Rexona Heavy Medal Run!

This is by far the only race that i got late at the start! Together with team mates Leo and Sylvia, we actually arrived at the Mall of Asia, 45 minutes before the 21k gun start but Leo had to make a stop-over at his condo which was a few hundred meters away to do some more of his morning ritual while Sylvia and i were jogging and stretching at the road in front of the building.

When Leo came back, we knew we had 15 more minutes before the start of the race so we hurried back, parked the car at a designated parking lot and walked to locate a porta-john for the last minute relief. We were about a hundred meters away from the starting line and when i was about to enter the portalet, the loudspeakers suddenly bursts into a long siren indicating the race had started! Dang! I saw a glimpse of the mass start and here i was all tensed-up, still inside the cubicle!

I hurried outside, sprinted to the starting line where marshals were waving at us to hurry up cross the starting mat. A full 5 minutes had passed since the start so me and a sprinkling of others who were also late tried to step up the pace and play catch up with the early starters.

No sooner had i reached 2 kms when i over-took a good part of the tail enders leading out to Buendia Avenue Extension towards Roxas Blvd. I had to weave my way out along that narrow side street perpendicular to Roxas Blvd and had to dodge the orange cones several times. At this point, i was now in the middle of the pack and slowed down to my regular groove.

I would say that the first 10kms was a bit crowded as we snaked our way with the other runners up those bridges along Roxas Blvd. but despite the traffic, race marshals did a fine job controlling the crowd and the traffic specially at the junction of Macapagal and Buendia Avenues. Nice to see those water bottle “grenades” again at the 10k mark which was handy enough for you to carry along the route.

Water bottle grenade

The route was quite familiar to me along this side of Macapagal Avenue all the way to the end of Seaside Boulevard and back, having ran this race last 2010. It was an absolute high seeing some friends on my way back, high-fiving, waving and all! Bananas were abundant and like the RU3 32k race the previous Sunday, many banana peels were still strewn along the route despite of the garbage chutes located near the water stations. When are runners going to learn?

Really felt very tired at the last 2 kms and i was just struggling to keep pace although i seem to get hold of a second wind during the last 300 meter straight before the finish which gave me more gas to overtake many runners. Another half-marathon done!

As with these Rexona races, the lootbags were more than substantial and the post race program was lots of fun, food and music!

Rexona loot bag contents

And i almost forgot the medal! Wow, this is one heavy metal, maybe the heaviest medal that i have ever received, a good 300 to 400 grams! It felt real heavy that you could use it as an assault weapon and  hammer it at the head of anybody who tries to inflict harm on you!:-)

The Rexona medal

Over-all, the race was superb, very-well organized (as expected) and let me say that these may be one of this year’s most enjoyable race, one to look forward to in 2013!

This coming Sunday will be the Adidas King Of The Road race and i’ll be running the 16.8k distance. There will be some other races scheduled for next month before finally getting on with the Run United Philippine Marathon on October 28.

Have a great run, you all!:-)

Here are the race results:

(Thanks to the great Running Photographers for the pictures!)

Rexona Run 2012: On September 23* at MOA!

*(Re-scheduled to September 23, 2012)

Recently, i was thinking about races organized by Runrio which had a great impact on runners in terms of enjoyment, after race festivities and the active support and participation of its main sponsor. Outside of the Unilab Run United Series, the race that comes to mind is the Rexona Run, sponsored by Unilever.

21k, hot sizzling route, it’s always an event to look forward to plus you get to bring home all of their underarm deodorants in all variants after the race! The race was often accompanied by some kind of post-race contests of adventure trips locally and abroad.

Well, this year’s race set this coming September 23, 2012 at the MOA will see another attraction when they present the 21k relay wherein 2 runners (both male or female or mixed) will run about 10.5kms each and vie for the 1st Rexona relay championship and win fabulous prizes.

Also, Pacers will be deployed to help runners achieve their running goals for the 21k Individual Category, 21k Relay and the 5KM race. For more of the pacer details or those who would like to volunteer to act as Pacers, check out the Runrio site on Facebook, here: or Vima Mendoza’s Kulit on the Run blog.

This will be another memorable race, one Unilever will undoubtedly put its all-out support and make all runners happy and sweet-smelling!

Here are the details of the race:

The launching of the Rexona 2012 Run with Coach Rio (Race Director) and Anne Remulla of Unilever

Rexona Run 2012 challenges you to outrun yourself

Prepare to push yourself to the limits when Rexona Run 2012 unfolds on September 23 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.  Presented by Rexona Men, the much-anticipated event promises to raise the bar even higher.  With a new category, more prizes and exciting features that will surely test the mettle of even the most seasoned runners.

Participants can choose from among three race categories: 5K, 21K Solo and for the first time ever, the 21K Relay.  The new category is designed to inspire 5K and 10K runners to raise their level by taking part in the more challenging 21K race, where a team of 2 runners will run a relay for them to finish the 21K distance.

Apart from cash prizes and medals for the top finishers, commemorative key chains will also be awarded to finishers who manage to beat the recommended finishing time for a challenge.  To qualify, 5K runners must cross the finish line 30 minutes after gun start at 6:20am, and all 21K participants need to finish within 2 hours at 7:00am.

To ensure that each participant keeps within their target finishing time, pacers shall be deployed for each race category.

Helping runners train and commit to a faster finishing time, Rexona Run 2012 has created the Rexona Run Outrun Yourself App, which can be downloaded for free via the Rexona Men Facebook page.  The app will help runners set a target time for the category to be run courtesy of a running playlist and occasional voice over as their time check, which they can listen to while training.  During the actual run, the app can also be used to help runners set their pace.

More than just promoting wellness through running, Rexona also strongly espouses the responsible running.  For Rexona Run 2012, trash bins will be placed in strategic locations so runners can properly discard used water bottles, sponges and other trash.  This gives runners a cleaner and more pleasant race route, now and in succeeding editions of Rexona Run.

“Each year, Rexona manages to raise the bar and this year will be no different.  We not only made this year’s race fun, exciting and safe, but we’re also introducing new developments that will surely inspire running enthusiasts, both professional and recreational types, to strive to outrun themselves,” says Rexona brand manager Anne Remulla.

Prizes for the top three finishers in the 21K Solo include Php 7,000 for first, 5,500 second and 4,000 for third, while the podium finishers in the 21K Relay take home Php 5,000 for first, 4,000 for second and 3,000 for third for each member of the team.  Top three finishers in the 5K category go home with Php 4,000, 3,000 and 2,000 for first, second and third placers, respectively

Registration is ongoing until July 29 at Riovana stores in Bonifacio Global City and Katipunan and Toby’s branches in Trinoma and SM Mall of Asia.  Online registrations are also accepted at from now until 12 midnight of July 22.

So this September, get ready to challenge and outrun yourself only at the Rexona Run 2012.

For more details, check out the Rexona Men Facebook page, visit www. or call/text the race hotline at +63927-347-7700 (Globe), +63929-717-8164 (Smart) or +632-887-6194 . (Press Release).

With the bloggers at the launch