My T2N 50K Ultra Marathon Finish

It’s been two days since i ran my first 50k ultra-marathon but i’m still savoring the ride after such a wonderful experience! Although i’ve been feeling pretty sore specially my calf muscles and left heel, i can’t help but smile and shake my head in disbelief every time i think about all that i went through last Sunday.

At the finish line

So now, i’m sitting here icing the sore legs, trying not to over-fantasize last Sunday’s events in my head but it’s hard not to do so. The T2N (Tagaytay To Nasugbu) 50k was a great humbling, learning experience. I had trained with my very supportive group, Team 90% and went through with all the hard work like doing 35k+ Sunday runs, hill training, mountain trekking, the works…so i thought i was well trained for handling the distance. Apparently not so.

I was fighting off cramps on my left calf muscles and hamstrings from kilometer 25 and had to stop several times just to stretch and have it massaged. The heat was almost killing, specially during the last 10k. I had to forgo taking in some food (except for bit-sized bites) and had to pay for it at the latter stages. My whole legs went dead specially in the last 3 kms and if not for the prodding of my aNR co-Team Leader, KB Runner and my support team (HBK-UP) i would have walked out those last 3 long kilometers. My foregoing of food eventually got to me and what missing-out on foods didn’t do, the heat sure did!

I even kept cursing on that Jolibee Arc sign which was the marker indicating that i was nearing the finish because the more i ran nearer to it, the farther it seemed to be as if someone has been pulling it away from me!  Talking about being delirious!:-)

That said, the experience was all worthwhile. I had the best support group in the world, the UP Heartbreakers Team and our own Team 90% Support group.

In summary, i finished in a modest time of 7:18:42 coming in at 182 out of 275 finishers. Even though running T2N was a struggle, i’m very glad and satisfied that i ran it. The route was refreshingly scenic, the race wasn’t the least bit crowded, it had a great friendly vibe to it, was very well organized and the party atmosphere at the finish line was awesome.

I’m looking forward to running more ultras in the future!

Here are some photos before, during and after the event:

A pit stop somewhere in Laguna on our way to Tagaytay

The view from our hotel room

Last carbo-loading dinner with Team 90%

The morning of the race at the hotel lobby

Foggy start at People’s Park, Tagaytay

With Race Director Gen. BR (r), Ninang Tonet and Tita Betty

With the Maybankers, Darryl, Alexis, Chips

Somewhere near Alfonso, Cavite

Near Taal Vista Lodge

Pacing with Leo and Chito (photo by Running Atom)

One of my two support teams. Simply the best! L-R: KB, Ai, Glo and May (Photo by Running Atom)

The typical Race Director BR’s handshake at the finish!

Happy! (Photo by Yet Severino)

Team 90%. Eight for eight finish! L-R: Betty, Leo, Mel, Chito, Sylvia , Tonet and Jazzrunner. (Elaine not in photo as she had to leave early)

Other Photo Credits: J. Avellanosa Photography