Shoe Review: Saucony Progrid Ride 3



  • Recommended for neutral and efficient runners looking for a well-cushioned shoe for long training runs
  • Made and designed for long distance runners of moderate weight
  • Weight: 11.5 oz.

During last year’s 2010 KONA IRONMAN World Championships, a survey was done on which brand of running shoe was most worn by its participants. The survey showed that SAUCONY shoes came in a close 3rd (198) behind NEWTON shoes (second at 204) and ASICS (464) which topped the list. (Check here for the complete survey: (

The survey shows the popularity of Saucony as a reliable and one of the most sought after running shoe around. Save for the 80s era wherein the first incarnation of the brand was available locally, at present, it has barely found its niche in the country except for one model, the KINVARA which is available exclusively at “A Runner’s Circle” (arunnerscircle) store in Manila.


As with their other popular models, the ProGrid Ride 3 uses their exclusive Heel ProGrid midsole cushioning that absorbs the hardest impact and efficiently dissipates shock for a smooth transition. The cushioning is also evident in the forefoot with its SRC (Super Rebound Cushioning) that provide a smooth toe-off and increased shock absorption.

Its upper is made of its Hydrator Collar Lining, Saucony’s performance fabric with its wide airmess that brings comfort and breathability while its outsole is called XT-900, a carbon rubber outsole material that offers excellent traction system without sacrificing durability.


The original ProGrid RIDE (1) is by far, my best running shoe ever! It had my exact fit, a 9&1/2, 2E width, great cushioning and had an excellent plush ride. It had about 1,000kms on it and had worn them exclusively on races from 5k to the marathon. Unfortunately, i had to retire them after the Camsur International Marathon last year as i felt it already outlived its usefulness and felt the cushioning has sagged considerably.

Saucony RIDE


I somehow missed its update, the ProGride Ride 2, having worn other brands in the interim, but i would say that RIDE 3 comes very close to the original RIDE. Like its grandfather, the RIDE 3 has still that sublime feel: the multiple density midsole is sufficiently cushioned for long runs but its spry enough to be able to rev-up for faster paced work outs like tempo runs and fartleks.


The ProGrid Ride 3 lived up to its expectations. The ultimate test came during last December 27, 2010 Rizal Day Run when it endured the full 32k distance for the first time. Running on relatively new shoes takes a while in getting used to but the cushioning was ample during the long haul, the fit remained snug even if they were half size bigger at size 10 (if no 2E width is available, i always get a half-size bigger), the heel cup felt secure and the forefoot was accommodating but not baggy.

Felt a little rubbing-off underneath my forefoot which i thought would lead to blisters but it wasn’t the shoes but the culprit was the tight fitting new socks i was wearing. After the race, no blisters occured, though.


Highest and best use is for long training runs or long races like the marathon and ultra-marathons.


Another great one from Saucony! I had bounced around a couple of other shoe brands but i still come back for this particular model mainly because of its over-all fit and the very pleasant ride it gives with nary a discomfort feeling whatsoever. Moreover, they’re a good combination of comfort and stability.

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