A Sneak Peek of The Mt. Marami To Pico De Loro Trail Traverse

Amazing, scenic, hard-core and more! Words to describe how we experienced hiking and running for more than 13 hours coming from Baranggay Talipusngo, Maragondon, Cavite going to the base of Mt. Marami that traverses straight to Pico De Loro—-trekking a seldom used route mountaineers had utilized years ago. My co-trail runners and I had assumed that the trek will last just 5 or 6 hours at the most so we scrimped on bringing more supplies than what we had prepared for and sort of paid the price of being dehydrated for a couple of kilometers.

Then again, with my years of adventure for joining runs, hikes and races on undiscovered or least known trails, i decided to join this Test Run organized by Race Director JC Igos to drum up support to his group’s upcoming race, the “Beautiful Horizon, Silyang Bato-Pico De Loro 35km Trail Run” to be held on December 20, 2015.

The route passes through the rugged terrain of Mt. Mataas Na Gulod, Mt. Palay-Palay before ascending to the jump-off to Pico De Loro. It was my first time running this route as well with most of the others while i’ve had in two other occasions tipped the apex of Mt. Marami so i kind of knew what i was getting into.

If trails could be awarded a star for its breath of scenery and its arduous paths, then this place comes close to earning 10 perfect stars. Runners who will join this race will surely gasp for breath not only for the raw, mesmerizing vistas but also for the arduous route that will see them crossing rivers, climbing up dozens of hilly terrain,  exploring deep virgin forests and running single-track trails (some covered with foliage) in their natural form.

A limited field of runners including some from overseas will be put to tasked in running what is probably one of the most beautiful stretches of forest trails in the whole of Maragondon and Ternate in Cavite. The seemingly endless rugged terrain will transport you past grasslands with wild flowers, bended bamboo groves with cows intermittently seen lurking by.

Trekking the Anino River is an experience on its own. Located inside an old growth forest, the river is mainly untouched that extends up to a kilometer of low streaming waters. The forest is mostly dark, has thick growth and is eerily quiet if you set out alone, so the only light that can be seen inside the forest is a collection of sunbeams. I urge you to stay in groups while crossing its streams.

If you plan of setting up a reconnaissance run to get a feel of the route, i suggest to bring loads of water and food as there will be no available water between the traverse of Mt. Marami and Mt. Pico De Loro except from flowing water from an upstream source near the foot of Anino River. Also bring a flashlight or head-lamp as you may arrive at the Pico De Loro jump-off site near early evening. A fully-charged cellphone and some money is a must!

Details of registration can be viewed here: https://jazzrunner.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/preview-the-beautiful-horizon-trail-run-traverse/

Here are some pictures of the trails which i hope will be useful for this trail race! Enjoy!

(Photos by Vanessa Tagaro and The Jazzrunner)

Trailhead going to the Nuestra Senora Trail:

At the start with RD JC Igos (left)


Buko stop at the Nuestra Senora Chapel

Resting at the Traverse trail intersection (bahay kubo):

Continuing our trek to Mt. Mataas Na Gulod:

Our official photographer, Vanessa resting on this oversized rock

The Great “Ako Si Dabull” Runner!

More of the bended bamboos

Resting at the tail-end of Anino River:

The Anino River

Fallen tree at the middle of the stream which i call “trail decor”.

At the Alon-alon camp grounds

View at the foothills of Mataas na Gulod on our way towards Palay-palay and Dos Picos. Note the beak of the Pico De Loro mountain in the background.

The sign at Alibangbang Park that says we’re almost there

We’ll see you at the race!


7 responses to “A Sneak Peek of The Mt. Marami To Pico De Loro Trail Traverse

  1. Beautiful! Running in the Philippines is so much different then here in most of the states. When I was last there I went on short runs of 9 to 11 kilometers and really had/have a hard time figuring out how to run in the heat and humidity. I was gauging my water intake like I do here and that was a big mistake- I would quickly get headaches and at first thought it was just because of the heat and humidity: ended up getting dehydrated. I really need to learn how to run in the Philippines before my next trip there.

    • I suggest you double your intake of water here. And if you see some on the streets, stop and buy some fresh coconut juice from the ambulant vendors. As they say, “better than Gatorade”! 😉

    • Hi Glenn! Yes, it would be a mad dash to beat the cut-off time. I suppose the top 40% should be able to beat it but based on New Era’s generosity during their previous races, i think they could extend this for another hour or two for the rest when they reach Pico de Loro. 😉

  2. Hi Sir! May I ask the differences between Mt. Marami, Pico de Loro, Mt. Palay Palay, Mt. Mataas na Gulod and Dos Picos? We will be needing it for a project. Thank you.

    • From Mt. Marami you’ll have to pass through Mt. Palay-palay, Mt. Mataas na Gulod and Dos Picos before reaching Pico De Loro.

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