ARC: More Than Just A Running Store

The only running store located in the city of Manila and a stone’s throw away from the running paths of Roxas Boulevard, A Runner’s Circle (ARC) seems to be enjoying its exclusivity in the area and content enough to cater to the running habitues of Manila and even beyond.

Two weeks ago, during the Condura Skyway Marathon, i bump into Raul Acuna, ARC’s local managing partner (while he was handing out free GUs to the runners along the marathon route) and he invited me to visit the store. This was going to be my second visit. The first time was during their opening launch last October and they had a still modest selection of products but has grown since then (read here).

But what caught my attention later was how the mission of the store has evolved over the months into much more than selling shoes and gear. It has supported some local runners through sponsorships by way of free running gear and entry fees. They even have sponsored some fun runs that starts from their store going to Rizal Park and back with overflowing snacks and drinks.

Although just a recreational runner, Raul even goes further by attending races and lends hand by giving out sports drinks and gels along the course to any runner who wants it. But Raul isn’t stopping here. He has some grand plans in the offing and will be more inter-active with the running community as well.

The group fun runs will continue and ARC will sponsor various running activities that will tap the main running clubs of Metro Manila. They will also provide seminars and clinics on everything about running from how to have the proper running form to getting motivation while injured. Raffle draws will be had.

To interact more with the runners, they will set-up an information center that will provide race applications, schedules, names of running clubs to join, recommend running coaches and sports doctors and point you to places for your runs. However, their main thrust is to continue to impart their wealth of experience, knowledge and insight into running and getting the right shoe for your fit and avoid running injuries.

Raul envisions ARC as a gathering place for runners where people can come in to hang-out and talk about everything from their upcoming race, their last work-out, the value of a new shoe and to talk about whose hot in their get-ups and crushes among the members.

So who says you can’t talk about your crushes too?

Here’s a look inside their store now:

Complete Brooks line-up

Love the Kinvaras

Hydration belts, fully represented

More on Amphipod

Shoe inserts/injury prevention products

Gels galore. Buy 3, take 1 free!


K-Swiss too

No, this isn't buy 3, take 1 too:-(

I'm pining for this!

The ARC singlet and shirt

ARC honcho, Raul Acuna. The bottle brandy behind him is not for sale.:-)


Team ARC!