Eating At Lorenzo’s Way

I must have eaten at this place a half dozen times, most of them after short, evening runs with friends or when i get to attend product launches which are sometimes held in this fine restaurant. There are plenty of fine Filipino restaurants within the Bonifacio Global City but this place takes it to a whole new level.

Lorenzo’s Way is one great fine dining resto, it has this classic touch, the place is visually nice and the food is top notch, Filipino style! I soon found at that Lorenzo’s Way is owned and operated by the same owners of Cafe Adriatico, Cafe Havana and Abe Restaurant, favorite hang-out of people who love good food.

You would feel at home here, even if you enter in your sweaty work-out shirt, shorts and dirty running shoes as the service staff are very welcoming on each customer and there’s the usual greetings as soon as they recognize you, if you’ve been frequenting the place.

Getting to the food, there’s the usual favorites which we often order like the Binukadkad na Pla-pla and the garlic chicken which are their specials! Lots of other dishes to choose from and i have listed below some of their other dishes offered in an event launch last week.

I would recommend this place for anyone who works or lives in Bonifacio Global City. It’s great for an evening or lunch get together, not your typically over-priced restaurant and the food here tastes so good!

Crispy Baby Squid

Nice to have a beer with this, crispy deep fried baby squids. Addicting as you munch on this while waiting for the main course. I prefer to dip this in garlicky vinegar instead of the chili sauce.

Bulalo Soup

Mini servings of beef shanks and bone marrow soup. Reminds me of Tagaytay’s authentic Bulalo.

Binukadkad na Pla-pla

The meat of this large Tilapia is sliced on both sides up to its head, just exposing the thorns and is deep-fried to perfection. Best served with soy sauce cum bits of onions and red chili or local vinegar sauce. The outside turned out really crispy, while the inside was tender and flavorful as you could taste all the flavorings in it!

Bamboo Rice

Fried rice with bits of chicken, mushroom and shrimps served in a short,  open bamboo pole. Just good for two people so you have to order some more if you’re more than two.

Braised Beef Short Ribs (Beef Calderata)

Large chunks of beef which is creamy while the tomato sauce is not too overbearing. Cooked with the usual carrots, potatoes and olives.

Spanish Garlic Chicken

The chicken here has been marinated, oven cooked with whole cloves of garlic that are sauteed in olive oil, mashed into small bits, and added back in towards the end of cooking. One of the best chicken recipes i have ever tasted! You can eat the garlic if you want but don’t forget to brush your teeth after!

Kangkong Lechon

Tender pork belly deep-fried and we had a rind that is crisp and puffed. Served together with sauteed adobong Kangkong (water spinach) and you have a winner!

Mild Gising-gising

Bicol vegetable dish made with ground pork, green beans, coconut milk and chilis. Great with steamed rice!

Banana Chocolate Volcano Cake

Dessert came in the form of a chocolate cake topped with roasted bananas, smothered with chocolate syrup and coffee creme sauce. A great dessert to end a meal!

Great Chow in Tanay: Ponkee’s Cafe

Just a little past the commercial area of the Sampaloc-Tanay Road and Marcos Highway in Tanay, Rizal is this dainty little eatery that serves a lot of delicious native dishes at very affordable prices!

It’s a great stop for a hearty breakfast or lunch after a long trail run on the mountain trails of Tanay. The place is rather small, a typical hole-in-the-wall neighborhood “carinderia” but the food is fantastic, like having lunch in a fancy restaurant with prices 3x cheaper! The food? Mucho sabroso!

It’s a bit cramped inside with three, 3-person tables at the most and 2 tables outside that you might find it hard to get a seat during their peak hours of lunch and merienda.

Having skipped lunch while me and running buddy Jun were still at it on the trails, we were invited by Alvin Balderama, Race Director of the PIMCO trail run races and arrived at this eatery at about 3pm, starving like a pack of wolves that we were ready to devour anything that was available.

That afternoon, they were preparing their merienda special for the day–home-made grilled hamburgers which were thick, juicy and sinfully tangy with a kick! It was so delicious that we had 2 orders each!


We also tried their baby back ribs which were thick and tender, marinated just right and juicy to the bones! You can just feel the tender pork had been simmering on the grill for a long time as the marinated sauces had soaked into the layers of the pork belly. It’s juiciness created a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness to the pork and showered the meat with rich barbecue flavor.

Baby back ribs

We also had a sample of their marinated chicken barbecue which was rich in sauce and with good amount of black pepper to give your taste buds a kick.

Their prices? Look at their menu below:

Cheap and delicious food

The place is presently being frequented by bikers, motorcycle riders and now runners who are ever-present running along the National Highway and of course, the trails.

If you’re in the area after finishing your trail runs or long road bikes to energize and replenish your bodies with delicious food, i highly recommend dropping by this place. You won’t regret it!

Ponkees is located near the intersection of Sampaloc-Tanay Road and Marcos Road, near the Flying V Gas Station. From the Sierra Madre Resort, drive past the Pranjetto Hills Resort and after 2.5 kms, turn right to Sampaloc-Tanay Road. The eatery is less than a kilometer on your left.

Soon To Open: 100 Miles Cafe At The BGC

The Bonifacio Global City continues to be a popular venue for road races every Sunday and finding a place to eat could sometimes be a chore, as there are lots of restos to choose from. The fast food joints are still the ones to go for a fast, no frills post-race fare although food options here are quite limited to the usual burgers, pancakes and value meals.

Coming up in a few days is a new restaurant called 100 Miles Cafe which will be located at the 2/f of Fort Pointe Building, just across Fitness First. A brainchild of Ultra runner Jael Wenceslao whose family (the Wesceslaos and Antipordas) are restaurateurs, this cafe will be an unassuming hang-out not only for runners but also for habitues who love good food.

A few weeks ago, i together with ultra runners Tin Ferrera and Alfred Delos Reyes  were invited by Jael to have a sampling of the dishes they will be serving-in at 100 Miles Cafe.

So here we are, sitting at another restaurant that Jael’s family own, the ORIANG, a newly opened eatery just outside the Market! Market! Mall where we are to sample a delectable array of dishes like their Seafood Salad, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccini, BBQ Spare Ribs, Fish Fillets and other great eats.

Their menu is extremely wide ranging, catering for everyone from the fuzzy veggie, various pastas for runners right up to the ravenous carnivore and it lives up to its promise.

Now, a word about the food. As a starter, we had the Bouillabaisse Soup which is suitably rich and creamy. Then i go with the Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccine which is spicy flavored with only a hint of sauce and is served with bread sticks.  Alfred relishes the Fajita Platter with strands of greens like lettuce and tomatoes while Tin has all the green salad to her liking.

An artist’s perspective of 100 Miles Cafe

I won’t go into the details anymore but i would recommend all the pastas in their menu and what runner doesn’t love pastas, anyway?

The other menu items are detailed below and i will be announcing in this blog when their doors will be open to the public. Bon Appetit!

Bouillabaisse Soup

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

BBQ Spare Ribs

Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccini

Seafood Salad

Your choice of dressings for the salad

Oglio Oglio Marina

Fajita Platter

Fish Fillet with Marsala Sauce

High Protein Noodle Soup

L-R: Jael Wenceslao, Tin Ferrera, Alfred Delos Reyes and moi.