RU2: As Far As The Eyes Can See

Yesterday morning, I was one of the runners who invaded the streets of Fort Bonifacio in Taguig and if running in the middle pack with 16,000 other runners either in front or behind you doesn’t carry you like a rushing wave of flood waters in a swelling river, then you might have just been a stunned spectator, amazed at the sheer volume of runners passing by you, non-stop.

The Unilab Run-United 2 race was indeed crowded but it moved along just fine. No jostling but it was sure noisy like one big party! It was one long, continuous line that probably stretched as far back as 3 kms, if you include the 2nd wave of 10k and the whole 5k runners which were running the same route during the first few kms (i’m just guessing here as I couldn’t see any diminishing tail-end).

Runner Invasion: Both lanes crowded somewhere here at the 5th km

Today’s experience was mixed. I went out with the first wave of 10k runners feeling great at 6:30 pace till about kilometer 7 when I took my first walk break and at about the U-turn on 5th Ave, I was feeling the signs of soreness in my heels and had to slow down a bit. I remember bringing some sports jelly beans stashed in my waist pack, took some with the Powerade at the last hydration station and it was an even cruise till the finish.

I’m sort of getting my groove back, maintaining a 7:00 min average pace even overtaking some struggling runners during the last kilometer. I wish the finish line area could be cleared of runners as crowds gathered just a few meters after the finish that makes it difficult to weave outside of the area.

Over-all, it was a great race and well organized although runners would surely welcome a different route next time as Runrio races have been using the same routes on their past races.

After the finish: Runners finding their way through the claim booth area

A tinge of green in a sea of blue

With the new father: Mark had to rush home after the race and bring his wife to the hospital for the scheduled delivery of their first baby. 24 hrs later, Mark is the the proud father of twins! Way to go, Mark!

Next Sunday, I’ll be running my first half-marathon distance for this year, the 2nd Avenue Earth Run. Yes, you read it right, my first for this year! Last year (2010) was a busy year for me, having finished 4 full marathons and about a dozen half-mary’s before Plantaar Fasciitis reigned in during the first half of this year.

I’m sort of edgy just thinking about it although I know I’ll be able to tackle the distance but still hoping that I don’t struggle too much and the pain on my heels doesn’t get ugly at the end. Betty, one of my running buddies will be pacing with me. She’s fast and furious so i hope she can control herself and doesn’t get away too far!

See you Sunday!

Unilab Run United 2: August 21, 2011

I was planning to be done with my chores for the night when i suddenly remembered about an August 21 date, well, aside from Ninoy Aquino’s death anniversary, a race i had previously registered already and forgot about amidst all the weekend schedule of fun runs and races.

The Unilab Run United 2, Runrio Leg 2 Series is slated to be one of the biggest race for the 3rd quarter of this year and i anticipate a mammoth crowd of runners at the starting line come race day at The Fort.

This race will be using the RE-USABLE Timing Chip that tracks your moves and performance, auto-feed status updated to your Facebook account as you pass the finish line and allow you to get race pictures and analysis of your performance during the run.

This timing chip can be re-used for the Unilab Run United 3 Race and for future Runrio events.

I’m so looking forward to running this race and here’s hoping the skies will open up with some light sunshine. Rains not allowed here this time!

Check out the poster above that contains all the info for this month’s premier race.