Running With The Docs And The Early Morning Party

Yesterday’s “Run With Doctors” 3k, 5k and 10k race was the first ever road running event of the Philippine College of Physician Foundation. I did the 5k run while my friends did the 10k. I was heading into the race with low expectations because i wasn’t really training enough for anything. Besides, running in hot weather makes me struggle a bit and often times, i’m too hesitant to push it and give an all-out effort knowing the outcome will not be too good.

So, yesterday’s event was a small race with no more than 1, 500 runners participating in all categories. It’s a simple 5k and 10k route within the MOA grounds and it’s a fast, flat course.

Some brief impressions:

  • A fast course, ideal for a PR run
  • Adequate water stations as always, although there were no Sports drinks this time
  • Not too crowded except in parts when you have to weave your way out from walkers
  • Race should have started earlier. The 5:50 start for the 10k and the 5k start 10 minutes later were a bit late as the sun was already up and we were already perspiring even before the race started.
  • Very organized run from start to finish though i wish they should have provided a bag to place the drinks and other freebies inside.
  • Race results here:

Here are some pictures of the event:

Start of the 10k race

Betty, Leo and Sylvia

With (Ultra)Pat and Docs Pinky and Erick

Rio and beauty queen, Venus Raj

After the race, we hied off to Betty’s place for a long delayed celebration of Mel and Chito’s finish of the BDM 160km ultra-marathon. Great food and the Team Dilaw were all there.. boisterous, loud and almost tipsy at 11:00am. The group then agreed that the next serious run will be the Camsur Marathon this August.

Need to train…

Pictures of the party:

Tonet, Betty and Sylvia

Elaine and Mel

The Team Dilaw

Prawns and eggplant in rich coconut milk

Tender beef stew

Sotanghon Noodles

With GMA-7 news anchor Jiggy Manicad

With Elaine's daughter


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