Soleus Launches Signature Series Watch Collection in the Philippines

Running has always been a relief and a sanctuary—something that makes me feel good, both physically and mentally. For me it’s not so much about the health benefits. Those are great, but I believe that the best thing about running is the joy it brings to life.” –Kara Goucher

I have always followed Kara Goucher’s’s amazing feats as she is one of the most accomplished American female distance runner for the past 15 years. The two-time Olympian is mostly described as tough because of her awesome achievements, her ability to come back after a series of injuries during her peak years. Lately, Goucher is continuing her extreme gift of marathon running into a balance of training, rest, healthy eating and more training… inspiring others to do the same.

Her major accomplishments:

Marathon PR: 2:24:52 (Boston, 2011)

Best trials qualifier: 2:30:24 (Los Angeles, 2016)

Most recent marathon: 4th, 2:30:24, 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials

Residence: Boulder, Colorado

Age : 38

Previous Olympic trials results: third, 2012 marathon; second, 2008 10,000 meters; first, 2008 5,000 meters

Celebrating the pursuit of the Rio Olympics 2016, Kara in collaboration with other Soleus Elites, Alysia Montano, and Nick Symmonds, has debuted a special edition collection designed Soleus watches.

While the Soleus GPS One is a minimalist watch, “it has everything you need and nothing you dont”, as its catchphrase suggests. It’s a simple watch with not much frills but delivers what it does best, accurately track your speed and distance. And what better way to maximize it’s potential than to collaborate with elite sponsored American athletes on a signature series collection that is designed by elite runners for world-class and newbie runners.

The Soleus Signature Kara Goucher GPS One has a stunning red, white and blue interface with Kara’s signature at the back that represents the American flag. The Soleus GPS One has all the technology many runners need..a reliable GPS provides you via a simple user-interface with accurate pace and distance information. Moreover, this watch is water resistant, and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Though it doesn’t upload data, you still can keep an old-fashioned work-out diary which Kara does. Aside from pace, distance and speed, it also measures calories burned, stores lap data and has a 100-hour chronograph capabilities.

After several years of constant use with various Soleus GPS watch models, the Sara Goucher GPS One Signature series packs the usual important features of a GPS watch; an accurate recording of average pace and run distance, long battery life and now a great color design which is plenty suitable for all-day wear. Great running watch at a very low price of P4,950.00 available at all L-Time Studio Stores and TIMEGEAR Boutiques!






You can get these special signature series at all L-Time Studio Stores and TIMEGEAR Boutiques!

Soleus To Unveil Their New GPS Watches Soon!

There’s no shortage of great GPS watches on the market if you’re looking to buy your first, upgrade or have another spare to use on your daily sports activities. Even so, there are certainly some watches that stand above others, either because they have multiple specs, they’re easy to operate, with up-loadable data and is affordable with practical uses.

To a runner or triathlete, there are so many things to consider when buying a GPS watch . Sure, you can run down all the standard specs and features and look for the ones with the highest numbers—GPS accuracy, heart rate monitors, display size, functionality, battery capacity, all that stuff—but high scores doesn’t add up to a great watch that’s intended for practical and specific use in your training or racing.

A few nights ago, I, together with another blogger, Abet Ocampo were given the first dibs on 3 of the latest SOLEUS GPS Watches that will come out in the local market soon. Thanks to Ms. Judith Staples, Marketing Head of the biggest sports and fashion watch distributor in the country, L-TIME STUDIO for letting us take a first look of her babies. It’s been a while since we were introduced to their previous GPS models like the FIT 1.0, Tour and Cross-Country.

The SOLEUS Watch brand is evolving. In its own distinct way, it is becoming the most popular and most affordable GPS watch locally that a runner can have. The dependable pieces of SOLEUS has given us a great training tool over the years with evermore exciting and practical functions minus the bells and whistles the high-end watches possess. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

As a result, at the entry-level, the watches, tagged with its low price are becoming more popular and the use of GPS has become increasingly commonplace to both experienced and newbie runners.

Here’s a look at SOLEUS’ latest 3 GPS models:

The Soleus GPS One: US$ 79.00

The Soleus GPS ONE: New Ultra Thin Profile –
GPS Receiver
Pace / Speed
calories Burned
Auto Lap / 100 Lap
1/100 Sec Chronograph
EL Backlight
Night Mode
8 Hours GPS Battery Life
Rechargeable Battery
30M Water Resistant

ONE is the simplest model, satisfying the preferences of many recreational runners as well as elites who value pen and paper and record their activity in running journals.  Living in a technology-driven society we often overlook the purists who still value the simplicity of running.  Retailing at only $79, One offers the accuracy of all other GPS models but revels in the simplicity of a one-touch start.  With a display that has three lines of data, the user can easily monitor their run time, pace and distance and be done.  One is the perfect tool for people who embrace the experience of running and don’t want to electronically store all their data.

Soleus GPS Turbo: US$ 129.00

GPS Turbo – 8 hours of GPS battery life,6 interval training sessions, auto pause detection, Pace Partner, vibration alerts, 3 lines of customizable data, 5 programmable alarms, automatic lap splits, and 100-lap memory (just to name a few).

TURBO in addition to One, is new to the Soleus GPS family.  It fulfills the needs of the active community who are seeking enhanced real-time feedback and data by adding brand new features.  Turbo measures and displays all of the standard GPS information: time, pace and distance, and has included metrics that make it a more enhanced training tool.

“Pace Partner” allows you to pre-determine a pace range in which you’d like to maintain for a run.  “Pace Alerts” will then notify you by a beep or vibration when falling off pace.  Also, in an effort to make the device more user-friendly, especially when running through congested areas that require frequent stops, Soleus introduces “Auto Pause.”

This uses GPS data to identify when you’ve stopped forward progress, and automatically pauses your run.  The Auto Pause function then recognizes when you’ve begun running again, and starts the watch, all without the user having to hit any buttons.  Like FlyTurbo is compatible with online training communities, and allows the user to upload all of their stored workouts.

Soleus GPS Fly: US$ 99.00

Another color of the Soleus GPS Fly

The Soleus GPS Fly tells you speed, distance, pace, and calories burned. GPS Fly offers the most essential running data alongside an 8 hour battery life, 3 lines of customizable data, 100-lap memory, automatic lap splits, and 30 run data storage.

FLY is an upgrade to Soleus’ number one selling watch, the Fit.  The added features include a smaller casing and band width for a more comfortable fit, and a refined user interface by utilizing descriptive icons in place of finely printed words to describe navigation. The Fly is offered in four new colorways and retails for $99.  Similar to its predecessor, the Fly measures and stores all relevant data like time, pace, distance, and calories burned, and is uploadable to multiple popular online training communities that allows runners to log their workouts and interact with other athletes.

Austin, Texas – June 23, 2015 – From the beginning, Soleus has positioned itself as a running company; creating high functioning, reliable, and stylish timing and monitoring products in a cost-effective manner for runners worldwide.  Using the latest technology as well as soliciting functional and creative feedback from sponsored athletes, has enabled Soleus to continue refining their products.  This process has led to the development of three entirely new models of GPS running watches.  Soleus is proud to introduce OneFly and Turbo to their comprehensive product line.

“Our relationships with runners all over world, especially our elite athletes, gives us tremendous insight into the needs and wants of every type of runner,” says Soleus founder and CEO, David Arnold.  “Our goal is to have a full portfolio of products for every type of runner, and with OneFly and Turbo, we’re serving a growing and diverse population of runners.”

Ultimately, this new line of timing products highlights Soleus’ continued commitment to the running community and collaborative investment in the athletes they sponsor and support.  OneFly and Turbo are evidence that high performance doesn’t have to come at an extreme price point, and can help grow the scope of runners who can benefit from Soleus’ diverse portfolio. (PRESS RELEASE)

These new line of SOLEUS GPS watches will be available locally during the first week of August. Prices of each will be announced soon!