Trail Chronicles #12: The Salomon X-Trail Run

Quite possibly the most technically demanding trail race i have ever joined! The 32k route was relentlessly hilly with the inclines so steep that even the best of the trail runners i know were reduced to staggering zombies, our faces etched like doomsday ahead of Semana Santa!

I had been to the Hamilo Coast and ran the Salomon X-Trail Race last year and though it was just the 12k distance i took part in, the mountain terrains was one you would need to train for–lots of hill training and mountain hiking! Sort of a déjà vu returning back to this place and seems nothing change when i first set foot on this place last year.

I knew it would be a stretch to finish the 32k within the designated cut-off time of 7 hrs given the outrageous mountain course but i was quite confident to finish the damn thing. I have trained for it and bringing with me the confidence that i finished the recent hilly Love A Tree Daraitan 33.8k Trail Race last February in 6:57. But nothing would really prepare anybody for what was in store for the Salomon X-trail run last Saturday.

We arrived at the venue at around 2:50am just in time for the 3:00 am opening of the Hamilo Country Club gates for vehicles to enter. I was with good friend Jun and with Ashley, both newcomers to Hamilo Coast but no less determined to finish their respective distances with Jun doing the 24k while Ashley had her sights on the 32k, like me.

The race started promptly at 5:00am and i had a pretty smooth start, me and Ashley pacing each other at the initial concrete road until we settled to a walk on that first uphill. Ash is a fast runner but is more adept on hilly mountain terrains so we tucked into each other and we held on until she decides to leave me up those mountain passes.

We maintained our pace until around the first turn-around overlooking the sea as we tried to conserve as much energy as possible when we would assault those uphills later. Then it was on unto a construction site leading to a dirt road with a trail that was now being occupied by so many runners making their way up the hill. It was so unusual seeing so many runners merging on one uphill.

Ash and i weaved in between the runners until we were at the crest and found lines of runners getting hold of ropes to pull them up into a slope. The ropes i think were not necessary as we found ourselves pulling our bodies up effortlessly with our own weight.

The second hill was a long one called the “Powerline” route and it went much the same with long lines, reminiscent of those you find at the North Ave. MRT Stations stretching to as long as 250 meters as we waited for our turn to reach for that one single rope to summit up the hill.

That’s Ashley enjoying every minute of it!

Thumbs up! :)

Ash and i were on each other’s tail as we exited the ‘traffic’ trail and entered peripheral trails that led us into a farm land. Entering into this area, i was by myself alone for the first time as Ash forged ahead. I was glad to take-in those views at my own time and pace and not have to be heaving heavily from those in front. Oh, and i took pictures as well!

Here are some of the pics i took from km 12 to km 15.

By Km 16, I was able to catch up with Ashley and we both trudged on one of the most technical part of the route, a dry river bed with big boulders splayed out. We had to hop, crawl and skip from one boulder to another and the farther we went, the bigger those boulders became and there were parts that were really slippery.

Here i saw some runners who had sprained ankles or who had bruises on their knees and legs. We were able to reach the first cut-off of the route at 18.6kms in 3 hours and 40 minutes, a good 20 minutes inside the cut-off time of 4 hours.  So far so good.

But the relentless uphills really took a toll for most of us and many were really struggling just to keep within each others sight, walking a few steps at a time, specially during the 900 meter uphill trek to the power station. It was here that Ashley took off and never to see her again along the route.

To my surprise, i was able to creep up on faster runners who were also battling fatigue and we went as a group, scaling for a few meters then resting for a minute then hiking up once again. Little by little, i was feeling the cramps soar up my thighs and hamstrings and it got to a point that the pain was really debilitating that i had to stop, sit and lie down on the side of the trails under the heat of the sun.

My water had ran-out but good thing there were other runners behind me who helped massage my leg and feet! Many thanks to Alex Tejones and Kne Man Ville for the help and the push! Couldn’t have re-started without you guys! I honestly can’t remember the last time I cramped in a race, and there was nothing I could do but watch the other runners walk away from me as i limped step after step.

Disappointing as it may be, there was nothing i could do but to thread on and continue. It was 24.7 kms and my time was 7:24 past the 7 hrs cut-off for the race. I was really bent on finishing the remaining 6 kms, crawl if i had to. Unfortunately, the marshals’ net were there waiting and i was pulled out together with more than a dozen other runners who arrived ahead of me. It was past cut-off time, rules are rules and that was that. We rode on a pick-up truck and brought to the finish line!

This experience led me to believe that we can’t win them all, that there would be struggles that we all have to go through but the will and perseverance to survive will always be foremost in a runners heart!

I was happy to see Ashley at the finish line and asked if she was able to finish on time. Turns out that she had abandoned the race much earlier together with many other runners at the beach shore-nipa hut before the 23rd km and rode with them in a speed boat that brought them to the finish line! Jun was a casualty too!

To sum it all, this was a test of physical and mental endurance. One of the best (and harrowing) experiences of my life as a runner! :)

Congratulations to all who finished this challenging course! And to the 70% who failed to finish, there will be another race and another battle to conquer! Let’s all move on!

(Check out the race results here:

A runner takes her time to rest.

That’s Ashley (left) taking the selfie shot at the speed boat! :)

Thanks to Ashley for letting me use some of the photos here and on Facebook!



Soleus Valley Trail Challenge: All Set on June 29, 2014

If your looking for a trail race in the middle part of this year when it’s summer, the trails are dry that has breathtaking scenery to match (hope there won’t be any sudden storm like last year), you should definitely join the SOLEUS Valley Trail Challenge in Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna on June 29, 2014.

The race includes a 15k, 30k and a 50k Ultramarathon and it has one of the nicest trails south of Manila. I definitely plan to run the 30k this year and hope to improve on my finish time when i last joined this race 2 years ago. But even if i don’t, i’ll enjoy sucking-in the idyllic course of rolling hills, single tracks,the famed “New Zealand” pastureland and the occasional brown-spotted cows!

Do register early as slots are definitely going to run out very quickly!


(Press Release)

Nagsawa na ba kayo sa paulit-ulit na tinatakbuhan ninyo dito sa Metro Manila at kung saan-saan pa? Batung-bato na ba kayo sa tigas ng sementong kalsada? Dibat panahon na para subukan ninyo ang ibang klaseng kalsada, ruta at mga bagong tanawin?

For those who have done the marathon, don’t you think it’s time to test your feet for an ultra marathon? And for those who simply love the outdoors, a 15- and 30-kilometer category awaits you.

And for all those who had their trail or ultra marathon baptism of fire in the same event last year, you are all once again cordially invited by frontRUNNER Magazine, Ang Pambansang Babasahin ng Mananakbong Pilipino, to the 2014 Soleus Valley Trail Challenge that will be held on June 29, 2014 at Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna.

The route is generally runner-friendly, having a rolling but mostly flat terrain (single and double track dirt roads), and only around 5% will consist of concrete roads. This route offers reprieve from constant pounding on hard surfaces. It is an out and back course with the start and finish lines situated in the vicinity of The Fields Clubhouse. The course will bring runners to the peripheries of the NUVALI complex which will offer participants majestic views that only nature and NUVALI can offer.

And in the true tradition of trail and ultra running, this race will be a no frills, all thrills event where runners, despite the presence of aid stations, are strongly advised to be self-contained and sufficient, meaning, runners are strongly advised to carry their own headlamps/flashlights, hydration kits and nutrition supplies.

Additionally, it is also recommended that they bring their own first aid kit (cotton balls, antiseptic solution, band aid strips and anti-biotic ointment).

Experience the peace and serenity of your run without the distractions of the usual pre- and post-race noise and fanfare.

June 29, 2014
Nuvali Trail, Sta. Rosa Laguna
Organizer: FrontRUNNER

Registration Fees:
15k (300 slots) – 750.00 pesos
30k (400 slots) – 1000.00 pesos
50k (300 slots) – 1500.00 pesos

- Swag: Event shirt, Sling bag and Finisher’s Medal, Post-race meal and drinks
- (Part of registration fees will go the HERO FOUNDATION).
- Registration starts on April 16 and ends June 1, 2014. Limited slots only. Registration may end earlier if all slots are filled up.
- This means there will be NO onsite registration/extension. Please do not call the Race Director to request for an extension.


- 15k Start: 5:00 AM, Cutoff time THREE hours, 3:00:00 (RFID Timing)
- 30k Start: 4:30 AM, Cut-off time SIX hours, 6:00:00 (RFID Timing)
- 50k Start: 4:00 AM, Cut-off time TEN hours, 10:00:00 (25-Kilometer Cutoff, 5:00:00 Hours.

Runners not able to meet this deadline will be declared as DNF and be brought back to the finish line.

Trail Route


Make a deposit corresponding to the amount of your preferred distance category. Deposit to HARDCORE PUBLISHING HOUSE, INC. BPI 2371 0034 71

15K P750
30K P1000
50K P1500

Print your NAME, DISTANCE & SHIRT SIZE on the deposit slip.

Download the REGISTRATION & WAIVER FORM from OR and fill up the form.

Email a scanned copy of the deposit slip and duly filled up Registration & Waiver Form to

We will be sending an electronic email reply that will confirm the receipt of your email and advise you that your registration is on process. If everything is in order, you will receive a second email confirming that you are officially registered. Should there be some inconsistencies in your submitted documents, you will likewise be informed for a corrective action on your part to finalize your registration.


June 6, 7 & 8 (Fri-Sun) from 10am to 7pm
100 Miles Cafe / Gallilea Events Place
Forte Pointe Bldg., 28th Street
Bonifacio Global City

Event Dri-fit shirt


June 6 F(Fri) at 6pm
June 7 & 8 (Sat & Sun) at 2pm
100 Miles Cafe / Gallilea Events Place
Forte Pointe Bldg., 28th Street
Bonifacio Global City

Sample medal


  1. Please read and understand all details thoroughly.
  2. Start/Finish Line: FIELDS Clubhouse, NUVALI.
  3. Please be on time. Latecomers will NOT be allowed be allowed to officially join the race anymore. However, they are still entitled to post-race items except the Official Finisher’s medal.
  4. Assembly Time: 3:00 AM (for 50k) and 4:00 AM(for 30k/15k) / RAIN or SHINE.
  5. Claiming of  race kits will be held on the following dates; June 6, 7 and 8, 2014 from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM at 100 Miles Cafe, BGC, Taguig City. BRING YOUR DEPOSIT SLIPS when claiming your race kits. NO DEPOSIT SLIPS, NO RACE KITS.
  6. Race briefing will be held on the following dates; 6:00 PM June 6, 2014 and 2:00 PM June 7 and 8, 2014 at 100 Miles Cafe, BGC, Taguig City. Please note that the venue can only hold a limited number of participants at a time so please come early if you wish to attend. For those not able to attend the said schedules,  briefing/updates will be held onsite on June 29, 2014 before the start.
  8. All runners must wear their race numbers in front, pinned on the shirt or shorts.
  9. Runners will make a turnaround at their respective turning points and make their way back to the finish line.
  10. There will be aid stations located at approximately five kilometers apart where all runners are free to refill and eat.
  11. Littering is absolutely prohibited. Violation of such will merit outright disqualification. Garbage bags are available in all aid stations.
  12. Race route will be marked by ribbons and/or directional tarpaulins, painted rocks/trees/ground.
  13. Runners who decide not to continue the race must contact the Race Director or inform the nearest aid station marshals for proper accounting.
  14. No time credits will be given for runners who get lost therefore all runners are encouraged to pay attention to race markers/signs.
  15. NO shuttle service to and from NUVALI is provided.
  16. FREE parking is available at the parking lot adjacent to the FIELDS CLUBHOUSE. While security will be provided, runners will be solely responsible for securing their belongings. Race organizers and management will not be held liable for any damage or loss to personal items.
  17. Baggage deposit counter/toilet and bathroom will be available at the same site.
  18. The Race Director may, at any time, make revisions on the course and race details/rules for the benefit of all runners and reserves all the rights to use pictures and videos taken by any participant for publication in any form of media without any consideration, monetary or otherwise. Owners of published photos/videos will be duly recognized.
  20. Enjoy, have fun and absolutely NO WHINING.
  21. Race Director’s decision is final.


See you all on June 29!


Trail Chronicles #12: Mt. Batolusong and Maypatag Plateau (Last of 2 Parts)

Last of 2 parts of our familiarization run on PIMCO’s forthcoming trail race route for its May 25, 2014 Natures Trail Discovery Run in Tanay Rizal.

There are still about 6 weeks before PIMCO’s Nature Trail Discovery Run (Leg 1) kicks off on May 25 and i’ve been getting a lot of inquiries already on how to register since i posted Part 1 of our familiarization run of the route the other day (you can read it HERE).

The first part was a glimpse of the Kay Ibon Trails/Falls and the Duhatan Trails which form part of the 10k, 21k and the 50k race routes and this is a course which have never been used by Pimco on its past races before. And like the first part, Mt. Batolusong and the Maypatag Plateau are very panoramic.

Its trails, green views, rolling pastures, ridges and deep ravines is a running hot spot, a perfect back drop for pictures, hiking and of course trail running. Mt. Batolusong is one of its attractions - a bit difficult in the beginning (until you reach the Maypatag Plateau), but plenty of places to stop for a breather and to catch a view.

It’s not a tall mountain, but it will definitely give you great views of the nearby Susong Dalaga peaks, Banahaw, Cristobal, Laguna, Rizal and as far as Quezon. It does have a couple of spots where elevation can cause you to huff or puff a bit.

Littered throughout this mountain trail were cannons, wild birds and a nice 360 view of the Sierra Madre Mountains.  Head up just another quarter mile or so to the peak for an even better view of the Susong Dalaga Peaks and you can see why it’s called such.

Here are pictures we took along the trails and these only represent part of the route for PIMCO’s upcoming NTDR Trail Race on May 25…

Duhat trees abound the area

That’s not a monkey..that’s Jackie!

Start of our assault of Mt. Batolusong

 The view on your left with cliffs and ravines at the edges


Approaching some mountaineers at the Maypatag Plateau

At the Maypatag Plateau

The ‘Susong Dalaga’ Peak is at the background

The UP Mountaineers Club packs up and starts to make their way down

Our turn to scale our way down

It’s back to the trails

Photo by Rhett Del Rosario

PDIC Run: Takbo Sa Pagbangon Ng Leyte

The Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte, a Benefit Run for typhoon Yolanda survivors, will be held on 4 May 2014, Sunday, 5 AM at the PNB Financial Center, Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City.

Spearheaded by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), the Run aims to promote public awareness on PDIC and its role in protecting the environment, and to raise funds to build disaster-resilient shelters for families in Leyte in partnership with Gawad Kalinga.

Around 3,000 participants are expected to join the Run with three events:  3K, 5K, and 10K.


Media and Bloggers with PDIC President Valentin Araneta (Middle in Barong) during the launching of the event


Why join the “Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte” benefit run? You get to do some much-needed exercise, appreciate wellness, have fun with your family and friends, lead and live a healthy lifestyle, and help rebuild the communities hit by typhoon Yolanda in Leyte.

How much is the registration fee? 3K (P400) | 5K (P400) | 10K (P600) Your donation in the form of your registration fee will include entry to the “Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte” benefit run, and participation in other activities during the event.

Can I register my friends and family members? Yes. However, for interested participants below 18 years old, their waivers must be signed by their parents/guardians. Registration forms may also be submitted by a representative to the registration centers listed above, provided that the forms are completely executed by the participants themselves, and the waivers are signed by the concerned registrants or by parents/guardians for participants below 18 years. You may also register online at

Can children run for this cause? Yes. For the safety of everyone, only children 7 years old and older are allowed to join. Children up to 6 years old, and accompanied with a responsible adult, may enjoy the programs and exhibit at the Activity Area. Children aged from 7–12 years old may register for the 3K category ONLY and should be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Those who are 13–17 years of age may join in any of the three categories provided that their parents sign the waiver.

Can I run with a stroller and with my toddler? Sorry, adults are not allowed to run with children on strollers. No wheels are allowed in the course.

Can I run with my pets? Sorry, no runners are allowed to run with pets.

What is included with my “Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte” registration? Participants will receive a Race Kit containing the Singlet, Race Bib and a Timing Chip (D-Tag).

Do I need to be a professional runner to register? No. The “Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte” is all about having fun, being fit, and helping rebuild communities for typhoon Yolanda survivors. You can run, jog or brisk walk with your family and friends. Who knows, you may even bring home a prize or special award.

Does individual race time get recorded? Yes. The D-Tag that comes with your Race Kit and attached to the shoelace in a specified manner on Race Day exactly measures the time you will cross the start and the finish line. It is used in most professional races and has been tested as a reliable mechanism to measure running performance and pace (including splits) accurately. The official race results will also be uploaded in the website.

How do I get to the venue? Please see attached map.

Will there be parking area available? Yes. Participants and guests are advised to park their vehicles at the allocated parking area at the PNB Financial Center on a first come, first served basis. There are also pay parking areas along Macapagal Avenue at your convenience.

Will there be water available on the race route? Yes. Drinking water will be provided at select points along the route but runners are also encouraged to bring their own water bottles and undertake proper hydration and nutrition for the run.

Will there be toilets/portalets available? Portalets will be available at the activity area.

Will medical help be available on the race route? First aid stations and medics will also be available.

Will there be a baggage tent? Yes. Baggage deposit service is available at the activity area. Please do not leave any valuables inside your vehicle and bags. Organizers will not be liable for any loss of valuables.

Where do we go after the Race Proper?
All race participants may claim free drinks at the Activity Area after the race and their checked baggage, if any. Participants and guests will converge at the Activity Area for a short and meaningful program highlighting our shared advocacy, and the much-awaited awarding of prizes.

Are cameras and phones allowed during the race? We discourage bringing these items and other valuables. Race photographers will be available to shoot from a medium distance.

Are there refunds? Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Just make sure you are good to go before signing up.

Is change of category allowed? Change of category after registration is NOT ALLOWED.

What happens if there is bad weather? A little rain won’t stop the “Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte”. Event will take place rain or shine. For weather updates and advisories from the Organizer days before the event, visit

Women’s Health 5th Anniversary Issue with Marian Rivera

Marian with Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Lara Parpan

Marian Rivera never looked hotter (um, she ain’t two-time FHM Sexiest Woman in the Philippines for nothing!). But she’s not spending all day spieling her lines in her various tapings of soap operas–she engages in a series of work-outs outdoors and the gym that includes running, Wushu, Arnis and lately, Zumba. Her series of exercises and diet have been six-years in the making, says Marian.

She presently has a TV series on prime time television called “Carmela” and she was the face of both “Amaya” and “Dyesebel” (which she did so convincingly) on top of her countless product endorsements.

With this resumé, it’s refreshing to find out that Marian is just as normal, bubbly and down to earth as the girl-next-door, unlike the serious characters she plays in television and movies. It was an awesome moment for me when she answered and expounded on a question about what sport she would recommend for a newbie in which she replied by suggesting to try many kinds of sport activities and select what embraces most to your heart and lifestyle. 

About her 4th re-incarnation as the face of Women’s Health Magazine, she says, “I am truly honored to be with Women’s Health Magazine for the nth time, a magazine with such an enormous following and that I have always read for inspiration. I am particularly proud to represent its unique vision for women nourishing the mind, body and spirit and the idea that beauty should not only be external but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself from within.”

This is Women’s Health Magazine’s 5th Anniversary edition and covers for the new fab generation of women to attain a healthy lifestyle and want practical information on healthy living. Women’s Health provides tips and advice for integrating getting in shape and feeling good into their busy schedule.


Every woman who achieves her fitness goals, inspiring others to take care of their bodies and live a healthy lifestyle, deserves a high five! On its 5th year, Women’s Health toasts to thousands of Filipinas who take action in challenging themselves to stay fit and living their lives to the fullest.

Women’s Health editor-in-chief Lara Parpan shares the fun and inspiring ride she enjoyed with readers and supporters, who sent the team e-mails on how much they benefited from an article, or liked the posts on the magazine’s social media sites. Others even come up to her after an event introducing themselves and expressing their support to Women’s Health. “I look back and realize that I’ve spent over five years waking up Monday through Friday (more than 1,500 days!) looking forward to putting together monthly editions of Women’s Health since we first launched in April 2009.”

Granting Women’s Health its 5th birthday wish, Marian Rivera, the magazine’s only four-time cover star, again graces the cover of its anniversary issue wearing flat abs-baring tops. Despite her hectic schedule, Marian manages to keep herself fit and in fighting form through her favourite workout, Zumba. Yes, this sought-after actress also deserves a High Five for being true to herself.

“I deserve a High Five dahil totoo ako sa sarili ko. Naniniwala ako na hindi ako mamahalin ng mga tao kung hindi nila nakikita ang totoong Marian Rivera. Ang ganda dito, kahit saan ako pumunta, hindi ko kailangan mag-pretend. ‘Yun ang pinakamasarap sa buhay: totoo ka sa sarili mo at wala kang tinatapakang iba. Ang saya kaya ‘nun,” quips Marian.

Women’s Health also gives a High Five to five women who celebrate what they love about themselves – “Biggest Loser” host and actress Iza Calzado on shedding off excess pounds, photographer Hannah Reyes on her love to learn, health rights activist Ami Swanepoel on her passion for her work, TV anchor Lexi Schulze on being able to laugh at herself, and volleyball player Mich Gumabao on keeping her faith.

The anniversary issue is packed with over 255 confidence-boosting tips, including great books to read before you go on diet, and a 30-minute routine that will fast-track you to a lean body and a sexy belly.

And to highlight its birthday celebration, Women’s Health is taking Boracay by storm on April 12 and 13 with its“Beauty and the Beach” event, co-presented by GatoradeKojie San, and Carbtrim. A copy of the April issue is your ticket to enjoy freebies and fun, healthy activities at the beachfront of Pearl of the Pacific.

Jump on board Women’s Health‘s 5th anniversary revelry by grabbing your copy, available in all bookstores and magazine stands nationwide for only P140. You can also download the current issue and past issues ofWomen’s Health online at Like WomensHealthPhilippines on Facebook and post your #High5WH stories. Follow @WomensHealthPH on Twitter and Instagram and share your #High5WH posts.

Trail Chronicles #11: Kay Ibon and Duhatan Trails (Part 1)

Just when you thought you’ve covered all trail routes worth running in Tanay, another rave scenery was just waiting for us to discover, tucked in an inconspicuous entrance along Tanay’s main highway.

Alvin of PIMCO was leading all 14 of us trail runners to test run this new route for the 1st Leg of their NTDR Trail Race for May 25 and we were running along the main highway wondering where he would lead us, when we suddenly swerved right into a single track trail and found these sceneries. The views were pretty amazing!

I had ran through great waterfalls, mountain ridges, river trails, shaded single track trails, all in Tanay but this is something else.

I’ll be showing you first the first part of our run which are the Kay Ibon and Duhatan trails while the Maypatag Plateau and Mt. Batolusong trails for Part 2 will be coming up in the next few days.



Before the run. Taken in front of the newly built PIMCO Trail Runner Clubhouse in San Andres, Tanay

Arriving at the Kay Ibon Waterfalls

The indefatigable Jackie Gutierrez climbs up that wall unmindful of the steep drop below her


The guys doing their thing while Jackie waits for her turn

Trail Chronicles #10: Salomon Xtrail Run 2014 All Set

The yearly Salomon XTrail series are always a challenging lot! And their trail venues are awesome with the most recent at Tagaytay Highlands and Hamilo Coast topped with the longest distance last year at 24kms of heart-pumping uphills!

This year, the Salomon X-Trail Run will be back for the 2nd time at Hamilo Coast, which has some of the most scenic trails i have ever ran and with its vertical ascents and steep descents, it has added a 32k distance category which the organizers have dubbed as “hardcore”! It’s for the experienced trail runner who want the real “Salomon Experience”.

Yesterday, the organizers conducted a short race briefing for the members of the press showing us some videos of their previous races, the description of this year’s race course and what to expect along the race route.


The organizers have reiterated that no water stations will be positioned on top of mountain trails as they will only be situated at the base of these uphill climbs. However, there will be adequate hydration in these stations offering both water and sports drinks.

Suffice it to say, that runners should be self-sufficient always–sees to it that their hydration bottles and other containers are always in “full tank”, filling them up always at every water station available.

The race course will cover most, if not all the race route that was used last year and you can see why many trail runners are looking forward and coming back to run this race:

With Ms. Pen Nepomuceno, the Race Coordinator/Director and a top trail runner herself

During last year’s race

REMINDERS: Mandatory Gears, Bus Sched, Entry at Hamilo Coast


Mountain Run (32k/24k)

  • Head lamp
  • Whistle
  • Hydration bag/ belt

Road to Trail (6k/12k)

  • Hydration bag/ belt

*Mandatory inspection will be conducted before the race. No mandatory gears, no race.

*Salomon XTrail 2014 is a green event. Bring your own hydration packs as no plastic cups will be distributed in the event.



  •  Claiming is at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street from 12nn to 9PM everyday until April 6, 2014 only. No race kits will be distributed after April 6.
  •  For store registrants, claiming of race kits at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street is after 3-days upon registration date.
  • Registrants who cannot personally claim the race kit within the specified date & time, please prepare authorization letter.

BUS SCHEDULEPick-up Point: R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street

Meeting Time: 12:30AM

ETD: 1st batch- 1:00AM; 2nd batch- 1:30AM

Requirement: Online & Store Registrants must present valid ID


The shortest and fastest route to Hamilo is via Cavitex- Naic – Puerto Azul Route 


Gates open at 3AM. If the guest is not checked-in, they cannot enter

Hamilo before the said opening time.


  • The Carpass attached should be surrendered to Hamilo GuardHouse Entrance, with all the participants’ names riding the car.
  •  If you are riding the bus service, please disregard the carpass.


  • Each registered runner is issued a Grey Hamilo Wristband, included in the race kit.
  • Please do not lose the wristband. NO WRISTBAND, NO ENTRY to the event staging area.
  • If misplaced, Hamilo will charge P600 for guest daytrip fee.


  1. Strictly no brining in of food & drinks inside the club.
  2. Hotel Guests: Registered Runners & Guests of Salomon X Trail who are checked-in Pico Sands Hotel have automatic access to Pico Beach & Country Club.
  3. Registered Runners have automatic access to Pico Beach and Pico Country Club.

 Day Trip Fees for Salomon X-Trail Event

  • Use of Pico Beach (swimming) – P 600 / head
  • Use of Pico Beach & Country Club – P 1,000/head
  • Companions who just watch and eat in Pico Beach  – No Charge
  • Cash Card – All purchases in the club for food and other services are done via cash card. Therewill be a cash card loading station in the event area where guests can load cash.
  • Credit Card – Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) is also accepted as mode of payment.

For fruther queries:
Registration, Race Kits & Bus Reservation: or
Pico Sands Hotel Reservation:

The cutoff time for the 32 km Mountain Run is 7 hours. It is 5 hours for the 24 km Mountain Run. Mandatory gear for both of these categories are a headlamp, a whistle, and a hydration bag or belt.


A tour of the roads, hills, mountains and valleys around Hamilo Coast. The trail sections overlooking the cove are steep and technical, with sharp and loose rocks, roots and thick foilage, but the view if you need to stop and rest is worthwhile.

32km mountain run – P1,600; 5:00 AM Gunstart; cutoff time: 7 hours (with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey, and Salomon Racing Belt. All finishers (official finish within cut-off time) of this distance to receive finisher’s medal & other Freebies).  Post race meal will also be served.  Mandatory gear: headlamp, whistle, hydration bag/belt. These will be inspected by race officials prior to run.

24km mountain run – P1,400; 5:30 AM Gunstart; cutoff time: 5 hours (with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey, and Salomon Racing Belt. All finishers (official finish within cut-off time) of this distance to receive finisher’s medal & other Freebies).  Post race meal will also be served.  Mandatory gear: headlamp, whistle, hydration bag/belt. These will be inspected by race officials prior to run.


12km road to trail – P1,100; 6:30 AM Gunstart; cutoff time: to be announced (with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey) Post race meal will also be served. Mandatory gear: hydration bag/belt. These will be inspected by race officials prior to run.

6km road to trail – P850; 7:00 AM Gunstart; cutoff time: to be announced (with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey) Post race meal will also be served.  Mandatory gear: hydration bag/belt. These will be inspected by race officials prior to run.

Briefing being given by Ms. Janice Tanada, Product Head of Salomon Philippines


The Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2013 Race is a GREEN RUN. No disposables will be provided at the hydration  stations. All participants MUST bring their own provisions.



There will be 2 Ambulances on standby and roving medics around the trail exit areas. Search & Rescue Mountaineers will also be on standby around the mountain trails. Medic Station will be at the Start/Finish Line.

Ms. Pen Nepomuceno, Over-all Race Coordinator explaining the details of the route


Mountain Run (32 & 24km) headlamp, whistle, hydration bag/belt.

Road to Trail Run (12km & 6km) – Hydration bag/belt.

Race Officials will check the gear prior to gun start.

(Special thanks to Ms. Janice Tanada of Salomon Philippines and to Ms. Aileen Frugal of Primer Group for inviting us to the press briefing)