The Saucony Kinvara-3 Comes To Manila

Within only the first 3 years since its introduction, the Saucony KINVARA series has been an overwhelming success in the world of minimalist running shoes winning various industry awards for their innovations, new technologies and favorite sports shoes in the running world.

Similar to the popularity of Saucony’s once revered old model, the JAZZ, the KINVARA has been well received, not only from the minimalist shoe enthusiasts but also to the majority of runners seeking a well-balanced, all-purpose running shoe. The Kinvara and the Kinvara-2 have accumulated a long list of following and it has maintained its fine performance and dependability.

Now comes its 3rd iteration, the KINVARA-3 which is now made available in the Philippines.

I was able to attend this shoes’ launching a few days ago and from the looks and feel of it, having tested it for a few strides at the Riovana Store, i think many are going to love its fit, looks and responsiveness.

I’m really tempted to get a pair but while still contemplating to do so, here’s a short write-up of the shoe taken during its launching:

The Saucony Kinvara-3

Saucony launches the award winning KINVARA – 3

Industry’s Most Highly Anticipated Shoe of the Season is now in the Philippines

Today, Saucony unveils the all-new Kinvara 3, the industry’s most highly anticipated shoe of the season and the third update to the brand’s award-winning natural motion running shoe.  Saucony continues to inspire runners to find their personal “strong” through running with the much-anticipated arrival of Kinvara 3.  The all-new Kinvara 3 is the third edition of the iconic Kinvara, a minimalist shoe that is renowned for being lightweight and highly responsive.

Of all the shoes released by Saucony, runners and retailers are especially excited by the new Kinvara 3,” said Chris Lindner, chief marketing officer for Saucony. “The Kinvara was among the first natural motion running shoes available in the marketplace and positioned Saucony as an industry leader in the category. The Kinvara 3, an even better technical running shoe than its predecessors, delivers more than a great shoe: It inspires an incredible running experience. People just can’t wait to get it on and go.”

Saucony is a top name in running, an authentic performance footwear brand.  Throughout the years, Saucony has become legendary with its trailblazing innovations and cutting-edge technological expertise, including pioneering the minimalist shoe category – the buzz in the running community today.

Kinvara 3: So Much Technology, So Little Shoe

The next-generation Kinvara, weighing only 7.7 ounces (based on a men’s size 9), is a performance training shoe with a 4mm heel-to-toe offset that positions the runner’s foot during impact in a way that creates a greater range of motion than traditional running shoes (with a 12mm heel-to-toe offset) for the Gastrocnemius-Soleus-Achilles tendon system, allowing for a more powerful running stride.

Taken during the launching

Saucony has taken the Kinvara 3 to a whole new level with a precision engineered upper that is lighter and more flexible thanks to FlexFilm™ technology, a lightweight, highly dynamic flexible film affixed onto the breathable mesh upper that secures and stabilizes the foot throughout the gait cycle. Memory Foam heel pods in the collar ensure an ultra-secure ride.

Saucony’s high abrasion EVA exposed foam midsole allows for lightweight protection underfoot, while maximizing rebound and flexibility. After studying wear patterns on thousands of test shoes, Saucony adjusted the outsole design on the new Kinvara 3 to increase durability and promote an even smoother transition.

XT-900 carbon rubber pods were strategically placed on parts of the Kinvara 3’s outsole for enhanced durability without adding weight. The reengineered outsole includes a beveled heel to better facilitate a natural rolling movement from heel to toe.

About the Award-Winning Kinvara

The Saucony Kinvara, launched in early 2010, has been recognized with numerous industry awards including: 

“Best Debut” (Runner’s World magazine, Summer 2010);

“Gear of the Year” (Outside magazine, Fall/Winter 2010);

“Best Shoe in the Performance Category” (The Running Network, Fall 2010);

 “Best Debut” (Endurance Sports Media Group, Fall 2010);

“Best Buy”- Kinvara 2 (Runner’s World Awards 2011);

“Best Update”- Kinvara 3 (Runner’s World UK 2012), among others.

Available now at RIOVANA BHS and Katipunan Ave. Stores

Distribution outlets

The Kinvara 3 is available in specialty run retailers and major department stores nationwide. It retails at about P4, 590.00.

With Jojo P and Pedz (photo by Jojo Pauly)

For more information, go to or follow SauconyPH on Twitter.

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Shoe Review: Saucony Progrid Ride 3



  • Recommended for neutral and efficient runners looking for a well-cushioned shoe for long training runs
  • Made and designed for long distance runners of moderate weight
  • Weight: 11.5 oz.

During last year’s 2010 KONA IRONMAN World Championships, a survey was done on which brand of running shoe was most worn by its participants. The survey showed that SAUCONY shoes came in a close 3rd (198) behind NEWTON shoes (second at 204) and ASICS (464) which topped the list. (Check here for the complete survey: (

The survey shows the popularity of Saucony as a reliable and one of the most sought after running shoe around. Save for the 80s era wherein the first incarnation of the brand was available locally, at present, it has barely found its niche in the country except for one model, the KINVARA which is available exclusively at “A Runner’s Circle” (arunnerscircle) store in Manila.


As with their other popular models, the ProGrid Ride 3 uses their exclusive Heel ProGrid midsole cushioning that absorbs the hardest impact and efficiently dissipates shock for a smooth transition. The cushioning is also evident in the forefoot with its SRC (Super Rebound Cushioning) that provide a smooth toe-off and increased shock absorption.

Its upper is made of its Hydrator Collar Lining, Saucony’s performance fabric with its wide airmess that brings comfort and breathability while its outsole is called XT-900, a carbon rubber outsole material that offers excellent traction system without sacrificing durability.


The original ProGrid RIDE (1) is by far, my best running shoe ever! It had my exact fit, a 9&1/2, 2E width, great cushioning and had an excellent plush ride. It had about 1,000kms on it and had worn them exclusively on races from 5k to the marathon. Unfortunately, i had to retire them after the Camsur International Marathon last year as i felt it already outlived its usefulness and felt the cushioning has sagged considerably.

Saucony RIDE


I somehow missed its update, the ProGride Ride 2, having worn other brands in the interim, but i would say that RIDE 3 comes very close to the original RIDE. Like its grandfather, the RIDE 3 has still that sublime feel: the multiple density midsole is sufficiently cushioned for long runs but its spry enough to be able to rev-up for faster paced work outs like tempo runs and fartleks.


The ProGrid Ride 3 lived up to its expectations. The ultimate test came during last December 27, 2010 Rizal Day Run when it endured the full 32k distance for the first time. Running on relatively new shoes takes a while in getting used to but the cushioning was ample during the long haul, the fit remained snug even if they were half size bigger at size 10 (if no 2E width is available, i always get a half-size bigger), the heel cup felt secure and the forefoot was accommodating but not baggy.

Felt a little rubbing-off underneath my forefoot which i thought would lead to blisters but it wasn’t the shoes but the culprit was the tight fitting new socks i was wearing. After the race, no blisters occured, though.


Highest and best use is for long training runs or long races like the marathon and ultra-marathons.


Another great one from Saucony! I had bounced around a couple of other shoe brands but i still come back for this particular model mainly because of its over-all fit and the very pleasant ride it gives with nary a discomfort feeling whatsoever. Moreover, they’re a good combination of comfort and stability.

Post Marathon Blues

Finally, i was able to complete a solid 5km run this morning after a week of lethargy. Compounded by continous runs immediately after my Camsur Marathon, giving no rest a chance, this craziness was finally brought to a stop after a binge of marathon drinking last Sunday to celebrate with my running buddies our respective accomplishments, sharing it with ultra runner Mel Severino who also finished the PAU P2P 50k Ultrarun. The effect: Over fatigued and severe dehydration.

After 5 days of no running, i felt exhillarated just to be able to resume that short and easy 5k run.

With the Camsur Marathon behind me, i felt bound to reflect and regret the post-effects this race has brought to me: Making the mistake of running the same pace and intensity i did during my pre-Camsur preparations when the simplest and most sensible thing to do was to take it easy and rest it out. I just wanted to reassure myself that i’ve recovered and must run continually to maintain my level of fitness for next December’s QCIM, which is 8 weeks from now. Big mistake! I should have listened to friends who advised: “Back off!”

That said, all notions of speed work; intervals, tempo runs are now in the back seat. Hello jogging again!

I’m finally retiring my old, tested and my feet’s best friend, the Saucony Progrid Ride from racing which had served me well over the last 21 months. It has been my racing shoe for most of my races, from the 5k to the marathon.

I’ve re-computed its mileage and didn’t realize that it has logged a total of 880 kms already. I felt its cushioning has waned during the Camsur Marathon, the thread of the outsoles has worned-out and i think it has already exceeded its racing life.

It would now be relegated to my walking jaunts and maybe on very short jogs, as well.

I’ll be re-joining my running buddies this Sunday for a moderate to long run but i doubt i’ll be able to handle any long distance yet. So, i’m backing off a little.


See you on the roads!

Shoe Review: Saucony Triumph 6

I’ve been a Saucony shoe disciple since i first started running during the early 80’s and wrote about them on a previous blog (my-first-running-shoes/). As mentioned, i’ve been wearing three models alternately, the PROGRID TRIGON 5 which i wear solely for my long runs (LSD), the PROGRID RIDE which i use exclusively for races from the 10k up to marathon distances and the GRID SINISTER, which is more of a racing than a training flat which i use for short, fast-paced runs or on 5k race distances.
I’m partial to these shoes because of its reliability and perfect snug fit. Besides, they’re also durable (I’ve worn the old Jazz model for more than 1,000 kms) while the pillowy cushioning is constant and gives me a lot of stability too.
A few weeks ago, i finally received my birthday present from Vina, another gracious sister-in-law, a Saucony PROGRID TRIUMPH 6 which she purchased last December and was only able to bring it last month during her short stay here in Manila. She left it in my daughter’s dorm in Katipunan Avenue and i came to pick it up one morning.
I put it on right there and then and as expected, i immediately felt its snug fit. I took it out for a run around UP campus for about 30 minutes and it felt very light, the cushioning was perfect and it was responsive. I’ve since used it in a couple of short training runs and raced on it during the Mizuno Infinity 5k Race and last Sunday’s 21k Earth Day Run where i ran personal bests in both.
The best compliment i can pay to the Triumph 6 is its very easy transition from a training to a racing shoe as it felt very comfortable, secure and didn’t overheat nor experienced any irritation while racing in it. I wish Saucony would be made available locally again as it’s one of the more popular and well received shoe brands in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere. 

Saucony Pro Grid Triumph 6


Category Type:  NEUTRAL+
Neutral + shoes provides increased cushioning for maximum shock absorption.

Features & Benefits:

  • Arch-Lock: Provides snug midfoot fit
  • Full-Length ProGrid: Absorbs impact, dissipates shock and provides a seamless transition from heel through forefoot
  • HRC Strobel Board: Increases cushioning and comfort
  • Impact Interface: Cushions and isolates heel impact
  • Lightweight mesh upper: Ventilation and breathability
  • SRC Impact Zone: Provides shock absorption and a smooth transition
  • XT-900 outsole: A carbon rubber outsole material that offers exceptional traction properties without sacrificing durability

  • Predecessor Product Type:  ProGrid Triumph 5
  • Shock Absorption: Heel and Forefoot|ProGrid|Forefoot|SRC|
  • Toebox Width: Wide
  • Shoe Construction: STROEBEL
  • Midsole Material: Compression Molded EVA|
  • Outsole Material: Carbon Rubber|
  • Upper Material: Mesh W/Synthetic Leather Trim|
  • Country of Origin: China

My First Running Shoes

If it weren’t for their prohibitive price, runners won’t mind buying multiple pairs of running shoes as it’s the most essential gear a runner would like to stock in their arsenal. Most serious runners own at least 3 or 4 pairs. Having at least this minimum allows them to wear them alternately on each run so that no shoe would get over-used, thus prolonging the wear-life of each shoe.

Shoes can be huge investments but that’s worth it because it provides protection from the different surfaces you run on, gives cushion to lessen impact with every strike your feet makes and offer correct support to your ankles and lower limbs thus, lessening the prospects of an injury.

SAUCONY (Circa 80s)

Way back in the 80s when i first started running, the first running shoes i bought were the Saucony ‘Shadow’ and the Saucony ‘Jazz’. Yes, during those times, the Saucony brand was readily available locally. i got mine from SM Cubao for about P600.00/pair. For me, these shoes provided the perfect fit, cushioning and stability any runner could ask for.

One drawback is that it didn’t have the “looks” or wasn’t stylish enough to show them off to others, particularly the ‘Shadow’ model. Unlike an Adidas or Nike shoe which had nice styles (pang porma), the maroon colored ‘Shadow’ had a wide forefoot and high toe box which were curved upwards. It has a flat, bulky front tip that resembles an english bulldog, thus i called it my “bulldogs”. it resembled like a Dutch wooden shoe and the shape looked something like this:


It was so unattractive that when you wear it in malls, people would stare at it and look at you as if you were some kind of geek wearing a miniature bulldog shoe! Friends would rib me whenever they see me wearing it. The color (maroon) didn’t help as well. (Dog lovers might find them appealing, though. They might even approach you, go down on their knees then pat and caress the shoe with affection).

The Original Jazzjazz-orig1

But hey! It’s function as a running shoe goes beyond expectation! It scored well in the stability, cushioning and durability aspects and that’s what matters most. It’s a great shoe for running outdoors and not for strolling on a leash inside malls. The ‘Jazz’ model is more conventional in shape but with the same great fit and feel of the ‘Shadow’.

About 7 years ago, i was gifted with the same original Jazz model by a dear sis-in-law and used it alternately with my other trainers. As with all life in this planet, it has fully served its purpose but before it gasped for its last breath, it parted with its last few words that it would be incarnated to two new versions, the “Jazz 11” and the “Jazz 12”. Michelle, take note.

SAUCONY (Circa 2009)

At present i’m using two of their newer models, the “Grid Sinister” and the “Grid Rider”. The ‘Sinister’ is a lightweight trainer, light enough to be a racing shoe. The cushioning is satisfactory although they could have added more under the ball of the foot. It has a very airy mesh seamless upper which made every runs comfortable. The fit is snug and is more adaptable for fast paces like tempo runs or intervals at the track. i recommend this shoe for efficient light weight runners who often do fast paced running or racing.


The “Grid Sinister’


Trying it out

The “Grid Rider” is more to my heavier build. It has superb cushioning and adequate stability. It’s great for long runs and adapts well for both roads and trail. The shoe is likewise light but with good support. It’s very comfortable that you can run with these trainers forever!


The Saucony Pro-Grid Ride


June’s favorite type of shoe, the “Trail Shoe”

I still run with my other battered trainers of different brands. While brand is not important, it’s finding the right shoe that fits well, provides adequate support, helps you avoid injury and one that enhances your running efficiently…that’s the most essential.

It’s the Sauconys that adjust well and give comfort to my feet. Should appearance matter too? It shouldn’t matter a bit. Should the original “Shadow” rise up from its grave and make a comeback, i wouldn’t hesitate a bit to run on them once again because of its superior features as stated above…on the roads or maybe in the mall.

(thanks to Dal, my bro-in-law for the great trainers you sent by. Salamat, bro!)