Trail Chronicles #5: Tinipak River and Rocks

What a find in Tanay’s wilderness! We went back to Tanay for the second consecutive week to complete our unfinished business of test running the whole 32k route of the PIMCO Love A Tree Daraitan Trail Run for next week (February 23). With me this time were veteran ultra runners Tin Ferrera, Chito Carreon, newbie Rhett Del Rosario and our ever sprightly running guide, Emer of Pimco Sports.

We started off with a swath of a little air-conditioning as it was “Baguio-cool” at about 6:30am when we headed off to the trails and it’s a great way to start a run. By no means is this an easy trail as we had experience this ourselves during our first outing last week. We only did one way of the 9 km trail section that connects it to Daraitan Road on the way to Tinipak River and Rocks. Story here (trail-chronicles#4).

Since the path going to the trails are in the foots of mountains, the varied terrain keep things interesting.

The trails itself are beautiful in an substantially wooded area with a mini museum of streams, waterfalls, jagged rocks to maneuver, hills and cliffs. It’s an off the beaten path that may lead you out of the way of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty so were were careful not to stray out too much.

After about 9 kms of traversing inside the woods, we finally come out into the Dairaitan Road, a dirt road that leads to Tinipak. The road is hilly but the surroundings are serene with just a small community doing their own daily chores. It’s about 5 kms more before we reached the entrance to Tinipak and there’s a bridge that connects the town into the main river.

The trails along the river are rocky but you have an option of running on the sand path located at the left side portion. Here, the scenery already offers a magnificent view of Tinipak river and as excitingly anticipated, the grander view still lies ahead.

I’m leaving you with pictures taken from our 33k run and this excludes our alarming experience when we got lost on our way back to town. That will be for later.


L-R: Tin Ferrera, Rhett Del Rosario, Chito Carreon and Emer of Pimco

7 responses to “Trail Chronicles #5: Tinipak River and Rocks

  1. buti meron pang ganyan sa atin,, we used to frequent Wawa River in Montalban when i was a kid, but i heard the natural caves there are vandalized na,, plus presence of NPAs… is the river open to public ba? baka pwedeng mag babad diyaan minsan.. he he..

    • Yup, river is open to the public. Wawa Dam has gone through a lot of changes but tourists continue to visit. It is also the latest destination of trail runners. πŸ˜‰

      • wow,, makapasyal nga diyaan,, thank you for your trail posts,, so uplifting, it’s a respite from my filipino cable channel with tv patrol news na karamihan malungkot he he.. God bless you… πŸ™‚

  2. Reblogged this on "Running the Good Race" Stories and commented:
    I haven’t really written anything for about seven months.

    I sort of stop posting exactly the time I started seriously training for an important race I joined last year. Then I lost my url due to technical issues that I didn’t deal with earlier. I have so much in my draft folder waiting so please come back. I am now at (lost the .com account). I cann’t believe it only took two emails to fix it after months!

    I’ve been sharing most of my adventures in Running, Swimming (yes, I do now!), Crossfit and life as it happens in my instagram account @xtineferrera. And I think my posts are becoming too long…so might as well throw those in here again.

    Allow me to share and reblog our trail adventure in Tanay shared by Rene Villarta, Jazz Runner. I grew up in a town which is just a few minutes drive from Tanay but I didn’t know this beautiful place exists.

    It’s my fourth trail run adventure and I am really enjoying these adventures (and misadventures) of running on different grounds (literally).

    Thanks, PIMCO for taking us to your trail race route!

    • Hi Tin! Nice to see you revive your blog again! “Running the Good Race” was one of the few that i was following way back when i was just starting to document my trail runs and other road races. Your stories are a horde of very good information on running and crossfit and i look forward to reading your adventures again! See you on our next trail run! πŸ™‚

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