No Traffic At The Rat Race

It was another Sunday at the races and a short 5k race , at that. The Run Against Trafficking (RAT) had a homey feel to it, like one close-knit family gathered together one Sunday morning for a cause.

In the mood for a shorter race this time, i opted to run the 5k, not to get a new PR but  to simply finish it quickly and easily. But in all honesty, i would have preferred to run the longer distance if not for Mr. Fasciitis, who have been a constant nuisance to my running.

The left heel was wicked sore the past 2 days prior to Sunday’s run but after taping it with KT Tape (courtesy of Betty) it worked out some of the kinks. The start was conservative and it was basically the same route as that of the Last Man Running race three weeks ago except that the 5k runners, after turning-around at Lawton had to turn back to McKinley Hills instead of going straight to Bayani Road.

This time, the hills worked to my disadvantage as i had to hike the last incline up towards Lawton Avenue which says a lot about my lack of fitness and training entering this race. I finished the race in a lackluster 31:30 but it was a conscientious effort on my part not to push it knowing that i might rouse the Fasciitis man from his slumber.

Still, i was glad to have run this race and more pleased that i have joined a thousand other runners in calling for greater protection of children and young people from sex trafficking from our country’s leaders and the global community. Kudos to the Race Directors and sponsors for a very-well organized run!

The warm-up led by DWSD Sec Dinky Soliman

The running nuns

Team Logan: Michelle, Justin and Craig


On our way out to Lawton Avenue (thanks to Rain for the photo)


500 meters to the finish (Photo by Rain O.)

After the race with Bb. Pilipinas International 2008, Trish Fernandez


L-R: Alfred, me, Trish, Ian (race Director) and Dhentz

Take 2


With actress/model/VJ Kat Alano

Photo Of The Week: The Running Sisters


For a few moments, i was staring at the footwear of these Nuns not too sure of what to make out of the different styles and brands. I guess one was wearing a nursing shoe, another was on trainers and the lady on the right seem to be a fan of the Mexican Huaraches sandals, close to barefoot running. But they all sure finished their 1.5K run… sandals, sneakers and race packets in tow!

Photo taken at the Race Against Human Trafficking last Sunday, March 13, 2011 at the McKinley Hills, BGC, Taguig.