Run United 1: Claiming of Race Packets at MOA

The long lines were a little bit daunting as i arrived at the Mall of Asia Activity Center at about half past noon yesterday to claim my RU1 Race Packet. The single line which snaked through more than half of the open area was about 150 meters long and at that moment, i was having second thoughts if i would still line-up and be among the crowd who would tough it out for the long wait!

Just as when i arrived…

One line and slowly moving

I saw co-bloggers of mine who i was with a few hours ago while attending Reebok’s new shoe line at the Glorietta in Makati huddled together as they were just waiting for a friend who was already lined up to get their packets for them. I asked other runners on how long they had been in line and said that they had been there for more than an hour already as the line was really moving at a snail’s pace.

The crowd gets bigger by the minute

The crowd by the time i left

Fortunately, i saw a good friend who was part of the organizing committee busy retrieving an entire running team’s individual packets and so i approached and asked him if he could just include my name on the team’s list. With a smirk on my friend’s face, he hesitantly agreed and in a few minutes, voila…my race envelope and a loot bag was already in my hands! Thanks buddy! You saved me an hour or two!

Race bib, visor, singlet and some small goodies

Had i thought of just returning today (Friday) or Saturday morning to retrieve the race packet, i know the more crowded it could get because of the week-end when many runners will be free from work or school!

So, two days to go and those running for this Sunday’s Run United 1 better get moving fast and claim their packets soon! The earlier, the better!

Here’s the details on how to claim your race envelopes:

Dear 2014 Run United 1 participants,

Please don’t forget to CLAIM YOUR RACE KITS for Run United 1. Strictly no claiming of race kits on race day, March 16.

Here are the details on how to claim your race kit:

• March 13-14 (Thursday-Friday) at the Music Hall, SM Mall of Asia from 10am-10pm
• March 15 (Saturday) at the Active Health Village (Block 16 Parking Lot), SM Mall of Asia grounds from 10am – 6pm only

What to bring:
• Print out of your confirmation email
• Valid IDs
• Signed waiver by the runner

If claiming someone else will claim for you, please make sure your representative has the following:
• Print out of confirmation email of the runner
• Signed waiver by the runner
• Letter of authorization
• Photocopy of the runners ID
• Photocopy of representative’s ID

Run United 1: A Great Opening Salvo!

I’m not one who wears his finishers’ shirt immediately after a race as i usually save the shirt to wear on a week-end visit to the movies or go out with friends on out-of-town trips. However, after last Sunday’s Run United-1 21k race, the spanking white and blue color combination shirt was so enticing that i immediately put it on after replacing my singlet and freshening-up. Seems i wasn’t alone who wore his prized shirt! Many others, specially the newbie runners were proudly wearing theirs and it showed in their faces, the thrill of finishing their first half-mary!

This probably would sum-up how worth it was running Run United’s first leg!

So here i am, 4 days late for this review and removed from all the excitement that was, i can now sit back and give my thoughts. This is the first Runrio Events trilogy and i have to give Rio and his staff 4.5 stars out of 5 on their level of organization.

I love that the start time was moved back to 4:30am, a little sacrifice for waking up early but a great way to avoid the heat of the sun now that summer has emerged. Me and my group of Betty, Tonet, Leo, Sylvia and Chito arrived at  about 4:00am so there was enough time for us to attend to last minute details, warm-up and have our laces tied-up with these small reflectorized tags which hardly made an effect in running the dark stretch of Kalayaan flyover and beyond.

The idea of a point to point course seems to be overdue and i was glad that they decided to trek-out a route that would finish 21k away from where you started. So BHS to MOA was a nice start…and finish! The route is one i have ran many times in the past although the still dark streets was a little bit restraining as runners were careful not to bump or step on anything that might cause them to trip. Buendia Extension was a bit chaotic as both runners and vehicles ran side by side with each other. I had to run outside the cones designated for runners as there was an ambulance blocking our path and hindered our paces.

The water tables were evenly spaced and all supplied ice cold water and Powerade sports drinks. The group supplied the first salvo of large bananas at Buendia Ext. just before Taft Avenue and even went as far as providing “taho” for whoever cared to get one. One drawback to these hydration stations in Buendia was that it lacked manpower as runners were made to wait for a few seconds to have their cups filled. A lady manning the station admitted that they were understaffed.

At the last 2 kms, i could already feel the heat setting in and boy was i glad that we started as early as we did or we would have been baked had this race started at 5am. At the finish, i got my medal and had no problem getting my swag of sports drinks and Finisher’s T-shirt although i would find out later that the shirts  have run-out specially for those who finished the race in 3 hours or more.

Over-all, RU1 was well-planned out, well worth the run and the hype that went to it. I’m all geared up to finish the trilogy and the marathon this October! See you at Run United-2!

Wearing our finishers shirt with pride as if we were wearing one for the first time.

The world of running is like one spinning wheel. We experience our high ones and dread being at the low end. But we were all feeling "high" after this race!

Celebration after the race! No pulling back this time!

Taken at Leo and Sylvia's condo near MOA

Run United-1, 2012 All Set

One of the most successful running series held last year, the Run United Race Series will once again hug the limelight with the staging of Run United-1, 2012. and will be held on March 4, with 500m, 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k race categories. All categories except for 21k will start and finish at the SM Mall of Asia while 21k will start at Bonifacio Global City and finish at SM Mall of Asia.

Runrio and Unilab have promised to make this year’s series more enjoyable and organized. Here are the details of the race:


The Run United 1 21km Finisher’s Medal is a unique medal by itself and at the same time is a unique part of a 3-piece puzzle made up of medals from the RunRio Trilogy/Run United Series legs. Register and Finish the 21km/21km/32km of legs 1/2/3 respectively and form the medal puzzle which is the 2012 unique RunRio Trilog/Run United Series Trilogy Puzzle!


10k Route

5k Route

21k Route.


The organizers will be providing a SHUTTLE SERVICE for 21km participants. The service will have the SM Mall of Asia as its pick-up point and will bring the 21km runners to the 21km starting line at the BGC. Why SM Mall of Asia as pick-up point? Consideration was given to 21km runners who may have other members of the family who will be running a shorter distance so SM Mall of Asia is a more feasible originating point. Besides, there are more available parking areas there than in BGC.

More details and mechanics for the Shuttle Service will be posted once available.


Baggage Services will be available at the BGC race area in the form of ROVING BAGGAGE SERVICE VANS which will be on standby prior to race start and will move to the SM Mall of Asia to bring these checked-in baggages to the designated Baggage Claim Areas.

Race Registration:

(Thanks to Bee Yen Soberano for the “love” poster)