This General Has Returned…To Running

I don’t run at the Quezon Memorial Circle as often as i used to and when i do run the 3.5km route twice a week from my home to get there, it’s usually to do cross-training of TAEBO with some of the runners i train with. A good complement to running, TAEBO increases strength, flexibility of the upper body muscles of the arms and shoulders. I just so love the feeling after a good 30 to 45 minute work-out…the arms and shoulders have been flexed a bit and with the usual boxing and karate chop moves, who knows– i might be up to martial arts someday.:-) 

This morning was a little different as i got to meet one of the running icons during the 80’s, a military man who had a best time of 36:00+ for the 10k and a 3:06 for the full marathon. I wrote about him in a past blog (here) and now that he’s out on provisional liberty, he’s bound to regain back that speed by starting to do short runs and eventually train for another marathon. General Danny Lim has gained weight and his planned runs would probably get him to regain his strength and speed and ditch some unwanted fat. 

An old newspaper clipping from his 80's running years

I took some pictures of him this morning but accidentally deleted most of them while transferring it into my usb. 

I’m posting below the remaining ones and i hope the good General gets into shape soon and see him run in one of the local races. 

General Lim is 3rd from right

With some of the Runnex members

The General in black shorts at the Runnex shade in QMC

Gatorade “Sakto”

The little Gato beside his 3 big brothers

Have you tried or even seen these little suckers at your neighborhood sari-sari store? They’re  being sold at all stalls inside the Quezon Memorial Circle and it’s been out in the market for a few weeks now.

Like the pocket sized version of the Coca Cola soda, the 240 ml Gatorade is trying to compete with the low priced energy drinks like Cobra, Sting and Samurai. Although the bottle cap has a suggested retail price of P10.00,  it actually cost about P12.00-15.00 which is the same with those of the energy drinks.

I’ve tried the Fruity Punch flavor ( i thinks it’s the only one available right now) and tastes the same like its big brother. Problem is, you can’t take and hold them in your runs because of the glass bottle container which is quite heavy.

The Fruity Punch Flavor is the only one available for its size

Talking about sports drinks, i still prefer Gatorade’s Tiger drink as i find it more potent and satisfying. Too bad, it too got the axe and has now been discountinued by Gatorade.