Fitness First: Let’s Get Personal

I’m trying to jump-start my gym program these days, squeezing some sessions at Fitness First after totally neglecting a one-year free training session at another fitness club, a circuit training center in Ortigas last year. Fitness First is one of the biggest, if not the biggest health gym in the country today and prides itself in creating a unique training environment.

At the launch of the Fitness First-Let’s Get Personal/Personal Trainer Program last week, the fitness club strives to maintain a facility that allows both serious fitness buffs and those less experienced to get the most of their work-outs by finding the right Personal Trainer to get optimum results!

The FF Blogger-Ambassadors with the Fitness First Trainors

I was fortunate enough to be one of the chosen bloggers to be a blogger-ambassador for Fitness First and the first thing that i realized was the importance of having the services of a Personal Trainer (PT). PTs offer a safe, effective, goal-oriented and fun workout for their fitness habitues.

First among other things, we were asked to take the PT Match Test to find the ideal personal trainer and instantly get a free fitness introductory session. Having the perfect partner-in-training helps get an exercise plan tailored just for you. Since there is no  one-size-fits-all approach to every client, the PT match is tailored-made based on the following:

  • body type, diet, lifestyle and present hobbies or sports
  • how the members want to be trained and
  • his or her purpose of getting fit (loose weight, improve fit, injury rehabilitation, improvement of sports performance

I was able to have my body composition analyzed  via the Tanita Analyser after the PT match-up. Among the findings are: Weight-162lbs (73kg), from 181lbs 3 mos ago although ideal weight should be 63.6 kg. Biological age is 43 y.o. (i’m in my mid-50s). Degree of obesity is 16%! Ugh!  Still seems normal on all counts so i was off to a good start!

As a runner, i chose a training program that would improve my running performance and that would entail a lot of upper body and core strength. More than this, The Fitness First PT experience shows and guides members to work out safely and correctly (using equipment the right way) based on their goals. Members should enjoy the session because PTs understand each person’s needs and goals hence customizing the work-out to suit that person.

My Personal Trainer that “helped me see the light” during the launch, Archie Gabaleo. Aside from being a PT, Archie is also a Registered Nurse who is a regular at Fitness First Platinum, RCBC

The compatibility match test resulted in my having Archie Gabaleo as PT that afternoon and boy, he really showed me the ropes of getting my whole body soaked in sweat with all those basic core exercises that he tried to squeeze on me! Archie is also a runner where he has done marathons and several halves and with this knowledge in running, sort of fit through to what i was looking at for a Personal Trainer.

We did lunges, squats, planks, medicine ball exercises including TRX suspension work-outs plus some cool-down on the treadmill. As expected, my muscles was a bit sore the following morning! 🙂

One of the basic core exercises i did while PT Archie supervised

It was one excellent learning experience of getting a PT supervise your work-outs. Aside from gaining knowledge and more skills from them, they are powerful motivators, an avid supporter and a great coach!

To find yourself a Personal Trainer  that will go the extra mile with you, you can log-in at

You won’t regret it!

Fitness First Blogger Ambassadors