A Sneak Peek: The Trails Of The Salomon Run 2012

Tagaytay Highlands Resort in Tagaytay City seems like the sort of runners’ paradise that you just put-on a running shoe, venture outside and run anywhere your eyes (and feet) will take you. I most specially love its peaceful ambiance with its slightly cool weather and soft breeze. The roads are wide and open and its hard to get lost even when you venture on long distances.

My experience running on these roads are still vivid, if not spectacular and last November’s Nathan Ridge Run was one of the best road races of 2011! Read my experiences here–>  part-1, part-2 and race.

Yesterday was my first time to set on their trails and they offer a different story as they’re mostly un-tapped, isolated and far removed from any activity, except perhaps as an exit route for the isolated dwellers who venture out for their needs in the city.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by the Primer Group led by Janice Tanada (Brand Manager), Mariel Flores and Laira Legazpi, the same group that staged the Nathan Ridge Run last November to test run the new trails they have mapped for the forthcoming Salomon Trail Run this coming March 31, 2012. The test run was done yesterday, March 17.

I was with about 12 other running bloggers together with some members of the Philippine Skyrunning Association and we were led into some of the roughest terrain, mainly dirt and gravel trails with 
some overgrown bushes and grassy sections. The route was mostly technical, with a lot of challenging rocky, single-track trails, and 
rolling asphalt paths for a change of pace.

The conditions on the trails can be a little more harsh if it would rain and get muddy as some of the sections were at the time but otherwise, the trails are just lovely. We were only made to run the first 6kms of the route which were mostly on trails but if you’re running the 24k race, trails will comprise about 80% of the route.

The actual race is will start and end at the amphitheater of Tagaytay Highlands and according to Janice, the 24 km race course is the toughest race course ever set up in Tagaytay Highlands.

The magnet for this particular trail run on March 31 must have been so overwhelming that all 1,000 slots for the 6k, 12k and 24k have been sold out, as revealed to us by Janice! So if you’re one of those fortunate runners to register early and are running on these trails on the 31st, here’s a sneak peak for what’s in store for you. I’ll see you there!

On the way to the trails

Passing by one of the last rest houses before our descent began

The trail starts here

Voyage unto the wilderness

Run! That's what we did in the beginning and CJ shows how

The Running Atom (Pedz) moving in his short-shorts

Bob and Banjo watching their steps on a series of downhills

Nice to have those shades when runners most need it. It was blazing hot outside

Most of the trails were single-tracks, from soft ground to the very technical surfaces

On one of the open spaces somewhere along the mountain ridges

Nice way to commune with nature

Janice (r) of Salomon Philippines with teammate enjoying a break

Philippine Skyrunners Assoc.

A narrow path just covered with leaves. Don't run if you're not sure where your threading

Taking some pics just before tackling those uphills

Taking a break with a view of the village below

Another view over-looking another residential village

Past coconut husks

The Salomon recon team

No end to those rolling trails

Banjo leading the charge

Another rough road to pass

Among the mostly single-track trails

You won't miss this view at KM3.5

A break before heading home

The Running Atom wears his Salomon shirt proudly. Team Diadora, take note!:-)

Lunch waiting for us at the Club House

With our charming tour guide at Tagaytay Midlands

24k Race Route