pace and the Sweeper Pacer will be on hand to offer support and encouragement to any runner who may be dropping off the pace.

The objective here is to be able to comfortably run the pace you have volunteered for and to be prepared to offer encouragement and motivate runners in your pack. Pacers shall be equipped with clearly identifiable time markers in a flag or baloon.

In exchange, all pacers will be entitled to the following:

1. A complimentary race packet will all race freebies included (T-shirt, race bib, timing chip, loot bags, etc.)

2. Pacers eligible for the Raffle draws (condo unit and other valuable prizes)

3. Special mention of his/her running club

4. Names of pacers and their time goal groups will be posted at the QCIM website

5. Acknowledge them before the race starts

All interested parties may contact me by e-mail and submit their credentials (no. of marathons, half-marathons ran, best times, etc.) at: runnerjazz@yahoo.com

Here is the full mechanics:


Mechanics and information for pacers:


· Lead runners across the finish line, at the same time achieving their target time goals;

· Lead the group. Pay attention to the overall group goal, not personal/individual goals;

· Look out for the welfare of all;

· Have FUN leading them across the finish line so they remember the QCIM as one great experience.

Important points for the Pacers:

  • Pacing duty is a big responsibility. So pacers must be fit and strong to run and pace a group, should have ran the 42K and 21k many times before, and must have a wealth of running experience to lead and pace a group effectively. Running a marathon or half-marathon is hard enough as it is; to run it at a different pace is even harder. And the challenge of pacing is to maintain consistency.
  • A pacer is a leader, coach, cheerleader, psychiatrist, etc. A good sense of humor will greatly help.
  • Ideal set up: pacer and a back up pacer in the same group.

Each time slot should have at least two (2) pacers allocated. The “Lead” pacer/s at the front of the pack and the “Sweeper” pacer/s at the rear. The Lead Pacer will be setting the pace and the Sweeper Pacer will be on hand to offer encouragement to any runners who may be dropping off the pace.

  • Participation in a pace group is free to all participants who will run the full 42 and 21k distance. .
    • The Pace Groups are: 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45 and 3:00 .
  • Pacers should maintain an “even split,” which means that every kilometer will be run at approximately the same pace. A pace guide shall be provided to all pacers, and even the runners. Pacers must maintain their designated pace.
  • Pacers should meet with their group before the actual race so that an assessment of the group’s individual and collective capabilities and personalities can be done as soon as possible. That way the race day strategy can be drawn up. Pacers are encouraged to communicate their strategy as soon as possible and as clearly as possible.
  • Hydration and water station strategy must also be drawn up. Walking breaks can be encouraged right after the water stops especially for the slower groups (2:30 and up). However the runners must be told that after a walking break, the pace will have to pick up a bit in order to compensate for the walk and so that the time goal can be met. Also pacers should communicate regrouping instructions.
  • The names of the pacers and their time goal groups shall be posted in the QCIM website after confirmation with the pacers.
  • Other/additional/final instructions shall be issued before the race start.
  • Pacers shall be equipped with clearly identifiable time markers in a flag or balloons.
  • Pacers shall take up corral starting positions arranged with the faster groups in front in front with the slower groups taking up the rear positions.
  • About ten minutes before the start of the race final instructions shall be issued. This will include any adjustments being made to the pace due to course conditions. This shall also include back up and contingency measures. This is another great opportunity for the pacers to encourage questions from the runners they shall be leading.
  • Try to spot as early as possible those who have a difficult time keeping pace. Encourage them to fall back to the next group if they can’t really keep pace, or walk. Please do not risk the safety, health, or condition of the runner.