The 2016 North Face TNF100: A Short Review

Every trail has its own unique characteristics… it has its magnet of charms, its allure speaking at you to discover it. Many are mostly gentle, letting you savor its calm terrain and green scenery. But it can also be harsh, forcing you to climb its steepest hills and stumble when you step on outgrown roots, hidden on soft, mushy pine needles.

Its sternness however reminds us that for every route that we take, there will be gale winds to blow our faces, higher mountains to trek until we are out of breath, rivers to slip into its cold waters until we reach the other end and only then would we be rewarded and discover who we truly are.

Last week-end, i was one of those fortunate to run the 2016 North Face Trail Run Challenge at the paradise-like Camp John Hay in Baguio City.

A loop going to the Eco Trails with the 11k runners

The John Hay Country Club was the start of the 100k, 50k, 22k and 11k trail run distances as the route showcased the scenic mountain ranges and the pine tree-lined trails of the Cordilleras. The race course is not new to me, having ran it several times with blogger and trail runner, Franc Ramon during my visits in his hometown here in the City of Pines. As part of the Primer Group Media Team led by Ms. Aileen Frugal, Media Relations Officer of the Primer Group, we were able to observe the activities of this premier race and witness hundreds or maybe a thousand trail runners testing their mettle in this scenic but harsh route laid out by the organizers.

Media and bloggers converge at the Microtel before our respective races

The 50k runners on their way

Leaving Manila at about 10am, we arrived in Baguio City at 3:00pm, checked-in at our designated hotel, the dainty MICROTEL with just enough time to freshen ourselves before the race briefing and race packet claiming for the 50k and 100k runers at the nearby Newtown Hotel which started at 4:00pm.

When we arrived, the place was teeming with hundreds of trail runners, many familiar faces, old friends and others i met for the first time. The briefing was held in a convention hall of the hotel that was large and pretty expansive. The packet pick up was an easy process and the organizers took turns in discussing all details of the race and an open discussion of concerns ensued.

At the race briefing center in Newtown Hotel where hundreds of trail runners came to pick up their race packets

With known personalities in the trail running community (L-R) Iggy Lopez, Monolito Divina, Thumbie Remigio and Wilnar Iglesia.

The following morning, Saturday was the race of the 50k and 100k distance runners with the latter taking off at 3:00am while most of the Baguio City residents were probably still tucked in their blankets. The 50k runners were sent off an hour later. Later that morning, our media team had the chance to visit and survey parts of the route, visiting various Aid Stations while watching runners come and go during their breaks on these stations.

U-Turn of the 50k runers at Itogon, Benguet

Last shot for 50k runners before they turn around on their way back

We saw first hand the difficulty of the terrain these runners had to endure, specially the 100km runners who had to battle intense heat, miles of undulating steep climbs, freezing cold when they reached the top, sudden downpours, cold sweeping winds, deep ravines, and thick fogs that rendered their head lamps useless. It was a difficult course navigating, exacerbated through the storm’s calamity. Later learned that many were not able to finish the race because of these trail hazards. Still a gallant effort for all these trail warriors!

100k Veterans, Jon Las Bruce and JC Igos on their lunch break at AS5 (Camp 1) before their assault back at the mountains. Both finished their race just 3 hours before cut-off time

While the 100k and 50k runners were out on their journey on the trails, the media and bloggers had a long Press briefing with Tim Sedo (L), TNF Regional Marketing Manager for HK and Asia and Jundel Llagas, Jr. (R), TNF Division Manager. Both had committed to support the TNF races in Asia, particularly in the Philippines where trail runing has grown leaps and bounds. They both assured that the TNF Trail Challenge Philippines will be in Baguio again next year, 2017.

The following day, Sunday was our turn to blaze the trails inside John Hay. I was originally set to do the 22km distance but didn’t want to bring havoc to my still recuperating left Achilles tendon so i decided to downgrade to the 11km distance.

With two of my media friends

Before the start with the 50k runners

We arrived at the venue at about 4:30am with cool weather and some morning fog enveloping the area. I was with about 10 other runners from the media and were poised just to have a good time running on one of the most beautiful paths of Baguio City.

With the SMART Communications Team and their Big Boss, Ian Yu aka Dagul Runner (L).

Champion of the 50k distance from South Korea who came in at 5:34:18

The 11k distance actually measured to 12.6k. It was a feeling of exhilaration combined with moments of exhaustion because of the arduous ascents on the middle stages of the route.

One of the best views running at the Yellow Trail

Highlights of this run are the rolling hills of the Eco Trail, the 500 meter zigzagging climb up to the Yellow Trails where i experienced some kind of oxygen debt just trying to put one foot over the other in reaching the top, the pine tree-laden Yellow Trails and the 45 degree, 300 meter slippery descent towards the embassy area which you will have to climb back once you reach the turn-around point. Best highlight many first-timers were raving were the great views all through-out, from the mountain ranges, deep ravines and the exceptionally wonderful trails with the pine trees surrounding it!

Runners at the Eco Trail

Congestion during the downhill parts of the trails

At the Yellow Trails

This was my 2nd time running the TNF Trail Challenge as last year’s race in Nuvali was one i didn’t savor too much as it was warm and humid compared to the cool mountains of Baguio. The TNF100Ph2016 lived up to its hype as it had what the organizers said it was…cool breeze, fresh air, awesome mountain views, umbrellas of pine trees, wooded forests, friendly race marshals and a lot more.

Some markings on the trails (c) Randy Belen

In no way do i get runner’s high or anything that will impress me anymore but having said that, it was still a great experience! The hills almost ate me alive, but I didn’t let me get the best of me. It was quite the hilly course but the people i ran with, the views and great camaraderie make it for an unforgettable experience.

Over-all, a amazing race and a majestic course.  Never have I experienced anything like it. And I highly recommend the short distance races (11k and 22k) for those new to trail running as a bucket list. Anyone can do it. Thank you TNF and Aileen Frugal of the Primer Group for hosting a great event!

Here are some pictures of our TNF experience. Enjoy!

With Ricky Francisco and his friend, Judith

With Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon organizer and Simple Hydration Ambassador Tin Ferrera


With the Antique Hangaway Trail Run organizers led by Toto Manie Magbanua (second from left)

With 50k finisher, Marie Joyce!

With Pat and Tolits

At the MICROTEL where we were billeted.

With Iron Iris

The one and only Jose Ramizares!

With Majo Liao and the Great Jared!


The one and only shot from the Running Photographers! Thanks!

Lagalag Sundown Trail Run on May 14, 2016: A Sneak Peek

When did you last ran the trails inside Timberland Heights? Since the majority of the trails inside Timberland have been closed to the public just recently, not many have actually been there to experience the cushy, well-maintained trails and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

This forested park located in a residential/resort development area in San Mateo features endless trails in the wilderness with glimpses of the Metro Skyline, parts of Taal Lake, Mt. Arayat and the plains of Central Luzon. It’s a trail runner’s paradise with nice single tracks, fire roads, lush forest, streams and non-stop views of the Sierra mountain range.

So for those of you who have not experience running at the Timberland trails, here’s your chance to do so.  The Lagalag Sundown Eco-Trail Run 2016 is happening on May 14. It will offer a 6km, 12km and a 21km trail run which will start at 3:00pm.

Newbies and regular trail runners are invited to join. The Lagalag Sundown Eco-Trail Run will be the first of the Lagalag trail running series for this year.


Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal
May 14, 2016

21KM: P950
12KM: P800
6KM: P700

21 KM: 4 hrs (Bring headlamps just in case you arrive past 4 hours)
12 KM: 3 hrs
6 KM: 2 hrs

Race inclusions:
Finisher’s shirt
Post-race snack

Registration options:
1) Deposit the reg.fee to:
• BPI Acct name: Soulsports
• Acct. Number: 1999 04 9873
2) Email scanned copy of deposit slip to: with subject header: LAGALAG SUNDOWN REGISTRATION
• Please include the following details:
o Full name
o Gender
o Race distance
o Contact info.
o Shirt size (XS, S, M, L, XL)

B. Or register in-store starting April 11, 2016
• In-store race venue: Lagalag Store, Lower Ground floor, SM North City Center.

Limited slots only.
Deadline for registration is on April 29, 2016.

Shuttle service:
We will be arranging for a paid ( by participants thru reservation) shuttle service from Philcoa to Timberland and back. We will post more details on this.

The route maps for each category:

Here’s a sneak peek of the trails inside the Timberland Heights:

Salomon XTrail Pilipinas 2016: A Short Race Recap

I’ve always wanted to visit the trails in Subic Bay, most particularly the Pamulaklakin Eco Trail Park of which i had just a sneak peek of its surroundings a few years ago. The chance came when i was able to join last Saturday’s Salomon XTrail Pilipinas 12k Trail Race and that distance wasn’t even enough to see majority of what it had to offer.

I just wanted to get this race off of my bucket list, as i was still nursing a recurring Achilles tendinitis which i got from 3 straight days of running in the Cordillera mountains the week before. But as always, running Salomon is THE trail event to look forward to and i wasn’t disappointed.

As with all venues, with no exception of this year’s edition of the race, the atmosphere at Subic was entirely welcoming! We arrived at the starting grounds at around 4:00am and alighted from the MEDIA bus provided. At the reception area, our race packets were immediately distributed to us. We immediately got caught up with the frenzy at the activity grounds, the happy bustle of meeting and greeting old-time friends, program hosts announcing the pre-race requirements on blaring speakers and some hot coffee and hot dog sandwiches as provided for by our gracious host, Ms. Aileen Frugal of Primer Group.

Competing in any distance at the Salomon XTrail Pilipinas is without doubt one of the highlights of any local trail runner, whether they’re competing on the longer distance mountain runs/skyrunning or the shorter races for the regular trail runner for an easier but no less technical trail route. And the route laid out to all distances, they were all challenging.

The 32k distance seems to have the most number of participants based from what i saw during their early start and it was still dawn when the gun was fired off. After a couple of minutes, off went the 25k runners.

While waiting for my 12k category gun start which started a good one hour after the 25k were sent off, i was able to explore the first few hundred meters of the 32k route which ran counter to those of the shorter distances. Newly chopped cogon grass were evident as you feel your feet sink to soft spots where the grass were sprawled over the trails. It lead to lush forest trails and the backdrop of mountains were there to appreciate.

The start of the 25k, 12k and 6k routes were directed on the opposite direction where you had to run on an asphalt road first. After less than 3 quick kilometers, we found ourselves into various series of uphill fire roads that were slippery as lahar sand was predominantly the surface.

Entrance to the Pamulaklakin trails

We then reached the steel arc of the Pamulaklakin trails and after a few meters, marshals directed us into our first hurdle. It was a short stream crossing located just under a bridge. They could have just led us to cross over the empty, passable bridge and spare us of getting our shoes wet that early but instead, directed us to cross the knee-deep stream!

The small stream crossing

It was a continuous series of uphills thereafter until we reached a second aid station and turned left into a downhill trail going into a secluded forest. It was sad to see that parts of the trails were marked by burnt grass and tree branches on both sides brought about by a  forest fire the day before. The route was hot, dry and what was left of dry leaves on trees served as our only shade. We made our U-turn on the 6th kilometer mark and we traced our way back on this out and back course.

Trails and trees affected by the rash of forest fires

The route back was quite frankly, a blur. It was all downhill at this point and except for moments that you had to be cautious because of the slippery roads, i just coasted along, letting gravity take my body along with it. The last 2 kilometers back on the flat asphalt road was somehow the most difficult as i found myself alternating walking and running under scorching heat. My injury on my left achilles tendon was starting to flare up at this point so my walking breaks had to be frequent. While looking at the runners do the same run-walk in front of me, i suddenly could hear a dull hum of activity which i surmised were coming from the stage activities. We couldn’t be that far.

Suddenly, the big familiar Salomon finish line arc appeared, like a sudden light at the end of a tunnel. Just when you had to cross the final finish, an obstacle appeared for all to crawl a 20-meter, man made pool under knee-deep of muddy water with a low lying net atop and a message that read, “I Ran The Path of Most Resistance!”.

As far as trail races go, the Salomon XTrail Pilipinas is always one satisfying experience. Nowhere else could you find an event staged like a big road race. Everything is well-managed, the cap on the number of runners, the amenities given and the venue itself.

There may be other trail races more more hard-core and scenic, like the races in the Cordilleras and in Tanay but i encourage those who have not ran the Salomon XTrail Run to do so…you won’t regret it!

From my account of the race, here are some pictures:

At the starting line of the 12k Run

A view of the stream along the route

Rough roads with lahar sand

Pat Concepcion on his way back

One of the Primer group runners

Thumbs up to her rad running attire!

This leads to a forest trail

One of my fav trail runners, Jackie Gutierrez.

Ladies i met on the trails

That’s co-blogger CJ Lampad

Crossing the finish line

Nothing beats wearing the Ahon gaiters on a sandy route like this!


A Taste of Antique Trails (ATAT): Antique’s First 10K Trail Race


The A Taste of Antique Trail Race (ATAT) is a small event that showcases the trails of Sibalom, Antique in the Island of Panay and is expected to draw many seasoned trail runners from Antique and nearby Iloilo, Aklan, Capiz and Boracay as well as runners from Metro Manila.

This trail race will be held on January 10, 2015 where the weather will be generally cool during this time and makes for a great race atmosphere. This will be Antique’s first organized trail running event and will feature newly discovered trails that vary from single-track paths, dirt roads, hanging bridges and short river crossings. This will be an adventure trail run with awesome scenery that will cater to those chosen few who want a cheap race but not be bothered down with big crowds, heavy logistics, high entry fees.

Here are the details of the race and a sneak peek of the trails:

Race Details

RACE DAY – January 10, 2016
DISTANCE – 10K Trail

Regular Registration
November 23, 2015 to January 3, 2016
Php 750.00

Late Registration
January 4 – 8, 2016
Php 900.00Inclusives
Personalized Bib (for registration not later than December 31)
Technical Shirt
Post-race MealAssembly time
4:30amGun Start
5:00amClick here for On-Line Registration: or more details, please contact:



+63 917 7954458
+63 926 7168791
A.T.A.T. – A Taste of Antique Trails Route 1 is a first trail running event to be organized in Antique, Philippines. It is a 10K event that will kick off from Barangay Egaña in Sibalom. The route is friendly to first time trail runners but it is composed of 15% cement road, rough/aggregate road, hill climb (muddy when it’s raining), steep downhill, river crossing and the highlight would be the steel hanging bridge approximately 1.5Km from the finish line. This race is organize by the team behind The Antique Marathon.

Finisher’s Shirt


The route is not so technical but is enough to give runners the real challenge of trail running. It is compose of 1.5 km cemented road before it enters another few kilometers of dirt, aggregate road with some sharp stones approaching the muddy uphills. It is advisable to wear road-to-trail running shoes. There are parts of steep descend which is so slippery especially when it rains then followed by river crossings. Expect to get wet.

Rivers are located somewhere about km 7-8. It’s perfect to soak in the fresh water to freshen up those tired legs and cool down the hot body temperature. The highlight would be the steel suspension bridge or the hanging bridge. Runners are advised to walk across it as the vibration makes it hard to run especially if many runners would cross at the same time.



1. Participants below 18 years old must have their waiver signed by a parent/guardian.

2. Race bib number must be worn at all time during the race. It should be pinned in front of the running shirt.

3. Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.

4. Finisher’s shirt size are on a first-come-first serve basis. The first to cross the finish line will have the privilege of choosing his/her size base on availability.

5. Organizers maintain the right to remove any participant from the race. Injuries and  medical emergencies are the utmost priority.

6. A cut off time will be strictly implemented. Runners on the course after the cut off time will be pulled out by the race marshals.

7. The race will start exactly on time. Late runners will be allowed but must still finish within the required cut off time.

8. Organizers can impose time penalties or disqualification on runners who do not follow race rules.

9. NO CHEATING! Runners are NOT allowed to ride any vehicle or take a short cut even he is not aiming for a podium finish. All runners must start and end the race exactly like all runners do.

9. All protests related to the results must be made in writing and submitted to the Race Director within 30 minutes after the official announcement of winners.

10. The organizers reserve the right to make changes at its discretion without prior notice. The organizers’ decision is final.


All runners are REQUIRED to bring their own hydration packs. No hydration station will be provided along the route. Hydration will be provided only at the start/finish area. There rivers and are natural spring waters sprouting along the route that runners can use to wash, bathe or freshen up. but not recommeded for drinking. Medical stations will be strategically placed along the route. ​


Race bib distribution will be announced through our page.


The Trail Route Of The 1st Mt. Marami 21KM FKT Trail Run Challenge

Mt. Marami in Maragondon, Cavite will serve as the focal point for the upcoming Mt. Marami 21k Uphill Challenge on August 9, 2015 (check out details below) and has some of the most exhilarating trails I’ve ever seen. Together with 18 other trail blazers, i was fortunate enough to have been invited by trail runner/race organizer JC Igos to recon the 21k route yesterday and it is without doubt a very challenging route!

The long climb to Mt. Marami was arduous enough and considering that it rained the day before, most of the trails were muddy so we were reduced to dragging our trail shoes 3 times its weight! Mud aside, terrain varied considerably but nothing that works you so hard you can’t enjoy the great scenery and the ever changing trails in and out of the mountains.

It’s no surprise that many trail runners try to venture outside the usual trail venues of Tanay, Montalban and Laguna for new untapped off-road running and all 19 of us who were there were in for a surprising treat! Running in this secluded place gave us a true sense of what trail running is about but the real draw is the extent and variety of trails and terrain–perfect for an adventure trail race! The trail running options in Magallanes, Maragondon and other outlying barrios en-route to Mt. Marami are very challenging and almost limitless.

So let me just do a quick rundown.

We started our run-trek at Brgy. Talipusngo and plowed through the muddy rough roads which allowed for a nice warm-up while viewing the open fields of Marogondon. The first section of the run is on this muddy stretch of rough roads, 3 kms of mostly downhills until we reached a wooded forest with a nice river that served as our first rest stop.

Atarting point at Brgy. Talipusngo, Maragondon, Cavite

Trail Head-master JC Igos, giving the final instructions before the run

We ran into several bamboo gates which served to stop wandering herds of cows that were grazing around the trails. There were several gentle uphills and the road being soggy and all, we tried to wiggle the mud from our shoes by stepping on stones to wipe the debris away. The open paths then transitioned into rougher but beautiful trails.

As we left the open vistas, we had all the trails to ourselves except for a rare few locals on horseback bringing charcoals to the market. The path is rocky with a few gentle ups and downs and the tall trees provided plenty of shade on a warm day.

Our power-walk was later reduced to a slow walk and transformed into a grind when we reached the trail-head after Ilog Bangkaan. We nearly overshot our intended route as we saw in our midst the rock pillars of Mt. Marami. It was all uphill from there as we got entangled into bamboo trees inside a wild forest but the terrain remained manageable. Found a water source from a secluded hill and filled up some on our water containers. Not sure if it was safe to drink it but the water tasted good and cold!

After power-walking the endless trails, we reached the Nuestra Senora Dela Paz Shrine which I think was the only place inhabited in the area. It would be another 4 kms of trekking before we finally reach the summit of Marami! The views up the summit were spectacular, and we get to sit on the “silyang bato” mountain. We were treated with a panorama of Pico De Loro, Mt. Mariveles and a 360 degree view of Cavite.

Over-all, the trails offered many challenging parts and getting up the summit of the mountain was our main reward! Great place for a 9-hour trek-run!

Muddy during the first half of our trail run

Tip-toeing our way on the trails.

Wide, open vistas and the trails here are great.

Bamboo gate to prevent grazing cows from getting far from their owners

Trees offered some nice shade

A small stream where we had our second rest stop

This offered a refreshing view on the course

A pilgimage site during Holy Week. They also serve fresh buko (coconut) juice for P20.00 a pop!

Another chance for a photo op.

Mt. Marami can be viewed from here

That’s about 4kms more of mountain climbing before reaching Mt. Marami (background)

At the Bangkalan river with the circular rock

The starting point of the assault

We rush with excitement as we get closer

The circular pillar looks like an entrance to a fortress

D Franc Ramon!

Just a few meters away from the summit

At the ‘silyang bato”!

Runners during the race will have the option to take their pictures here

“Dabull” runner flexing his muscles over his herd which made us stop because they were blocking the trails. Whenever we attempted to cross, they would charge at us!

On our way back to the gorgeous trails

Look-back shot from Del

The 1st Mt Marami – Silyang Bato 21KM FKT Trail Run Challenge to be held on August 9, 2015 is now open for registration! Check out the details below:


Parts of Proceeds will go to “Mt Marami Mountain Clean Up Drive of Maragondon, Cavite”

When: August 9-Sunday 5AM
Assembly: 3AM
Gun Start: 5AM
Cut Off: 7 Hours (For 21KM Only)
Summit Cut Off @ 10.8KM: 3 Hours

Distance Categories:

8KM – KM 4 Trail Marker Sign U-Turn Point

14KM – KM 7 Nuestra Senora Dela Paz Grotto/Chapel U-Turn Point

21KM FKT Mountain Run – KM 10.8 Summit/Silyang Bato U-Turn Point.

Start and Finish: Barangay Talipusngo, Maragondon, Cavite – Jump-off Site

Registration Fee:

21KM – P 1,000
14KM – P 800
8KM – P 500
Race Inclusions: Race Bib, Event Shirt, Finisher’s Medal. Banana and Drinks at the Finish Line.

GROUP DISCOUNT PROMO ( Applies from May 26 to June 15 Only, No Extension)

Group of 5 to 10 pax = 10% OFF

Registration Period: May 26 to July 17, 2015 Only.

Deadline of Registration: July 17, 2015-Friday

Experience a “New Trail Running Route” and discover the beauty and nature of Maragondon Trails. Mt Marami-Silyang Bato offers a lot to trail runners, from muddy trails (during rainy season), 3x river crossings, grassy, two and single track trails, 360 Degrees stunning view of Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas from the Summit (with Pico De Loro on its sight). It is also good as an introductory run for “Newbie and Novice Trail Runners” as we will open 8KM and 14KM distance. Full Distance is 21kms for the challenge seekers. All distance categories are out and back route with corresponding u-turn points.

Note: ONLY The Full Distance Trail
Runners will reach the peak of Mt. Marami and will have the opportunity to sit on the famous “Silyang Bato”. Our Photographers will be waiting for you at the summit to capture and immortalize your moments.

Mandatory Gears: Hydration Bag / Hydration Bottle / Headlamp / Whistle / Fully Charged CellPhone with a least P100 credits / Trash Bag

**Trail Shoes is strongly recommended but not required.

Optional Gears: Trekking Pole / Cap and Buff (for heat protection) Water proof jacket (if raining/cold weather)

IMPORTANT: Mandatory gears will be checked at the starting line by the race officials. Failure to complete the requirements will not be allowed to race.



Please deposit the registration fee at any BPI-Island Bank Branch in favor of:

Savings Account Name: Michael Maleriado

Savings Account Number: 0959-0489-59

Please send the deposit slip with your Name / Shirt Size /Distance and Cell Number @ for registration confirmation.

On Site Registration: New Balance The District Mall Imus, 10AM to 9PM – Monday to Sunday

Race Kit Claiming: August 2 at New Balance The District Mall Imus – 10AM to 9PM ONLY.

“The Mountains and Trails are Calling!… and I Must Go!”

Organizer: New Era Race Event Management Inc.

For Questions: Please contact the ff numbers below


In Partnership With:
Team Cavite ESE and Takbo Kabitenyo

LGU Partner: Municipality of Maragondon, Cavite


Shuttle Services (Runners Expense/Roundtrip)

Sheila Velasco – Manila Area
PM or contact 0925 593 2010 / 0908 2149029 / Shuttles Best

Pick-up Areas
#1 McDonald’s Quezon Ave MRT
#2 Boni Caltex (7eleven)
#3 Shell Ayala-Edsa cor McKinley
#4 Jollibee Toyota Roxas Blvd near Heritage Hotel
#5 Alabang-All Day Starmall
#6 Sta Cruz/Los Baños/Calamba, Laguna

Salomon X-Trail Run 2015: The Mountains, The Sand and the Beach

Last Saturday’s Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas 2015 was a very challenging course which consists of 15% pavement, lots of fire roads, uphills, mountain passes and single track trails. The race is well organized, hydration was well supported and the views were top-notch!

The one thing that stood out to me about this race was the support of locals who were on checkpoints everywhere on the trails. Also the presence of paramedics gave you an assurance of security as with the availability of water and Gatorade which were ever present, specially at the last kilometers of the race.

The last 6 kilometers was the toughest because you had to dodge large rocks along the beach and run along its shores which was next to impossible as your foot gets buried mostly in the sand.

Over-all, i enjoyed this trail race immensely and could see myself coming back next year to savor the sand, mountains and the sea once more!

Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas 2015: The biggest running event of the season

Post Press Release:

Leading trail running brand, Salomon, gathered over a thousand outdoor enthusiasts and trail runners of varying skills for an adrenaline-filled weekend

Time stopped and the earth stood still as nearly 1,500 trail runners gathered for the biggest trail running event of the season, the Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas 2015, last April 25.

For more than five years now, the Salomon X-Trail Run series has been one of the most anticipated trail running events in the Asia-Pacific Region. Held in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines, it has attracted numerous participants, from newbies to hardcore loyalists of Salomon. The race’ technical trail route combines different terrain surfaces including vertical ascents, long uphill climbs with multi-surfaces of dirt, rocks, sand, and concrete paths.

On its’ 5th consecutive year, Salomon Pilipinas X-Trail events were held at Premier locations outside Metro Manila, boasting beautiful sceneries, where mountains & coastlines merge together in the race route, with more than 1,200 participants – making it one of the most well-attended trail run races in the country. And this year is no different as it surpasses previous feats – cementing Salomon’s slogan, being the “#1 in Trail Running.”

This year, the race toured the roads, hills, mountains, and valleys surrounding the beautiful enclave of Anvaya Cove, one of the country’s premiere developments in Morong, Bataan by Ayala Land Premier. New trail routes were created exclusively for the event such as trail sections overlooking the cove that are steep and technical, with sharp and loose rocks, roots, and thick foliage. To recharge lost energy, runners were blessed with a breathtaking view of the sunrise that made the experience all the more worthwhile and memorable.

As the clock struck 5:00am, trail racers for the 32km embarked on an adrenaline-filled adventure as they sped through a mixture of challenging terrains, from asphalt, to sand, to rocks, to river crossing and technical ascents. The category simulated ascents of Skyrunning races – an arena wherein Salomon dominates. Given a seven-hour cut-off time, hardcore trail runners were surely tried and tested to push their boundaries and surpass the limits.

At 5:30am, trail runners of the 24km mountain run went blazing off into the trail and were greeted with technical ascents and varying terrain which likewise simulates ascents of Skyrunning races. The cut-off time for the 24km race is five hours.

By 8:00am and 9:00am, the participants of the 12km and 6km Road-To-Trail category were tested with a unique yet introductory trail running course, which consists of road & trail routes that are likewise challenging and technical. The cut-off times for the 12km and 6km categories are two and a half hours and one and a half hours respectively.

As the Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas is a Green Run, no disposables were provided at the hydration stations and participants were required to bring their own provisions.

At 11:00 am, the awarding ceremony commenced and this year’s roster of winners earned not only a range of prizes but most importantly, the ultimate sense of achievement upon taking on and conquering such a challenging feat as the Salomon X-Trail Race.

As an added, no one went home empty handed as Salomon gave away items during a raffle portion, together with awesome items from sponsors—Suunto, Otterbox, Eco x Gear and R.O.X.

It has been the absolute objective of Salomon to promote trail running and passion for the trails. Each year, it never fails to push every runner’s boundaries and test their limits as it inspires each one to recognize their potential and overcome challenges. Once again, the Salomon X-Trail race has proven to be the trail running event that runners can aspire to take part of each year.

The Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2015 is in cooperation with AXN & R.O.X., with official venue partners: Anvaya Cove, an Ayala Land Premier property. This event is also sponsored by Honey Stinger, Suunto, Gatorade, Sea to Summit, Sudeco, Otterbox, Goal Zero, Eco x Gear, Nalgene, and the Primer Group of Companies. Thanks also to our media partners:The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Mirror,, Endurance Magazine, UNO Magazine, Clavel Magazine, Psst! Magazine, Multisport Magazine, and Speed Magazine.

Race Results can be viewed here:

Ahon GAITERS: Now On Sale

The Ahon Tradvistat Gaiter


Gaiters are trail running shoe accessories that cover a great portion of the shoe’s upper and extends up to the Achilles tendon. Its use is to keep small pebbles, sand or any debris from entering inside your shoe thus, reducing the chance of blistering, rubbing or any irritation that results from it.

Gaiters are usually constructed with thin, breathable, elastic materials that don’t impede the natural movement of the feet. It keeps away dust and absorbs water when wet.

A local version is now out on sale and are called the “Ahon” GAITERS

  • Prevents grit and grime from entering trail shoe
  • Available in 3 different designs
  • Used for trail running shoes, or low-ankle trekking shoes
  • Quality is at par with the leading foreign Gaiter brands
  • Proudly Filipino made

The Baybayin design

The “Kikay” (modern) design

My love for trail running stretches back to several years now and the experiences running or walking over soft dirt, ankle-deep mud, knee-high rivers, half-buried rocks, protruding roots and many other obstacles are part and parcel of the experience in running on trails while trying to avoid mishaps like tripping, bruising or chafing your feet!

Keeping out small pebbles or fine grit inside your shoe poses a major irritation if you have been running with it for a long period of time during a long run or race. The only solution to this is to stop on your tracks, remove your shoe and tap it to flush out all the grime clinging or rolling inside your insoles or socks.

Testing the Tradvistat design

Last week at the DBB Mt. Sembrano Uphill Trail Run Challenge, i had the privilege of test running this new gaiter product coming out in the market, the AHON GAITERS, distrubuted by the AHON Group, composed of running enthusiasts, Ronald and Aldean. I put them through their paces up at Mt. Sembrano where the ground surface is a mix of soft soil, rocks, grass and plenty of sandy pebbles mostly located during the downhill parts of the run.

On a regular 15 km trail run where i get to experience running in these surfaces, including river crossings, i usually stop 2 to 3 times to remove the shoe and dump those tiny pebbles that would dribble and prick alternately between the heel and the arches. However, while wearing these gaiters at Mt. Sembrano, no tiny outside forces were able to breach inside–no pebbles, no twigs, absolutely nothing. It did its job and was very effective indeed!

How To Wear Them:

You must first attach the adhesive velcro strips (comes free with the gaiters) on the back of the shoe, just above the midsole part. Before putting on your shoes, slide the gaiters on your foot with the narrower part first, wear your shoes and after tying down the laces,  clip the hook of the gaiters to the front laces of your shoes and attach firmly the velcro to the adhesive velcro strip which you pasted on the back of your shoes and you’re good to go.

Notice the white velcro strip

These gaiters are paper weight and are made of 4-way stretch of Spandex and Lycra. You’ll hardly notice them and they feel light even if they’re wet. They’re cool and breathable, no heat accumulation, whatsoever. The AHON Gaiters have 3 available designs so far but are planning to have 3 new designs per quarter.

The AHON Gaiters will be available anytime this week via on-line only, although plans are also set to sell them physically in stores! Here are the price listings:

1 pair = 900 Pesos
2 pairs = 1,700 Pesos
3 pairs = 2,500 Pesos
(for bulk orders, pls e-mail them a message)

To purchase:

Step 1
Select any of our three existing designs:
1) Baybayin [not alibata] – our forefathers’ alphabet.
2) Tradvistat [short for Traditional Visayan Tattoo] pattern – Ahon’s hometown heritage. These lines and patterns are just amazing. We just added some colors for them to pop out.
3) Kikay – no Filipino heritage here. Just pure awesomeness.

Step 2
Choose your size
1. Small-Medium (men’s shoe sizes US 5-9)
2. Medium-Large (men’s shoe sizes US 9-13)
Please note that if you are in between sizes, check your ankles. If they are small, choose small-med. If they are huge, choose med-large.

Step 3
Email us at
State which of the designs you are ordering and corresponding size and quantity. We shall reply with the exact amount of your purchase and our bank details.

Step 4
Deposit amount to our BDO account.

Step 5
Write your name and order on the deposit slip. Take a photo of the deposit slip and send it to Be sure to reply on your previous email thread. Also, indicate your mailing address.

Step 6
Once confirmed, we shall send it to your indicated address via Xend. Cut-off for shipping will be 12 noon of the day you sent your deposit slip.

First batch of AHON Gaiters ready for packing and shipping

Runners testing the Gaiters at the DBB Mt. Sembrano Uphill Trail Challenge last week

See you on the trails! Cheers!

That Thing Called DBB Mt. Sembrano Uphill Trail Challenge: 7 Hugot Quotes From This Trail Run

Hugot #1
Me: Oh, bakit ka nakaupo na..napagod ka naba?
Aleth: Napuyat kasi ako kagabi, wala pang training
Me: Kung wala kang training, magdala ka ng maraming inspirasyon. Kung wala ka din nun, ako na magbibigay syo!

I had a little trepidation when i was invited to run the DBB Uphill Trail Challenge knowing that the mountain trail route to Mt. Sembrano had a less than kind reputation where you wrestle for the first 5 kilometers of continuous uphills on gnarly trails. Still, i think this is going to be one of the best trail races of the year even with the negligible blips of getting lost on the trails which made this race even more exciting.

So i’m sitting here typing this post with still aching thigh muscles trying not to over-emphasize the harshness of last Saturday’s trail run. It’s hard not to, Mt. Sembrano does possess this treacherous but scenic trails, similar to that of Mt. Talamitam but the former does have more gorgeous views with great sights of Laguna Lake, Talim Island, Mt. Banahaw and the Sierra Madre.

Hugot #2
JB: Ang lungkot naman sa trail na to, lalo na siguro pag ikaw mag-isa at walang kausap
Aleth: Uu nga, malungkot dito pag wala ka kasama
Me: Pag nag iisa kyo, tandaan nyo lang—hear your heartbeat, connect with yourself. Once you connect with yourself, there will never be loneliness!

With all its hardcore route, moderate to steep rocky trails through open forests, mountain ridges, steep ravines and magnificent views, there’s a certain aura that this race possess and is really hard to describe because it’s something you have to experience for yourself. From the whole trail course, i was able to deal with 2 beautiful people who made the whole journey very worthwhile! Here are some of my insights:

  • A reunion of sorts with other hard core trail runner friends whom you hadn’t seen for a long time.
  • Got to test run the AHON Gaiter product of Ronald Declarador and put it through its paces. Positive on all aspects! Will do a review later.
  • Started the run with runners i barely have seen in running events and ended with them as friends. Thanks to you both, Ms. Aleth and Ms. JB, to whom i dedicate this post!

Old trail running friends (c) rickyfrancisco

  •  A no frills, all thrills race. Nice free buff given to all runners before the start with our names printed on it! Instead of race bib numbers, our numbers were emblazoned on our arms, like in triathlons.
  • “Starting gun” jammed and fired 10 seconds after the runners were sent off via countdown providing some comic relief for the runners.

Hugot #3
Aleth: Ang hirap naman ng rutang ito! Puro paakyat! Wala bang patag naman?
Me: Wag mong hanaping ang rutang madali syo, ikaw ang mag adjust sa rutang tatahakin mo! Parang pag-ibig, wag mong pilitin ang sarili mo sa isang di ka naman gusto, hanapin mo yung lalaking makapag bibigay ligaya syo, o di ba?

At the start

With Aleth and JB (Actual hugot 1 scene)

  • Rocky trail after about 700 meters from the start. It was all uphill from there.
  • Trails galore; single track, rocky, some fire roads and mountain passes
  • Where stations ran out of water, we took advantage of spring mineral water provided by the locals or from bamboo shafts hanging above rocks and trees. And they taste good!
  • Getting lost at one part of the route when we entered a shaded trail instead of the open trail below the power lines.
  • Fresh coconut was being sold atop Peak 1 for P30.00, an increase of P10.00 just an hour before, as informed to us by marshals.
  • Stopping several times as i experienced cramps on both my thighs. So excruciating was the pain that i had to call the Race Director who was pacing nearby and he got me up like a post and held on to him so i could stretch my legs! Thanks DBB! 🙂
  • Confusion along the trails as to where the 30km runners should pass to complete their remaining distance.
  • Witnessed the organizers’ dedicated trail sweeper, Andrew Aquino who was not far behind us, remove or cut the trail ribbon markers after we, the last of the group had passed by the trails. Thanks to him also for being our trail guide.
  • Recounting race stories, life experiences and our “That Thing Called Tadhana” moments with Alex Reblora and JB Cionelo, my companions throughout the entire race.
  • Running and walking the hottest, most intense heat during the last 2.5 kilometers and imagining having super thirst-quencer halo-halo at the finish line
  • Unlimited Cobra Energy drinks at the finish line and nice swags to bring home.

Over-all this race has exceeded expectations and with just a few tweaks like adding marshals to junctions and providing more water atop the mountains, this should be a must race to be aspired for all trail runners. Hard work and dedication should bear fruit once you conquer this race and that’s definitely the case here, as this was one of the most grueling yet rewarding trail races I’ve done yet.

This mountain run is not for the weak of heart or for people who are looking to set a fast pace but I would recommend it to those looking to deviate from road events and challenge themselves with a difficult but doable trail run. Congrats to Dabobong Delos Angeles, Jon Las Bruce, Daphne Codilla, Cezar, Andrew and Ariel Aquino, Ronnel Go, Dianne Palogan and to the rest of Team MGM for a job well done!

Hugot #4
JB: Grabe, ang gaganda ng mga bulaklak dito sa trails! Paano kaya sila nabubuhay dito sa gitna ng kagubatan na di nasisilayan ng araw o tubig?
Me: Ang mga bulaklak na nabubuhay dito sa kahirapan ng gubat ay syang pinaka natatangi at pinaka maganda…parang kayo!
Aleth: At anong klaseng mga bulaklak naman kami?
Me: Hmm…Chicharon bulaklak?!

Hugot #5
Me: Teka, hihinto muna ako, grabe sakit ng cramps ko!
Aleth: Sige, dahan-dahan na lang. Samahan ka naming maglakad kung gusto mo! Ito technique dyan, kausapin mo legs mo at makiusap na wag na sya mag cramps. Works for me.
Me: (Nakatingin sa cramps ) “LEGS, SHUT UP!”

Hugot #6
JB: Pagod nako, gusto ko na maglakad!
Aleth: Uu nga, maglakad nalang tayo, tutal naman abot pa tayo sa cut-off time
Me: Sige, ok lang maglakad. Pwede din kitang kargahin kung gusto mo, pasakayin kita sa tricycle!

JB taking a break to massage her aching plantar before her assault to the first peak

At the first peak with Andrew Aquino (left) who took off the trail ribbon markers once the last runners passed by

Nice to see Marissa who has been a constant fixture in various trail races in the past

View from the peak

What happened to your hair?

Wrong entry! We mistakenly entered this trail when we should have taken the open trails near the power lines. Lost a few hundred meters.

Finally finding our way back on the right track

It was mostly downhill from here

Long downhill to go before we reach sea level

It was great to have these Gaiters which kept tiny pebbles out of my old worn-out but still great NB 660 trail shoe. Nice gaiter from the local AHON group which will be out in the market soon!

We started out together and also finished together well before the cut-off time! Great company!

Hugot #7
Aleth: Im a strong woman. I can conquer the greatest fears. I can handle the toughest moments. I can ignore any pain. Thats why i want someone to make me feel weak…
the way you do..
JB: Boom!

Spyder Optics Sports Sunglasses: A Short Review


  • Spyder – “SWELL” Optics Sports Sunglasses
  • Polycarbonate Sunglasses
  • Quickchange frames that lets you switch to lenses of different colors for use in a wide variety of lighting conditions
  • For running, cycling and other outdoor activities

The SPYDER “Swell” Optics Sports Sunglasses

I’m enjoying this pair of sports sunglasses, the Spyder “Swell” model with polycarbonate lenses. I don’t usually wear sunglasses when running early in the morning except in instances when i do long runs that would take me more than a few hours or up to noon time to finish. Every summer, i often have to do long runs on trails, roads or wherever places it takes me under the heat of the sun and having sunglasses eases the eyes as it blocks glare, protects me from harmful UV rays and shields me from the occasional flying debris .

I’ve been using the Spyder Swell for a few weeks now and got it thoroughly tested during last month’s Corregidor International Marathon where we were exposed to the heat until 12:00 noon!

At the Corregidor International Marathon 2015 with Doc Evelyn Ponce

Crossing the finish line!


LENS: The lens is made up of “Resillens” polycarbonate materials which was developed by aerospace designers for use in helmet visors. This material is also found in bulletproof windows, airplane windows and riot police shields. It is ten times more impact-resistant than other plastics, and exceeds resistance requirements by 40 times.

Spyder Resillens™ is lighter and about 20% thinner than standard plastic or glass, which stop them from constantly sliding down the nose. The material is a natural ultraviolet filter, blocking 100% of the sun’s damaging UV rays without the need for special lens coating. This has excellent impact-resistance and very good optical clarity. It’s affordable, lightweight and low-bulk, but less scratch-resistant.

With 2 extra interchangeable lenses

FRAME: A near-indestructible homopolynamide nylon characterized by its extreme impact resistance. Grilamid TR90 is almost indestructible and supported by an extremely high bending strength. It’s remarkably tough, exceptionally resistant to chemicals and sweat, and highly resistant to UV damage and breakdown.

The durable homopolynamide nylon frame


The polycarbonate lenses were featherlight and together with the light frame, you hardly feel that you were wearing them. There was no slipping and adjusting problems whatsoever and it was only when i had to pour water in my head that i had to take it off during my race at the Corregidor Marathon. It was easy to wipe the water off the lenses and other than that, the frame and lenses never gave any discomfort.

The frames fit snugly on my nose and ears and did not pinch or rub. It is important though to adjust the nose pads before wearing them by flexing them closer together or farther apart to fit on the bridge of the nose. Adjust accordingly as you run the first few hundred meters and it will permanently hold to the position you want!


A few days ago, we had a survey of the trails at the Anvaya Cove Resort in Morong, Bataan, venue of the forthcoming Salomon X-Trail Run where we had to run and walk part of the sea-shore at about 12 noon to 1:00pm under the blazing heat of the sun. It was good to be wearing my Spyder shades and a running cap which greatly prevented us from being sunburned.

After lunch as i was about to take a quick shower on their guests restrooms, i accidentally dropped the sunglasses when i took off my cap. It fell so hard that both lenses were detached from the frame, all scattered on the tiled floor! Surprisingly, the lenses didn’t break and upon checking further, no scratches were seen whatsoever. Neither was the frame. I was able to replace the lenses easily and with a few clicks, it fastened securely.

Running at past noon at the Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan (c) Running Atom

Franc with his Spyder Nomad H and me wearing the Spyder Swell

Apart from their sturdy build, elegant appearance and protection from the sun’s rays, the Spyder Swell comes with two extra set of lenses and are matched according to a wide variety of lighting conditions. Each set enhances visual acuity in a given situation.

With the many sports sunglasses i’ve worn, the Spyder Swell is by far the best in quality and clarity that comes in a very affordable price. They are light, easy to use and crisp clear. The Spyder Swell costs about P1,600.00.

All Spyder sunglasses come with an authentic Spyder hard or semi-hard case, depending on the style.

Available at Spyder Stores and Kiosks, SM Department Store (Men’s Accessories Section) and selected dealers nationwide.

On the middle is Franc wearing his Spyder Nomad H while me and Alfred are donning the Spyder Swell model (Running Atom photo)

With running buddies wearing the Spyder Sunglasses during the Sierra Madre 5-10-50k Race. (L-R) Allan, Alfred and Abet

A Sneak Peek of the Salomon X-Trail Run 2015 at Anvaya Cove

Anvaya Cove shoreline

From the harsh trails of Hamilo Coast, where the past two Salomon X-trail races were held, this year’s race will now happen at Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan that will showcase its more tolerable but still technical trails and its imposing mountains merging with the coastlines for a new exciting route.

Like the previous venues, Anvaya Cove is an exclusive country club and beach resort with mostly white sand, upscale housing units, hotel and restaurants and all the amenities you’ll find in a prime vacation resort. However, we were here yesterday to see for ourselves the new route, what it has to offer runners for their upcoming road to trail run on April 25, 2015.

The route gives you breath-taking sites of the ocean, the beach and the cove that fronts the Anvaya resort. The ocean takes on a variety of hues from different vantage points. When the clouds uncover the sun, the waters take on a shiny, silvery spark of brightness but when it’s overcast, the water transform into light blue with white shreds of overlays with mountain ranges as backdrop.

The race will start on a well-paved road that’s only a few hundred meters long before runners venture into trails that were developed for this event which then leads to the outskirts of Anvaya Cove. Although we were brought to the 6 km shorelines of Anvaya which is part of the route, we were not able to see much of the trails outside of the resort except for a birds’ eye-view of the valleys underneath Mt. Natib with ridges, uphills, a river plus a hanging bridge where runners will at one point converge to cross it.

However, we were assured by Salomon Brand Manager, Janice Tanada that this year’s route will be much more forgiving than the Hamilo Coast route of the last 2 years where from last year’s race alone, only 50% of runners of the 32k distance were able to finish it with-in cut off time.

245 MASL at the 12.5km mark of the 32k distance

Here are a few pics i took in sequence the moment we were sent-off up to the end of our run. Because of lack of time, we were only able to recon the beach part of the run and its adjacent areas including a visit to a Vietnamese memorial which will form part of the route.


Jazzrunner (c) Franc Ramon

With Franc and Pedz, the Running Atom

Thanks to Franc for this pic! 🙂

Like last year, there will be a speed boat-in-waiting for those too tired to continue..

A deserted Vietnamese memorial where a Vietnamese village once thrived

The trails, valleys and river below Mt. Natib are part of the 24 and 32k trail route

There’s also going to be a hanging bridge crossing

A closer look below

Outrun the Road, Outlast the Trail at the Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas 2015 The World’s #1 brand in Trail Running, Salomon– gears up one of the biggest trail events of the season

Trail fanatics & Running enthusiasts are sure to be thrilled once again, with the announcement of this year’s highly-anticipated Salomon X-Trail Run. Back for another round of exhilarating action, this race is one of Salomon’s trail running race series in the Asia Pacific Region, namely in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

Reputed for being a technical trail running race, the “X-Trail” branding includes a mix of different terrain & surfaces– dirt, rocks, sand and concrete paths. The past years’ Salomon Pilipinas X-Trail events were held at Premier locations outside Metro Manila, boasting beautiful sceneries, where mountains & coastlines merge together in the race route.

Attracting more than 1,200 participants during the past years, this race attracts all kinds of participants, with varying trail skill levels– from newbies to hardcore loyalists of the Salomon brand. Hence, the brand has made it a point to keep things exciting and challenging for everyone, offering different race courses, different routes and challenges, creating excitement & anticipation year on year.

This year’s X-Trail Run will be offering four distances – 6km road to trail, 12km road to trail, and the much anticipated 24km & 32km mountain run. These are perfect for all types of trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts who want to test their skill and endurance in the sport.

For the 6km and 12km Road-To-Trail category, outdoor enthusiasts who want to take their running to a higher level will get the chance to do so, as it is a perfect introduction to trails.

The registration fee for the 6km Road-To-Trail category is P850 including a race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, and a post race meal. Meanwhile, the registration fee for the 12km category is P1,100 which includes a race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, and a post race meal.

The 24km and 32km Mountain Run is targeted for experienced runners who wish to test their limits with steep ascents and multi-terrain challenges which stimulates skyrunning – an area of discipline where Salomon dominates. This category is considered a more ‘hardcore’ route, the course is meant for trail runners who wish to partake in the real Salomon Experience.

The registration fee for the 24km Mountain Run is P1,400 with race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, Salomon handheld water bottle, post-race meal, and a finisher’s medal for those who finish within the cut-off time. For the 32km Mountain Run, the fee is P1,600 with race bib, timing chip, Salomon X-Trail technical jersey, Salomon water bottle, post-race meal and a finisher’s medal for those who finish within the cut-off time. Mandatory Gears for this category is a headlamp, whistle, hydration pack/belt which will all be checked prior to race start. The race employs a strict No Mandatory Gear and No Race rule. The Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas is a Green Run, no disposables will be provided at the hydration stations and participants are required to bring their own provisions.

For those who wish to reserve a bus slot from Trinoma Mall to Anvaya Cove and back, registrants may simply add another P600. The offer is exclusive for the first 300 registrants only.

For all interested runners, registered participants will also get 20% discount across all regular priced items at Salomon Stores including SM Aura, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa Annex, Glorietta 3, Abreeza Davao, and in R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street.

Registration is ongoing until April 20 and registration may be done online via the website or at the following registration centers:

  • Salomon Store SM Aura, 4th floor, SM Aura Mall, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig;
  • Salomon Store SM Megamall, 3rd floor, Bldg D, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong;
  • Salomon Glorietta 3 Store, 2/f Glorietta 3, Ayala Center Makati City;
  • Salomon Store SM Annex North Edsa, 2/f, SM North Edsa Annex Building, Edsa, Quezon City; and at
  • R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street , Fort Bonifacio Taguig, 3/f Runner’s Runner Booth (Starting April 10).

The distribution of race kits is at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, starting April 10 to 23, at the 3rd floor (c/o Runners’Runner Booth). For accommodations, special rates of partner hotels of Anvaya Cove will be available at the website. For accommodation inquiries and reservations, email inquiry@ or visit for more details. (PRESS RELEASE)