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Quezon City , ranked among the top 10 Asian Cities of the Future by the Financial Times Magazine of the UK and AsiaBIZ Strategy Ltd. of Singapore, reinforces this lofty world standing with the city’s inaugural holding of an international marathon on October 18, 2009.

For this project, the office of Mayor Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte Jr. is mobilizing the support of the citizenry, socio-civic groups and the many big companies and businesses which have made the city their home these past few years.

Envisioned to be the culminating activity of the city’s week-long 70th founding anniversary celebration this October, the First Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM) will be a multi-event footrace with the 42.195-kilometer full marathon as centerpiece event.  The race will start and finish at the newly spruced-up Quezon Memorial Circle People’s Park, and traverse the whole length of Commonwealth Avenue, parts of the newly-built Ayala Techno Park, the UP Campus and the La Mesa Eco-Park.

The other race events will cover distances of 21K, 10K and 5 kilometers within this relatively flat course.  Attractive prizes will be up for grabs for top-notch local and international runners.

Mayor Belmonte has appointed the Executive Runners Club of the Philippines (Runnex) as QCIM race manager with Entraineur/Finish Line as race organizer.  Runnex will be banking on its more than 25 years of race organization in holding the first Quezon City International Marathon. Currently, Runnex is holding a 10-month running clinic at UP Diliman every Sunday in preparation for the October race.

In addition, the QCIM satellite races especially are expected to be star-studded events. Major broadcast media stations based in Quezon City are invited to participate in the project and field in entries, particularly their showbiz talents.  The country’s top radio-TV stations headquartered in Quezon City include ABS-CBN, GMA 7, ABC5, IBC 13, RPN 9 and PTV 4.

Plans are likewise afoot to make the QCIM a family-friendly and runner-friendly finishers’ marathon.  Various runner and spectator attractions at the Quezon City Memorial Circle , a traditional runners’ haven, are being organized by the Quezon City Cultural & Tourism Affairs Office (CTAO) to make the QCIM not only a competitive event but also a festive occasion.

For further inquiries, contact 920-4206, 742-0283 or 742-3091 (telefax) or log on to www.runnex.org or finishline.ph.


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    • Thanks, Sir Amado! Hope the organizers come up with a great, well prepared event!

      Thanks too for dropping by.:-)

  1. Hi Rene, what do we expect regarding the monster smog at the highly accident prone Commonwealth Avenue? This will be the killer route here, literally.

    • Vener, the south side lane of Commonwealth ave. will be closed to traffic during the marathon. With regards to the monster smog, let’s just pray for some good weather during the event:-)

    • Registration date will be on August 20, 2009. We will come up with a major announcement of all details regarding registration, fees, etc. Watch out for this blog.


  2. thank you jazzrunner for the reply. Tanong ko lang na as part of my preparation for 21k ok lang ba na in a week twice ako mag 10k training? Any suggestion for my training para di magkaroon ako ng foot problem? Thank you and God bless bless sa inyo.

    • Hi peacerunner– i wish i knew your present level of fitness so i could give a fair assessment of what you should be doing in your training now. I assume that you already have ran various 10ks so two 10k runs a week would be sufficient at this time. Try to increase your mileage buy no more than 10% every succeeding weeks that you will be able to run a 15k-18k comfortably 2 weeks before the marathon. Also, do one long run (usually averaging 15k or longer) every Sunday to increase your stamina over the long haul.

      This long runs should be of slow intensity and always listen to your body and make the necessary adjustments. Good luck in your training.

  3. thank you for the good advice jazzrunner. Yes weekly i do 10k run. I will follow your advice as part of my training in preparation. Thanks again and God bless…

  4. hello jazzrunner, itatanong ko lang sana if what is the correct landing sa foot kung toes or hell or middle.Thank you.

    • Hi peacerunner. in my opinion, walang correct or mali sa foot landing ng isang runner as long as he can run or race comfortably and stays injury free. Elite runners are either heel, midfoot or forefoot strikers and unless they get injured because of it, they shouldn’t change the way they land on their feet.

  5. hello jazzrunner! im going to run for 2010 Tokyo marathon on February 28. This is my first time to run for full marathon. This year i ran only for 10K. Tokyo marathon has only 2 running event, 10K and 42K. Any advice as to what kind of food to eat while doing training? I heard that honey is good for running? Thanks in advance for your reply. God bless and more power to you.

    • Hi peacerunner! I hope you are adequately preparing for your first full marathon as you seem to have very limited experience in running distances longer than the 10k race.

      There are many nutrition programs you can find in the net while on training but based on my past experiences, i still rely on complex carbohydrates which generates glycogen that is stored in the body for energy. Some staples are pasta, rice, vegetables, bread, potatoes, etc.

      Honey is just an energy booster or a simple carbo that is more useful during races as it gives you an immediate release of energy. I would stick with the complex carbo i mentioned above for long term benefits.

      hope this helps.

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