Running Along The Beaches of Pagudpud

(Our Ilocos Norte Sojourn, Part 3-A)

When we set out our trip to Laoag City, we certainly didn’t anticipate the adventure side trip to Pagudpud and that was definitely a highlight of our tour. Under overcast skies but cool Monday morning, the four of us– McCoy, Wilnar, Dennis and myself hopped inside Faivo’s new black sporty pick-up truck with a rough idea of how the beach resorts would look like.

As runners, you would think we would have prepared a plan on where to run, what to wear, what drinks to bring to our destination. Not so. Most of us just wanted to see the place, run if there was an opportunity and swim at the beach, most definitely – to wash off the hang-over we had this morning after downing two bottles of brandy.

After a few minutes on the road, Faivo stopped by a bakery store in Pasuquin town which was selling their famous biscocho bread. The bread came in two kinds: the soft, bun-like type and the toasted one that tasted like ‘machacaw‘ only, it was better. It has a peculiar taste and aroma which i assume was the ‘anis‘ flavoring that was added to it.

The bun type biscocho

It rained intermittently during the trip and the wind was strong that you could see the branches of coconut trees blowing in one direction. We thought it was bad timing for us to come this morning but Faivo assured us that the light rain would stop in no time.

Eventually, after driving through more than an hour of light drizzles, we arrived at Pagudpud at about 10:30am and Faivo was right, the rain stopped as soon as we got off from his pick-up truck. After an hour chatting, exchanging running experiences and stealing cat-naps in the truck, all we wanted was to flex our muscles, run a bit and splash in the beach– and this is exactly what we got.

Strong winds didn't dampen us to run towards the blue lagoon

Nice and windy

The view at my back

A view at the rock formation below

Taking a break

With Dhentz, McCoy & Wilnar (got it right this time, Wil):-)

The road ahead

Nearing the beachfront

Reaching the Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon

The first beach we headed to is the Maira-ira beach or better known as the Blue Lagoon. Because of the high winds and intermittent drizzles that enveloped the area that morning, the water was not so bluish as the waves were high and strong. But on any ordinary sunny day, Blue Lagoon is like a  large half moon shaped blue swimming pool, the water bluish like the pictures we see of beaches in Bermuda or Monte Carlo. The sand is very fine, whitish brown and your feet dips down when you run.

McCoy can't wait to take a dip!

Trying to run 100 meter sprints on sand

This is what you get when you run with your shoes on

Now running barefoot

What dah... water too cold?

Dhentz joining McCoy

Up towards the cottages

With Faivo on left

View from the cottages above

As we now knew what paradise is suppose to look like, we had time to stroll around the vicinity, first looking at the simple cottages and then to the beach front–it was during this walk that we realized we were like in our own private beach as we were the only ones enjoying the waters!

Just when you think you’ve seen all Pagudpud has to offer, Faivo suddenly blurts out, “Oh, you’ve seen nothing yet.  Come, i’ll bring you to the Boracay of Pagudpud!”

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    • Hi KT– i’m sure you’ll have a good time there too with your friends. See you again soon!:-)

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