Hot Or Cold Aroma Therapy To Go

A few days ago, i received some products from a U.S. company, Nature Creation under the Sensacare Relief Series consisting of various Hot and Cold Compress Packs filled with natural herbs (mine came with Cinnamon). I found out that these packs can be used for both cold and hot therapy specifically designed for specific areas of the body like the knees, back, lumbar, foot, wrists and many others.

I’m finding these wraps very convenient to use and they’re very handy as you can fold them easily into a small bag. If its heat therapy you want, all you have to do is place the wrap in a microwave for about a minute or more, depending on the instructions and is ready to use. These alternative hot compress is best to relieve muscular pains and aches, stiffness, promotes muscle relaxation and circulation of blood to the injured area.

So far, i’ve used the wraps for cold therapy and is simple to apply. First, the pack should be placed in a plastic seal-able bag then put inside your freezer for 1 to 2 hours before ready for use. Like the ordinary frozen water bottles we oftenly use, the cold compress is great to reduce swelling and pain to sprains and injured muscles, tendons and joints.

I was given a “wrist wrap” which was supposed to be used for wrist pains. But then, this wrap was great too for the foot and also can be used for the achilles tendons, shins and the calf muscle.

Great for Plantar and Heel pain

This cold-compress wrap is more comfortable and i found it easier to use than a frozen ice bottle or ice cubes place in plastic bags because the compress molds around the contours of your foot, tendons and shins. It doesn’t leak (no more wet floors) and does not put any pressure on the skin because of its lightness.

For the past several days before my early morning runs, i place the packs in the freezer and after about an hour or two when i return home, the wraps are ready to use in my foot. The cold sensation is quite soothing and the wrap remains secure in the foot even if you raise up it up. Great while watching TV at the garage!

Perfect for the achilles tendon

What’s unique about this wrap is the refreshing strong aroma that emits from the pack. It relaxes and allegedly help reduce tension and stress. It’s like having an aroma therapy at home.

Although the products are not yet available locally in the market, plans are for Nature Creation to set up a store in Manila in the very near future. Thanks to Ms. Salie Guarin for providing me samples of this great product!

2 responses to “Hot Or Cold Aroma Therapy To Go

    • Hi Odie! Yes, it’s very similar But i think Sensacare is more muscle-specific where the pack wraps around and concentrates on the specific muscle where pain is present. Anyways, i’ll check further on the website you provided.
      Thanks for dropping by.:-)
      Edit: o yeah, it does!:-) Hope the hand wrap can be used on the feet..:-)

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