Wall To Shotgun 10 Mile Challenge: Race Recap

If there was one truly hilly race in the metro that would bust your lungs and may want you to rush for the nearest exit, then last Sunday’s Wall To Shotgun 10 Mile Challenge Race would be it! It’s probably the last resort a Race Director would have– a super hilly venue to hold a race given the usual, often-used routes many runners now shy away from.

Coach Roel Ano’s Wall To Shotgun 16.8k is a very challenging race through and through. It’s a tough course but if you have run other road and trail courses, it won’t be anything you can’t handle (Salomon Trail Run, Nathan Ridge Run, PIMCO-Tanay Trail races, cover the same tough hills). The only thing that hindered this race was the presence of cyclists, with dozens of mountain bikers and hikers sharing the roads with you.

A portent of things to come

The uphills going to Timberland which to many is called “The Wall” (where the start and finish line are located) and Shotgun Road are really home to cyclists trying their mettle in uphill biking so the course began to really get crowded during the latter part of the race. Regardless, the event was very well organized with marshals manning the course and sufficient hydration stations positioned in strategic areas.

Coming back from Shotgun Road

Fortunately, the temperatures were mild Sunday morning with overcast clouds trying to shade us for most part of the run. I could probably count the number of kilometers that i actually did “run” and maybe half of the 16 km distance i did by walking the uphills! Walking up the “Wall” part TWICE was a seemingly endless ordeal. It lasted about 2.8 kms of continuous uphills but seemed like forever!

At the turn-around point of the WALL

However, once you finish the second turn-around point up that newly opened subdivision with a nice view of the city, you are basically home free. Two kilometers to go of downhill running and when you think you’re just a few steps left before the finish, you are directed to a backdoor alley down to various steps leading to the backyard of the Divine Mercy Shrine.

As i was running all alone, it felt eerie at that place that i had to rush out of that area as fast as i could, which was probably my fastest part of the run before exiting to the main road and on to the finish.

Sharing the road with cyclists

I finished the race distance (16.4 on my Soleus Fit) in an excruciating 2:30:07, almost the same time i did at the RU1 21k the week before! Hahah..!

This was one of the most challenging 10-miler i’ve done. I hope Coach Roel can rectify the course a little bit next time by foregoing the second loop towards the Wall and instead extend the distance in other areas like the Shotgun Road area or perhaps extend the course up to the Timberland Sports Club and beyond if permits are not a problem.

My Soleus family

We didn’t get to join the Boodle Fight after the run as we knew it would be crowded so me and running buddy Rhett just rushed out to get our fill at Vivian’s Tapsilogan in Marikina.

This is an epic race from Coach Roel, organized as his birthday run and it sure did fulfill a tough but satisfying event! Saludos, Coach Roel!

Basta Bisaya, Gahi!

(Check out for the race results here:  http://www.results.runningmate.ph/index.php/event/result/152)

Wall 2 Shotgun 10-Mile Challenge

Running on long undulating hills is tough as it is but runners taking on this route for the first time are in for a surprise when they tackle one of the most difficult and steepest inclines along Shotgun Road in San Mateo, Rizal.

But just in case you’re up to the challenge, running Coach Roel Amabao-Ano is organizing the Wall 2 Shotgun Run, a 10-mile (16.8kms) run on March 23, 2014.

The race starts at the Divine Mercy Shrine, along C-6 road near the entrance to Timberland Heights where bikers call that portion, The Wall. The race stretches through difficult uphill roads and will also pass through 2 kms of the dirt trails inside Timberland Heights. Incredible views of the city and inside the trails await runners running the Wall 2 Shotgun 10 Mile Challenge Run.

Don’t miss this 10 Miler. Slots are limited!

Here are the details of the race:

Wall 2 Shotgun 10-Mile Challenge
March 23, 2014 (5:00AM)
Divine Mercy, Guitnang Bayan, San Mateo, Rizal
10 Miles (16.8K)

Registration Fees:

Early Bird rate (from Feb 5-8, 2014) – Php 500
Regular rate (from Mar 1-15, 2014) – Php 550

– Race kit includes bib, timing chip, post-race meal (Boodle Fight) and a Finisher Shirt

Registration Centers:

  • A Runners Circle, Roxas Blvd cor Quirino Avenue
  • 100 Miles Cafe, BGC
  • Riovana, BGC

For Group or Team Registrations:
– Minimum of 10, Maximum of 20 – Less Php 100 per runner from the regular registration fee
– Submit Team Names upon registration
– First 10 (First 7 male and 3 Female) will be declared winners through the team total time.

All registered participants will get 10% off on Simple Hydration Bottle available at A Runner’s Circle Running Shop Manila.

Uphill entrance to Shotgun Road

Great view, steep climb!

Endless climb at Shotgun Road

Route will pass through these trails inside Timberland Heights

Timberland trails