Photos Of The Month: Podium Dancers

Climbing up the podium is not just about top runners claiming their prizes and getting their photo ops anymore. The BGC Run yesterday was also about having some fun, with runners joining some dance contests up stage and showing some flesh, not just their legs but their upper bods as well! Congratulations to all winners, runners and dancers!

Photo Of The Week: The Running Sisters


For a few moments, i was staring at the footwear of these Nuns not too sure of what to make out of the different styles and brands. I guess one was wearing a nursing shoe, another was on trainers and the lady on the right seem to be a fan of the Mexican Huaraches sandals, close to barefoot running. But they all sure finished their 1.5K run… sandals, sneakers and race packets in tow!

Photo taken at the Race Against Human Trafficking last Sunday, March 13, 2011 at the McKinley Hills, BGC, Taguig.

Photo Of The Week: The aNR U.P. Lady Runners Plus 1

So, there were guys from the aNR, Ortigas/Tiendesitas group who purportedly wanted to join the aNR/UP running sessions last night but in reality wanted to see our single ladies in the flesh. Unfortunately, the one they were really looking for left hurriedly early last night.

Guess who, from the ladies above got their attraction the most?


Photo by Atty. Rain Ordonez [KB Runner]

Photos Of The Week: Lots’a Loving At The aNR UP Group

There’s a lot of hugging, loving and running at the Adination of Runners, UP Group. See why other runners are no longer lonely. The group basically promotes running but don’t blame me if others find love, romance and a future soulmate. And your soulmate may just be running here somewhere in this group.

Join now! aNR UP Group, every Tuesday evening, 6:30pm in front of The Bahay Ng Alumni, UP Campus.

Team Leaders: Rene Villarta & Abby Jocson

Assistant Team Leaders: Prince Baltazar, Cecille Lavarez

Facebook: Adination of Runners, UP Diliman Group


Thanks to aNR UP member Kb Runner for the pics!

Photo Of The Week: The Christmas or Lenten Run?


The race of the Santa Clauses, with a “Jesus” runner carrying a cross on his back take part at the “Christmas Corrida Race” in the streets of Issy Les Moulineaux, west outskirts of Paris, Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008.

(AP Photo / Francois Mori)

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Photo Of The Week: SEXY?

Oblivious of the race that he was running in, the ever-facetious “LEYa”  stops, poses and flaunts his voluptuous thighs for others to lust at and gets the taunts and whistles of runners before him! The wig is by Revlon, shoes by New Balance and sunglasses by Mickey Mouse!


–Photo taken at the 2010 Adidas KOTR last October 24 with Ley Gripal’s permission to post.

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Photo of the Week: The Kara Stretch

Kara Goucher stretching that lithesome body of hers before her 2009 Boston Marathon debut where she placed third (2:32:25) behind Salina Kosgei and Dire Tune. (Photo from Stacy Cramp)


Kara today, (the natural stretch showing) taking time-off from running for her date with the stork. (Photo from Jenefier Martinsen’s FB)