Adination Running Clinic: Opens in U.P. Campus, November 9, 2010


The Adidas adiNation of Runners (ANR) movement which has about a thousand members in the Metro Manila area scattered among its present four group sites in Pearl Drive, Ortigas; Madrigal Circle in Ayala Alabang; Boni High Street in Taguig and Ayala Triangle in Makati will be opening another venue at the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus in Quezon City on November 9, 2010.

The running sessions will be held every Tuesday evenings thereafter, starting at 6:30pm assembly time while sessions starts promptly at 7:00pm.

The UP adiNation group will spearhead the participants to various running sessions which will include proper running technique to develop their skills, stamina, proper running form and motivation to sustain all runners into this healthy running lifestyle.

The Team Leaders of the UP group will lead different levels of runners and pace them according to each present skills and ability. The runs will progress with their participation to different races and culminate in Adidas sponsored runs and races like the King Of The Road (KOTR) race.

A hosts of benefits and incentives awaits each runner who joins the adiNation group in UP and those of the other venues as well.

–Runners will be issued adiNation Passports prior to the start of the program, to be stamped by Team Leaders at the end of all training sessions.

–Stamps accumulated in your Passports get Adidas freebies and discounts of up to 30% on Adidas products.

–Exclusive race subsidies, discounts or free registration for selected races.

–Priorities to in-store sales, introductory products and many others.

The adiNation of Runners family movement was in full force during the Adidas King Of The Road (KOTR) race last October 24, 2010  held at The Fort where the different venue groups opened their registration for new members.

Team Leaders for the UP group will be headed by yours truly and Abby Jocson, who will handle the advance and intermediate groups while Cecille Lavarez will be in charge of the beginners group. Overseer of the Adination movement is Jinoe Gavan of

Adidas Coach Jojo Macalintal will be the Head Coach. He, together with his coaching staff will be present for the first few Tuesdays to teach beginners and advance runners the proper running technique, body alignment, running form, stretching exercises, plyometric routines and other drills necessary to make runners unleash their full running potential.

We’ll see you on November 09!

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Jillian Panganiban explaining the mechanics of the Adination runs

Nao and Rodel, Team Leaders of Adination Alabang and Ortigas with JM Pillares of Adidas in the middle.

Abby, Carina and Que listening to Adidas' Jillian

With couple Doc Marvs and Zinnia

Rodel, Ellen and Cindy

75 responses to “Adination Running Clinic: Opens in U.P. Campus, November 9, 2010

  1. Hi. Ung up sessi0ns is in fr0nt of abelard0 hall? Tama p0 ba? And since mg ppilot ang anr on Nov 9. Magttext po ba sila sa lahat ng member regarding their pilot session.

    • Allen, yes it’s in front of Abelardo. I doubt if they’ll text those who registered, but please do spread the word nalang, 6:30PM assembly time. Thanks!

  2. Hi coach. Pano po ba malalaman kung intermidiate or begginer ang dapat n group? 🙂 Excited n kami ni Nette.

    • If you’ve been running for more than 3 months, maybe running at 7:30pace or slower or generally ran a few 5/10ks, pwede na sa intermmediate.

      • so pwde na po pala ako sa intemmediate? nag run ako ng 3 5 k tpos ung huli ko 10 k at a pace of 6:27. considered as intermmediate na ba un?

    • Aloy, registration is at Trinoma. Once you register you will be able to get your Adination Passport.

  3. hi sir jazz!
    just wondering, are there any sessions on saturdays?
    I have class on tuesday nights po kasi…

    • We will make it onto one, under our auspices, under our own terms and plans. This will not be just “get together” group runs but will also touch on the basics of running techniques and to guide them, under a customized training program, in finishing their first half-marathons, marathons and maybe ultra-marathons.

  4. I went to adidas trinoma yesterday and sabi po nila wala pa uling reg form or passport. Di pa daw po nila sure kelan ulit magkakaron 🙂

    • Hi Wheng. I also went there yesterday to inquire and got the same message from them. I already brought this to the attention of the overseer and might be able to talk to him about the reg forms tomorrow night. We’ll see what we can do about this.

  5. Thanks Sir Rene. Sana nga sir pwede sa UPD na lang din on Nov. 9 itself but if not sana magkaron na sa trinoma asap. My friends and I will just wait for further announcement. Thanks again coach! 🙂

    • Wheng, im checking with Trinoma this afternoon as they had advised that they were already giving out the forms. We’ll update soon..

  6. How long will the session last sir? Just thinking of our ride home paBulacan. It would be our first time to join Adination if ever, okay lang po ba if on the day itself na lang magpaparegister? Need din po na nakarunning attire for the drills, right? Sorry po sa newbie questions. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Erih! The opening session will hopefully be brief. If we can start at 6:30pm, we could be done by 7:30 or 8:00pm at the latest. A short briefing and some running drills will be first on the agenda followed by the group runs around the academic oval. The route will vary as the weekly session progresses. Yes, you should be in running attire for the sessions.

      • Thanks Sir for the response. Another thing to note lang po, if we can’t attend other sessions, due to schedule constraints, would there be any bearing to it like getting left behind, etc.?

      • Hi Erih. You will of course have to compliment the weekly training sessions by doing additional runs of your own. 4 x a week of running is ideal, preferably on alternate days with long runs on Sundays. The Runnex running clinic every Sunday also at UP will also be open to adiNation members.

  7. I’ve been waiting for UP to be part of the Adination series. Kaso I don’t think I can regularly make it on a Tuesday night, coming from work in Makati!

    Anyway, will try my best to attend the first sessions kasi merong coach and trainer. Thanks!

  8. Finally, we already got our passports yesterday at adidas tri! Konti nalang ulit ung forms buti nakahabol kami. 6 kaming nagregister. Not yet sure though if all will be there on the 1st day. 🙂

    • Thanks, Wheng. We might be able to get some more forms and passports during the opening at UP. We’ll see.

  9. hi sir excited na po ako. kahit mag isa lang ako. sana madami ako maging kaibigan. see y0u on n0v 9! Be safe! 🙂

    • Allen–i’m sure there will be many of you who will be coming alone and will allow you the opportunity to meet with other runners.
      See you soon!:-)

  10. Ok p0. Thanks sir! Sir pano po ba malalaman kung beginner or intermediate ang isang runner? Hindi ko po kasi malaman kung paano ko po classify ung sarili k0. Thank you p0. Pasensya na po sa tanong.

    • Allen, we will determine when you get there on Tuesday. Magdadala ka ba ng cake? (j/k) See you!:-)

  11. i was at Adidas Trinoma this afternoon (6:20pm) and they just ran out of forms and passports the other day! They’re not sure when the new forms will arrive. I guess I’ll just sign up on Tuesday night in UP.

    • Mike–we’ll see if we can have the forms by tomorrow afternoon so you’ll be able to register at the site.

  12. hi sir. i registered last week for aNR UP. this will be my first time joining a running club. nakakaba. haha.

    • Hi! Don’t be. A lot of participants will be joining this for the first time and you’ll have a great time mingling and training with your fellow runners.

  13. Sir, good evening! We will be dropping by Trinoma before going to UP tomorrow to register. If wala pa pong forms by then, pwede po ba magshow up even if wala pang passport? Perhaps we can register sa UPD na po mismo. Thanks po!

  14. Thanks Coach for last Tuesday’s session!
    Learned a lot sa warm up and drills pa lang.
    Tamang tama po sa Tuesday, Holiday. 🙂

    Sa Abelardo pa din po ba ang meeting place?

  15. ngchange n nman po ba ng venue ang U.P. ANR kc last tuesday po wala kmi inabutan ng ANR Group. thanks…

  16. Sir Rene, I wasn’t able to attend yesterday due to work matters and my FB account is not accessible here in the office. I just read your post through my e-mail. Paparegister po sana ako sa run on the 30th. Pwede po pa-reserve ng slot? Thanks.

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