Collaboration: #ArnoldsArmy and Toby’s Store Open Workout

When fitness icon and trainer to local celebrities, Arnold Aminion takes his workouts outside his gym, you can be sure of an explosive, challenging yet results oriented fitness routine. Just ask Solenn Heusaff, Richard Gutierrez, Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson who have been under his wings and savored what having a healthy, strong and beautiful bodies look like. While these celebrities put in lots of hours to transform their physique, they relied on Aminion’s great workout methods to help them stay in shape.

#ArnoldsArmy, as what Aminio’s wards are called has now collaborated with Toby’s Sports, the country’s largest store for sports and fitness to offer the first Toby’s Sports Arnold’s Army Open Workout at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre. The live free session was an easy-going gym atmosphere that had all the benefits of an #ArnoldsArmy high-end level fitness workout.

Arnold Aninion (2nd from right) with his celebrity clients, Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff (Photo:

EnteTo be trained by Aninion or at least become a part of the #ArnoldsArmy for a
day serves as a badge of honor.

At the event, Andrea Tan, Toby’s Sports Head of Marketing and Communications, affirmed that Toby’s Sports has always advocated a healthy and active lifestyle among millions of Filipino consumers. Noting that more people have become increasingly health conscious, Tan disclosed that Toby’s Sports aims to connect with them—and other fitness enthusiasts—by holding complimentary trendy workout sessions.

Quorum International Inc. President Toby Claudio participates in the Toby’s
Sports #ArnoldsArmy Open Workout.

The first to lead Toby Sports’ workout activities was Aninion, an eminent fitness coach who trains celebrity clients such as Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza, Solenn Heussaff, and Georgina Wilson, among others. He is also credited for social arbiter Raymond Gutierrez’s dramatic transformation.

Through group exercise, a fitness enthusiast is likely to work out harder than
he would on his own.

“The enthusiastic response we received from the public and industry influencers was overwhelming,” said a highly pleased Tan, who revealed that Toby Sports was just looking to holding a walk-in event. “But after posting about it online,” Tan said, “it generated so much interest that we had to do pre-registration a couple days before the open workout. The event likewise drew attention from local celebrities like Michael de Mesa and Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai, among others.”

Local celebrities like Michael de Mesa and Eric “Eruption” Tai attended the

Tan averred that being trained by Arnold Aninion, or becoming part of #ArnoldsArmy for a day at least, is a distinct privilege. “We hope that our participants will walk away with some workout tips from Arnold, himself—those that they can do at home or in the gym, even without a trainer,” she announced at the onset of the event.

Aninion engaged the participants who were assisted in order to work out
beyond their perceived limitations.

True enough, the workout participants had an intimate exercise session with the popular trainer, who appeared thoroughly engaged as he encouraged them to work out beyond their perceived limitations.

Toby’s advocates health and fitness and hopes to connect with the rising
number of health-conscious individuals, particularly the fitness enthusiasts, by holding
trendy workouts.

Tan happily noted that the event’s success was due to the fact that people are more stimulated when exercising with a group—and using a variety of workout styles—because of the social atmosphere and community vibe. “With group exercise,” Tan pointed out, “you are likely to work out harder than you would if you were on your own.”

There are many reasons why people exercise – others like to lose weight,
inspire or get moving to manage stress.

Apart from the workouts, information on fitness recovery strategies was likewise underscored. “That is something you should know when you kick-start your fitness journey,” Tan related as she acknowledged that people exercise for a variety of reasons: to lose weight, to lead a generally healthier lifestyle, to manage stress, and much more.

This wonderful workout experience will be fitness enthusiasts’ main
takeaway for them to stay active and improve their overall health.

“Whatever their fitness motivation is, or whatever stage in their fitness journey they’re in,” Tan stated, “we want them to know that Toby Sports, as the leader in sports and fitness, will always have their backs.”
To be sure, Arnold’s Army Open Workout was just the beginning. “This wonderful workout experience merely set them on the path to a consistently active lifestyle and improved their overall health,” Tan said.
For his part, Arnold Aninion, who has acquired iconic status for his revolutionary and life-changing workouts, assured his students that they will get closer to their workout goals “when they train with me.”

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