Hoka One One Launched in the Philippines

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The Hoka One One Line-up

To those not yet in the know, you might be surprised at what you’ll see at the RUNNR Store at BGC and its many branches. A few days ago, the one brand you were probably asking (specially if you’re a trail runner) is when this would be released locally, has been finally launched and the HOKA One One joins the many other running shoe brands that have been staple to both road and trail runners alike for many years already.

With about seven (7) of their newest models being introduced, there’s no way we could recommend which shoe would be best for you, but for the trail running buffs like me, their best sellers are included in the selection, the Speedgoat-2 and the Challenger ATR 2.

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Unveiling of the Hoka shoes led by Mr. Toby Claudio

The HOKAs have been a mainstay globally for the past 7 years. During those times, the brand developed a small but devoted following of trail runners (and later road runners), who liked the shoes’ over-sized wide body design, superb midsole cushioning, bounce and its light weight, going into the direction of being “maximalist”, as opposed to the uber- minimalist trend being introduced during Hoka’s infancy.

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Hoka Speedgoat

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Speedgoat’s Outsole

Among those models that were initially introduced were the Clifton, the Bondi, Mafate and Huaka, among a slew of others. Still, they evolved and are introducing new ones in the market.

If you’re one of those loyalists who liked the bouncy, maximalist feel of these old models, the newer ones won’t disappoint. These are pricey shoes but they work for the vast majority. Available at RUNNR Stores.

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First 3 customers!

MANILA, Philippines – March 16, 2017 – RUNNR, the Philippines’ leading running specialty store, today announced the arrival of HOKA ONE ONE®, the award-winning French running shoe brand that is making significant global strides with its maximalist sole design.

HOKA ONE ONE started in 2009 when Ultra Marathon champion Nico Mermoud realized he needed shoes to help him run downhill faster while reducing the shock that took a toll on his legs. Mermoud then partnered with fellow athlete Jean-Luc Diard in engineering a shoe that had double the shock absorbing material than traditional running shoes and uniquely carved geometry that encouraged an efficient foot strike – thus the revolutionary lightweight running shoe brand was born.

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Over the years, HOKA ONE ONE has become one of the most acclaimed running shoe brands in the world, winning multiple accolades from Competitor Magazine, Triathlete and Runners’ World. The continuous growth of HOKA ONE ONE can be attributed to runners of all types embracing the brand’s promise of delivering lightweight, well-cushioned shoes with an exceptional ride.

Recognizing the demand of the growing Philippine running community for quality and high-performing products, RUNNR, a member of the Quorum Group of Companies, will exclusively carry the HOKA ONE ONE shoe line in the Philippines, adding yet another premium item in its already impressive mix of running products.

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“We are excited to be the official distributor of HOKA ONE ONE in the Philippines. The arrival of this amazing shoe brand in the country has long been anticipated by our local roster of triathletes, ultradistance runners and marathoners,” said Toby Claudio, President of Quorum International Inc. and Founder of RUNNR. “As the leader in the local sports retail industry, we continue to support the growing Filipino running community by bringing in the best global brands.”

Philippines, it’s about time we experience HOKA ONE ONE. Why run when you can fly? Visit RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center and Cebu and grab a pair now!

inov8 Trail Running Shoes Returns to the Philippines

inov8 is a major player in the trail running market not only with their trail shoes, but with their road shoes as well. They have also introduced their cross-fit/training shoes and hopes to make a splash on this market. They have been proven in competition both on and off-road, across sports, and worn by elite trail runners across the globe. With a well-oiled technology supported constantly by updating their models, they are arguably one of the most recognizable brand in the trail running world.

inov-8 is dedicated to building performance shoes for every athlete, and they revolutionize with new technology shoes for all terrains. Whether its offering the same shoe with varying levels of heel-to-toe drop, building sport and gender specific lasts for a better fit, or leveraging aggressive tread designs and rubber compound, inov-8 is dedicated to producing the most purpose built running footwear athletes enjoy worldwide.

inov8 has recently returned to the Philippines after a lackluster presence in the country many years ago, when trail running was not yet as popular as a competitive sport as it is now. The popularity of trail running has mushroomed over the past 5 years with notable world-class races like the TNF100, Salomon XTrail Runs, the hardcore ultra trail races of FrontRunner magazine like H1, Four Lakes100, Old Spanish Trail50 and to a lesser extent, the Pimco Love A Tree Trail Run Series, MGM Mountain Runs, Conquer Trail Runs and New Era Trail Events.

Along with the increased popularity has come a larger number of demand for trail running gear, most specifically trail running shoes and inov8 intends to cash-in on the emergence of trail running’s popularity in the country at very reasonable prices.

This new batch of inov8 shoes were recently launch at the Sportshouse branch in SM North Edsa and these latest releases include shoes for trails, road, multi-terrain, extreme terrain and performance (crossfit) training.

Below are the current available models of the inov8 which is exclusively available at all SportsHouse stores, with stats and descriptions provided by Ms. AR Aguspina of Sportshouse:

P 5,495.00

P 4,495.00

P 4,495.00

P 4,495.00

P 4,495.00

P 4,495.00

P 4,495.00 (Road Shoe)

P 4,495.00 (crossfit training)

P 6,495.00 Men’s (Weight lifting)

P 6,495.00 Women’s (Weight lifting)

For more info on the inov8, you can check out their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/sportshouse.com.ph/timeline or their website at: http://www.sportshouse.com.ph/

Shoe Review: Viking Anaconda Boa II GTX



  • Recommended for hikers, trekkers and the occasional trail runner
  • Excellent traction on any trail condition. Plenty of upper support
  • Fitted with the BOA lacing technology
  • Weight: 15 oz.

Many of our present trail shoes are generally made to look like real trail shoes with hard rubber outsoles, over-sized lugs, toe bumpers, etc. But European-designed trail shoes such as the Viking from Norway are specifically made for the trails because of the greater tradition of hiking, trekking and running in Europe.

The Anaconda Boa II GTX has every technical bell and whistle, from the upper to the outsole. No cost was spared and this trail shoe is made with high-tech materials and innovations a European company has to offer.


This model has a nice water-resistant synthetic leather that works well to keep feet dry in wet conditions. The inside lining is made of GORE-TEX membranes which keeps the shoe waterproof that doesn’t allow the water to sip-in. Although the outer fabric is water resistant, the pores of the membranes lets heat and moisture out keeping the interior breathable and comfortable.

The outsoles are fairly aggressive as Viking use their own unique technology called the “Ultimate Grip Concept” (UGC) and i have personally felt the excellent traction while running on technical trails, rocky paths and slippery surfaces. The rubber studs are set in different directions to guarantee an excellent traction to almost any terrain.

The UGC outsoles

Like some of North Face trail shoes, the Viking uses the BOA lacing system into their shoes. It’s a round piece of knob (the size of a 5 Peso coin) located on the sides and is connected to ultra-thin steel wires that serves as the laces.

When loosening the laces, you just pull out the knob and push the tongue of the shoe forward. Then to tighten it, push-in back the knob and rotate it clockwise and adjust its tightness. Pretty cool and simple.


I didn’t have a clue on how to unlock the BOA laces when i first tried it on. But once i got the gist of it, it was so simple to slip your foot on and out of the shoe and a lot convenient when adjusting the tightness of the lacing.

The fit is snug because of the exactness of the closure. There was no pressure points at all and the adjustments of the foot was even and secure.


The Anaconda was developed by one of Norway’s oldest “outdoor” shoe company—and it shows. It’s an excellent hiking/trail walking shoe but not purposely for running fast paces or long intervals.

However, it’s performance on every technical trail imaginable is above par! I was able to test run/walk this shoe on a recent trail and mountain run to Mt. Manalmon in Bulacan a few weeks ago (my story here). The trek up and down the trails was about 10kms and it was a cinch stepping up on rocky terrain, over large tree roots and rough roads.

The traction was superb and even if it was heavy, the shoe was responsive enough when stepping up and down slippery stones and other wet surfaces that you never worry of sliding out of balance.

The grip was good and the BOA laces stayed firmly as it was intended to be. It was water resistant when the shoe was half-submerged in the river and when it was totally submerged when wading across  the river, it dried out quickly in a few minutes.


The weakness of the Anaconda is this shoe was way too heavy, a little booty and because of its weight, it was hard to sustain a continuous run.

However, the traction was phenomenal, it had a decent fit and adaptable to any off-road terrain.

This shoe should be more than adequate for mountaineers, hikers, trekkers, trail walkers or peak-baggers.

I would not discount this shoe for runners as it can be used for occasional trail runs, as a recovery or cross training shoe to run on non-technical trails. But then,  i would not recommend this shoe for serious trail runners or for those wanting to race on trails.

I’ll still give the Anaconda plenty of credit. While most trail shoes are geared to for running and having this ‘trail look’, Viking builds trail shoes for function.

The Anaconda has the makings of a good running trail shoe but Viking simply didn’t have lightness and racing in their minds yet.

Hopefully, soon!