Soleus Launches Signature Series Watch Collection in the Philippines

Running has always been a relief and a sanctuary—something that makes me feel good, both physically and mentally. For me it’s not so much about the health benefits. Those are great, but I believe that the best thing about running is the joy it brings to life.” –Kara Goucher

I have always followed Kara Goucher’s’s amazing feats as she is one of the most accomplished American female distance runner for the past 15 years. The two-time Olympian is mostly described as tough because of her awesome achievements, her ability to come back after a series of injuries during her peak years. Lately, Goucher is continuing her extreme gift of marathon running into a balance of training, rest, healthy eating and more training… inspiring others to do the same.

Her major accomplishments:

Marathon PR: 2:24:52 (Boston, 2011)

Best trials qualifier: 2:30:24 (Los Angeles, 2016)

Most recent marathon: 4th, 2:30:24, 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials

Residence: Boulder, Colorado

Age : 38

Previous Olympic trials results: third, 2012 marathon; second, 2008 10,000 meters; first, 2008 5,000 meters

Celebrating the pursuit of the Rio Olympics 2016, Kara in collaboration with other Soleus Elites, Alysia Montano, and Nick Symmonds, has debuted a special edition collection designed Soleus watches.

While the Soleus GPS One is a minimalist watch, “it has everything you need and nothing you dont”, as its catchphrase suggests. It’s a simple watch with not much frills but delivers what it does best, accurately track your speed and distance. And what better way to maximize it’s potential than to collaborate with elite sponsored American athletes on a signature series collection that is designed by elite runners for world-class and newbie runners.

The Soleus Signature Kara Goucher GPS One has a stunning red, white and blue interface with Kara’s signature at the back that represents the American flag. The Soleus GPS One has all the technology many runners need..a reliable GPS provides you via a simple user-interface with accurate pace and distance information. Moreover, this watch is water resistant, and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Though it doesn’t upload data, you still can keep an old-fashioned work-out diary which Kara does. Aside from pace, distance and speed, it also measures calories burned, stores lap data and has a 100-hour chronograph capabilities.

After several years of constant use with various Soleus GPS watch models, the Sara Goucher GPS One Signature series packs the usual important features of a GPS watch; an accurate recording of average pace and run distance, long battery life and now a great color design which is plenty suitable for all-day wear. Great running watch at a very low price of P4,950.00 available at all L-Time Studio Stores and TIMEGEAR Boutiques!






You can get these special signature series at all L-Time Studio Stores and TIMEGEAR Boutiques!

Soleus GO Activity Tracker Launched

David Arnold, Founder and CEO of Soleus Watches launches the Soleus GO Activity Tracker last week at the 100 Miles Cafe at BGC

Everything about this activity tracker screams “hi-tech,” from sleep pattern tracking, to calories burned, to an incoming call/text alert via Bluetooth and set goals not only for sleep but also steps, exercise, calories burned and distance all at the touch of a button!

The Soleus GO Activity Tracker

I recently got hold for testing the Soleus GO Activity Tracker with its excellent and wide ranging ability to track your everyday activity in real time. It records daily activity and sleep efficiency, comes with a supremely well-designed mobile app for your smart phone, feels comfortable around the wrist, includes a vibrating silent alarm, and updates you while you are asleep!

The clincher to the Soleus GO Activity Tracker is that it syncs with your Android or iPhone with an excellent mobile application that is easy to read and understand. The app shows your sleep patterns through the visual graphics including total hours slept, sleep quality and the percentage of goal reached.

It has a dedicated exercise mode that counts every step you do and will measure the duration, distance and pace of your workout on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so that you can reach your goals and stay on track with your fitness regimen. All that and more…


  • Screen:  1″ low power OLED display
  • Materials:  Silicone, Nylon, Stainless Steel
  • Strap Choices:  Black, Pink, White
  • Size: Comfortably fits 145 mm – 190 mm wrists
  • Sensors:  3D Motion Accelerometer
  • Connectivity:  Blue Tooth 4.0 LE
  • Data Capacity:  10 Exercise/ 10 Sleep Files
  • Battery Life:  1 week per charge (avg)
  • Battery Capacity:  90mAh
  • Charger:  USB Power adapter
  • Dimensions:  73.5mm x 16.6mm x 8.5mm
  • Weight:  1 oz (26g)

March 11, 2014 – Manila – SOLEUS, the premiere sports watch and GPS Company in the performance and fitness markets, is thrilled to announce the debut of the Soleus GO! the most comprehensive fitness tracker currently on the market.

The Soleus GO! tracks more than just your everyday activities with a real time crisp, organic OLED display. It is with you all the time to motivate, keep you on track and inform you of all activities, even during sleep. Included with the Soleus GO! Platform is a robust mobile app that allows you to sync all of your activities directly to your IOS supported device.

The Soleus Go has the following features:

  • – Time/ Date Organic LED (OLED) Display
  • – 3D Accelerometer
  • – Distance Travelled (Miles/KMs)
  • – Average Pace/Speed
  • – Step Counter
  • – Calories Burned
  • – Sleep Pattern Tracking
  • – Fitness Goal Tracking
  • – Vibration Alerts
  • – Wake up Alerts
  • – Incoming call/ text alerts
  • – Move Time
  • – Weather/ Temperature
  • – Silicone Band
  • – Popper Plate Closure
  • – Rechargeable Battery

This feature will allow you to log your daily activity so all of your data is easily accessible. The wireless sync will also help you to never miss a text message or phone call with automatic caller ID and text messaging notification via Bluetooth connectivity directly to your Soleus GO! Band.

The Soleus GO! measures, tracks and informs you on the most important aspects of your daily life with immediate, clear precision. The Daily Activity Tracking allows you to set a goal and track your progress by measuring steps taken and calories burned. It also allows you to set a move time notification with a vibration alert if you want to incorporate activity after a certain amount of time.

Inspired from Soleus’s leadership position in the performance and fitness markets, a feature unique to Soleus is a built-in Exercise Mode to track your speed, distance and pace separate from the Daily Activity Tracking. The Real Time Smart Wearable Technology feature keeps you informed of the temperature and weather alerts along with incoming calls and text messages.

Even as you sleep, Soleus GO! is tracking your sleep pattern including how many times you were awake and recording both your REM and light sleep. This feedback is invaluable to understanding how much REM sleep you need to feel well throughout the day and for exercise recovery. The auto and manual sleep timer will also awake you through a vibration alert if you set the silent wake-up alarm.

The Soleus GO! Application is customizable and saves your user data: gender, age, height and weight and constantly synced through your Bluetooth device. All of your customized goals will be recorded, stored and displayed for you at real time. The summary of these details can be viewed daily, weekly or monthly through bar graphs that display your recorded activity.

“At Soleus, we started the company around meeting the needs of the athlete with quality performance and style at an affordable cost, said David Arnold, Founder and CEO of Soleus. Our core values are attributed to supplying athletes the most advanced tools they need to achieve their goals.

At the same time, we want to help people everywhere enhance their life with activity. We spent a lot of time and research to develop the most comprehensive activity tracker that monitors and records the most important aspects of daily life while incorporating the wearable technology features for everyone on the ‘go’.”

The Soleus Go! will be available for selling at L TIMESTUDIO and TIMEGEAR boutiques by March 15, 2014. SRP is P7,450.00 and includes the Soleus GO! BandUSB Charging Cable, and Dedicated Mobile App

To learn more about Soleus, and their full range of products, please, friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @soleusrunning (PRESS RELEASE)

Soleus GPS Gets Connected Via Strava


Hello, Soleus GPS users! You can now get connected via STRAVA.

Soleus Sync software allows you to sync the activity from your Soleus GPS device with your Strava account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free at If you have any issues downloading our using Soleus Sync, please visit our FAQ page for troubleshooting help.

Strava is a company that lets athletes all over the world experience social fitness – sharing, comparing and competing with each other’s personal fitness data via mobile and online apps.

Currently focused on the needs of avid runners, Strava lets you track your runs via your iPhone, Android or dedicated SOLEUS GPS device to analyze and quantify your performance. Strava makes fitness a social experience, providing motivation and camaraderie even if you’re exercising alone.

Share with us your experience and let us know of your comments.


Moments With Soleus

The GPS Fit 1.0 and other Soleus GPS Watch Launch. With the blogging ambassadors

When Soleus Watch Founder and President David Arnold visited the Philippines about 2 years ago to introduce his first ever Soleus GPS watch, little did he know that it would make a tremendous impact here in the local running community. It enabled many runners to buy a very affordable GPS watch offering an alternative to those who couldn’t afford other, more expensive sports watches.

I was fortunate enough to be one of those first recipients of the GPS 1.0, thanks largely to Ms. Judith Staples, the maverick Sales and Marketing Manager of Truegears Marketing and for the past two years, this watch have been my guide to my training and racing. It’s a simple, no frills watch which had a sensitive GPS receiver, measures distance, pace and speed, calories burned and all the basic requirements needed by average runners like me. At about P5,500 a pop, it’s the most affordable GPS watch.

The first Soleus i had, the GPS 1.0 which is 2 years old and still using it till now. Talk about durability!

Since then, Soleus has expanded into other sports like cycling and fitness exercises and are adding new products into their GPS line-up for various types of run related activities. I really like David’s vision for the company of injecting joy in a playful environment with their timing devices and not be too overly serious with the technical aspects of it.

The Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 (Photo by Rodel and Blas)

My old GPS 1.0 (right) and its advance version, the GPS Fit 1.0

Figuring out the subtle differences

In another product presentation made by Mr. David Arnold who again made a short visit last week, he updated us on the latest Soleus GPS models, among then the sleek GPS FIT 1.0, an upgraded version of the GPS 1.0 model and their top of the line watch, the GPS TOUR which should come out of the market in a few weeks time.

Here’s a quick look on their product DNA:

A simple but aggressive DNA

Product inspiration comes from runners themselves who are consulted what features and colors they want. Here, it’s based on the color of the shoes they wear

Another fun aspect of Soleus Watch

The brand expression of joy and close running community

Soleus moments!

Here is a preview of their products:

GPS Fit 1.0 / Price at P6,150.00

Their top of the line GPS, the Tour valued at about P16,000.00

The GPS Mini. Smaller version of the Fit GPS 1.0

GPS Cross Country with Altimeter and Compass

GPS 3.0

Soleus will continue to innovate as they add new features, yet simple to use products. Yet, they just don’t make watches for the sake of it, track times for us runners, make colorful watches for us to choose nor sell affordable watches so we can afford so but to give us, the runners our MOMENTS, embracing it as one of our basic necessities, to activate passion and build a better running community.

To sum up their brand expression, here is what Soleus is trying to build:

“There are moments when we are working out or competing when the sense of accomplishment, joy, kinship, and community all come together. These are moments that can change us, inspire us, moments of accomplishment or just moments with friends. It’s in this moments when we realize we have become part of a larger experience, part of a community of athletes that know exactly how we feel.

Every second of every run, ride, or workout has the potential to be one of these moments. These are Soleus moments”.

Soleus President and Founder, Mr. David Arnold (R) together with Ms. Judith Staples, Sales and Marketing Manager of Truegears Marketing, local distributors of the Soleus GPS watches

(Thanks to Rodel Montejo and Blas Tianco for the pictures)

Great Service Center For My Soleus GPS Watch!

I’ve been using my SOLEUS GPS 1.0 for the past 7 months now and i’m very satisfied with its performance. I got the watch from Soleus Philippines to review its features for this blog as an alternative of the Garmin GPS watches i had previously been using.

The Soleus is easy to use, very reliable with fast GPS connectivity and it delivers the features that are essential to me, the distance traveled, time covered and the pace details.

Two weeks ago however, i was having trouble pressing the start/lap button on the upper right side portion of the watch as when you begin your run and after pressing the start, the timer wouldn’t move or start. This had me worried for a while as i didn’t have any idea if there was any repair service for the Soleus GPS watch locally.

Then by co-incidence, i bumped into Judith Staples, Sales & Marketing Manager of True Gears Marketing  (distributors of the Soleus GPS watch) at the World Vision Half-Marathon two Sundays ago where she also ran the half. I asked if there was a service repair shop for the Soleus here in Metro Manila. Surprised that i didn’t know, she pointed me out to the TIMECHECK Service Center, Soleus’ official service center located at Ground Floor of the 6750 Building in Ayala Avenue, Makati.

The Timecheck Service Center at the G/F, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

I went there two days after, got entertained by a very gracious lady who told me to wait while my watch was being fixed inside. In less than 15 minutes of waiting, my watch arrived and the lady rep told me that the problem was caused by a dis-alignment of the button so they just had it re-aligned and cleaned. The watch is as good as new!

I didn’t pay any cent as the Soleus was still under warranty (1 year).

Thank you Timecheck for the fast and efficient service and to Mam Judith for supporting us Soleus users!

Soleus GPS 1.0 : A Steal At P6,150.00!

Soleus GPS 1.0 SG001-003 - Black & Grey

I’ve tried both the Garmin Forerunner 305 and the 405 models years ago when they they were at the height of their popularity although they never really stayed long enough with me as they either went kaput or were given to somebody else. I’m presently using a Garmin 110 which was handed to me by running mate Abet who had just purchased a spanking GF 610 recently.

I’m not really a techie when it comes to analyzing data or uploading them into a computer. Although i can do these and understand what this all means, all i really care is to have a watch that gives me the distance, time and pace of my runs which my present GF110 currently does. Although the 110 is quite limited in its features compared to the 305 and 405 (it just gives an average pace and not the actual reading), i still get the basic features mentioned and i’m happy with it.

Recently, i got hold of the new Soleus Sport watch which is breaking into the GPS market with their brand new GPS 1.0 Digital Sport Watch. The price tag? P6,150.00 which is just a third of the cheapest Garmin GPS watch you can buy locally. The GPS 1-0 has been recently lunch in the Philippines in select retailers and this should be a most welcome news for runners who are pinning for a Garmin but couldn’t afford one.

I’m going to be forthright on my recommendation. If you plan to buy a GPS watch to monitor and guide you on your training runs and races, now’s the time to do so with this very affordable watch. I guarantee, you will love it!

Price: Nothing beats its price of P6,150.00 for a GPS watch. It’s about the cost of one high-end running shoe and if you can afford to have those Newtons, Brooks or Nike’s, then i don’t see why you wouldn’t want to save for one.

Recommended For: The newbie runner or someone who would want to test out a credible and accurate GPS watch for the first time.

Size: Its bigger than the GF 110, about the same size as the GF405 and fits like an ordinary sports watch which you can use outside of running.

Display: The dials are large enough to see and there’s a night light which you can pre-set on particular times in the evening.

Comfort: The fit is snug with adjustments that suits your feel. I’ve worn it a couple of times and it doesn’t wiggle even if i wear it loosely. You don’t notice the weight and size at all.

Accuracy: Recently, on a measured 10k route, i used it simultaneously with my present GF110 and gave almost the same readings (10.10 for the GF110 and 10.15 for the Soleus). Don’t ask the time!

Quick GPS Sensor: It took as quick as a minute for the Soleus to locate and lock-in on a satellite while the Garmins can sometimes take up to 5 minutes for a go signal.

Other main features include:

  • GPS: high-sensitivity receiver
  • Distance: current & total in Miles or Km
  • Pace/Speed: current & average
  • Calories Burned: current & total Kcal burned
  • Chrono: 1/100 second resolution
  • Data Storage: 100-lap memory
  • World Time: 106 cities covering all time zones
  • Rechargeable Battery: USB rechargeable lithium-ion
  • 30 Meters Water-Resistant

One Minor Complaint:

Having been so used to navigating the Garmin Forerunner GPS watches easily, i found it very difficult to navigate and set on the dials of the Soleus GPS on first try. It was very frustrating at first because some settings were blinking and you can’t figure out how to exit or stop the configurations. The instructional guide supplied with the device was a bit ambiguous and it took me some time to figure out the menu and navigation after i searched on their website which showed a basic Quick Set-Up Guide. Once i had the device configured, the operation became clear.

A suggestion to the manufacturers: I think it would be more convenient if the SET mode was placed at the very first position when the MODE button is first pushed because a lot of setting modes and navigations are initially done here. This will avoid confusion to the user and make navigation more user-friendly.

Except for this minor hitch, the Soleus GPS 1.0 is still a great buy and guess what? I heard that stores are going to give a 10% discount around Christmas time so expect the watch to come as low as P5,500.00. A perfect Christmas gift to yourself!

Thanks to Judith Staples, Sales & Marketing Manager of Truegears Marketing and to Jeff Paulino of LTime Studio for sending me this watch for review!

At the recent Philippine launch of the Soleux GPS 1.0 Sport Watch