Sports Beans

Take my increasing greyhair word for it. These Jelly Belly Sports Beans does work and I was pleasantly surprised to experience running more comfortably after taking these energy beans in my last two half-marathons (Unilab and Globe runs) without much struggle and energy depletion that usually came in running these distances.

There’s a nice “kick-in” feeling every time I pop-in these beanies and the effect is immediate after you wash it down with water or sports drinks. I’m really liking this better than the GU Gels I’m used to taking.

I was a bit of a skeptic on energy foods like gels when they first came out knowing the marketing ploys of companies to sell their products. I’ve ran marathons and countless of half-marys even before these “energy foods” were invented and I’ve survived all of them with taking water only! Advance science, clinical research and advance nutrition studies have now offered the desired nutrition balance and have become an integral part of a runner’s nutrition needs. It’s the 21st century’s “soylent green”, the ultimate fast-food where a handy gel or bar could now be an almost complete refueling food! It’s made up of  cane juice, tapioca syrup, orange juice from orange puree,Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), riboflavin (Vitamin B2), niacinamide (Vitamin B3), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and other essential nutrients.

I think the key to taking this “energy foods” like the Sports Beans is to take them in your system before you actually need them. I popped 4 pieces of jellies 10 minutes before the race and took the rest strategically throughout the 21k course and felt energized all the way.

Gels, beans, sports drinks or just about any of the energy food that is out in the market will have different effects and reactions to each individual runner and it’s best to experiment what works best for you. If taking this food will enhance your performance and if you think it will give you an added edge, then by all means, pop up some for some extra power boost!



5 responses to “Sports Beans

    • Haha…I know that, Cecil. I watched that Heston film during the 70s and the revelation was a shocker!:-) I’m just amazed on how they presently process and compress “food” into one, small instant gooey gel or beans that can boost energy. I’m glad they didn’t name these things “soylent energy greens, oranges”, etc.:-)

  1. Totally agree that these things work. Actually, I tried to “snack” on them and ended up being awake the whole day [as I work night shift] as they do more than energize!!! A little bit expensive though but really, I believe you when you say that it works!

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