Shoe Review: Sketchers Resistance Runner (SRR)


  • Originated from their walking and cross-training shoes which falls under their “Shape-Ups” technology.
  • The SRR is now their running/jogging shoe which was introduced recently.
  • Uses Kinetic Wedge technology
  • Weight: About 14-15 oz.

A running shoe? Seriously!

So, what’s a shoe brand known for leisure-walking doing on these pages? Frankly at first, i wasn’t sure what to make of this shoe except that it’s price, at P6,295.00 (US$143.00) a pair really took me by surprise. It’s Sketcher’s version of a running shoe, the Resistance Runner. I was fortunate enough to be given one from Sketchers Philippines and i took it from their store in Market! Market!, Taguig. The shoe came in a large box with a monitor-like illustration of its features, an extra shoestring and a pamphlet.

Having ran on them a number of times, mostly on leisurely runs, i might say that i have a good grasp of what this shoe can do and what it isn’t. So, this is going to be a short review.

The shoe has a rocker bottom, a wedge that’s similar to a rocking chair and putting them on first then standing still, you feel the sway once you move your body and tilts your feet in different directions which kids would surely enjoy doing.

But all this rocking and swaying dissipates as soon as you start running. The wedge on the heel part is so curved that you’d think that it was overly cut-off. Immediately, i notice that i was landing on my mid foot and the spring back up when you push from your forefoot is very evident, propelling the body into the next stride easily. You get accustomed to the feel and find yourself landing naturally on your arch or mid-foot.

When your mid-foot lands on the ground, you feel the springy soft midsole kick-back which they call the “kinetic spring system.”


  • Ultra-light injection molded kinetic footbed
  • Kinetic Return System
  • Resamax Kinetic Wedge technology
  • High-Abrasion, ultra-light rubber outsole


The SRR offers a nice fit, a bit roomy inside and as mentioned earlier, the rocker-feel comes into play which keeps your legs in constant motion even when standing still.

The forward motion is excellent as you feel going into stride smoothly with some forward bounce. Likewise, the midsole is very cushiony and the spring-like effect is palpable, specially on easy runs.


While the ride is smooth and cushiony, one of the main drawback of this shoe is its heavy weight, which feels that you’re dragging combat boots while on fast-paced running. Because of the weight, i felt my feet and my legs fatigued in less than 30 minutes of running.

Moreover, there is not much ventilation inside the shoe as i felt the heat accumulating even if i was wearing light socks.


While there are good things going on for this shoe like its wedge technology and kinetic spring system, the SRR is definitely NOT for fast-paced running nor is it for long distance runs. The shoes are far too heavy and heat accumulates easily inside for lack of ventilation. This is not an ideal shoe for the serious runner.

However, the SRR is a good alternative shoe for leisurely jogs of less than 5 kms and perfect as a walking-shoe. It’s also an excellent wear for recovering after a marathon or an ultra-marathon.



Roam At The Nightfest Run

From the organizers of the highly successful Runfest last July, the Grand Fiesta Run at Newport City and the San Mig Run among many others, LEADPACK is again spearheading another race dubbed as the Nightfest Run, co -sponsored by, Sketchers Running Shoes and magnolia Pure Water on April 09, 2011.

LEADPACK is composed of Ian Alacar, Jinoe Gavan, Doc Lyndon Cosico, Ben Alacar and a hosts of others.

The race will be held at the Filinvest in Alabang, Muntinlupa City and will feature a 5k and 10k race starting at 6:00PM. Part of the proceeds will go to the Runners On A Mission (ROAM), a foundation to support disabled children or those with special needs.

The registration is limited to 2,000 participants only. I was able to attend their press launching last Monday and was pleased to know that the beneficiaries, ROAM is headed by Missionaries and runners Craig and Michelle Logan who are regulars in the running scene with their disabled child, Justin in tow on a stroller.

Here are the details of the race. Hope to see you there.


Race organizer, Jinoe Gavan of and Leadpack explaining the mechanics

With Craig and Michelle Logan of Runners On A Mission Foundation (beneficiaries of the run), Carina and Gail

With officials of Sketchers Philippines

The Story Of Runners On A Mission (ROAM)

Craig and Michelle Logan have been serving with Arise and Shine Philippines for over 22 years.  In 2001 they adopted Justin, who has special needs.  Justin had bacterial meningitis when they got him as a baby.  The couple spent many months in the hospital that first year fighting to save Justin’s life.

Through it all, Craig and Michelle’s prayer was that Justin’s life would make a difference and fulfill the purpose that God intended for him.  After his recovery, the couple started Justin in physical and occupational therapy at home, and thus was the start of Justin’s long road to recovery.


Team Logan (Pic from Craig's FB)

It was while talking with the therapists during the many hours of Justin’s therapy that Craig and Michelle realized there were so many other children out there that did not have access to therapy.  There are so many needs that a special child has and this can be overwhelming for parents who may not even have enough for basic needs.

Craig and Michelle  had a desire to help other families and children with special needs but did not know how they could help since Justin’s own needs were quite overwhelming.  Over the years, Justin has been blessed by others donating standing frames, wheel chairs, braces and many other items to help with his therapy needs.

All the therapy has definitely paid off for Justin.  He may not be able to walk or talk but he has come a long way.  He loves to smile and to hug and kiss anyone who comes near.  So the question became…How can the Logan family share all the blessings they have received with others?  That’s how the idea for “Runners On A Mission” was born.

Team Logan first came on the scene in 2006.  At first the “team” consisted of Craig and Justin until Michelle was inspired to join the team and make it a family affair.  Team Logan started out just joining a few of the bigger races, not knowing of any others.  In 2008, they joined and found that they could run in more races than their feet could take them!

Running had become a popular sport in the Philippines.  Team Logan’s desire has always been to inspire other families with special needs children to realize their child’s full potential.  They have met others along the way that have that same desire.  Some have even brought their children out to join races.

Along the way, Team Logan realized that it’s through their running that they can help meet the needs of other special needs children in the Philippines.  That is where “Runners On A Mission” comes in.

Team Logan/Runners On A Mission have teamed up with Dr. Francis Xavier Dimalanta, a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician here in the Philippines.  He is the President of Cerebral Palsy Philippines Inc. and started his own therapy center in 2003 called “A Child’s D.R.E.A.M. Foundation” in his hometown of Baguio City.

Dr. Dimalanta’s desire to help children is deep as he has spent years of his life sharing with and encouraging parents and children who are in desperate need of his help.